Invisible Bigfoot?

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on March 1st, 2007

Cryptomundo reader silvereagle has alluded to Lawrence Livermore National Labs having had several bigfoot in captivity in the 60’s. Several other Cryptomundo readers had asked for more information regarding this. He posted the following as a comment and I decided to post it as a separate blog.

It was fairly common knowledge in the east bay area during the late 60’s and early 70’s, that Lawrence Livermore National Labs had several bigfoot in captivity in the 60’s. UC Berkeley staff also participated in the study. The first bigfoot caught them by surprise, when it escaped by walking out the door when the janitor came in to clean out, what everyone thought was an empty holding cell. It remained at large inside the building for a couple of weeks, before it found its own way out. There was some panic but I believe that only a few people stayed at home, since it was technically 4th dimensional. The 4th dimension description was not decided, until a later time and at UC Berkeley, I believe. Stephen Hawkings participated to some degree in later studies in 1974-1975. The scientists did continue to study the bigfoot while it was at large. They did so by standing in front of its travel path and letting it walk right through them. They were able to determine that it held no ill will toward its captors, and that it was only trying to get out of the building.

They were more prepared for the second one that they held captive. During that study, they had 24 hour multiple observer surveillance and multiple cameras running. At no time was no camera not running. They both witnessed and photographed the Bigfoots many cycles of transition from our 3 dimensions to several 4th dimension phases. This one escaped in the exact same way as the first, because apparently it did not return from a 4th dimension phase. So they believe that it had escaped on its own. It too roamed THE LAB, for a couple of weeks. It made its way to a break room and both ate food there and made a mess during the night that was left to be discovered the next day. They relied on the secretaries to detect where the 4th dimensional bigfoot was, since they were more sensitive than the men and could better sense the electromagnetic cloud that was associated with its presence. Apparently, it liked to sneak up on the secretaries from behind, when they came in for coffee. So there were a few dropped coffee pots and burnt toes. They drove this one out of the building by opening up a pathway by propping doors open and presumably banging on pots and pans. Apparently, one scientist was retired early because it was believed that the bigfoot hynotised him to go insane. He apparently did not respect the bigfoot for being people and firmly thought it to be an animal. That was the only injury that I can recall. The actual report was retrieved by the DoD from THE LAB’s library in about 1979, and no copies remain there. Since THE LAB has retirement plans, no personnel that were on duty then are still there today. This is why the feds are still quite bent on stifling all bigfoot research of any kind, and by any method. The conclusion of the DoD study was that the bigfoot cannot be contained, controlled or communicated with, and is thought to be alien in origination.

They were wrong on the communication aspect, because most anybody can communicate with the bigfoot, given the proper instruction.

Far more money is spent by the federal government to stifle bigfoot research, than is spent by all bigfoot researchers put together, in my opinion. How? Illegal Email and phone taps. Helicopter and motor vehicle time. Electronics to track cell phones of researchers who failed to remove the battery from their phones even though turned off. Automated telephone harassment equipment. Manhours to both tail and harass researchers. Breaking and entering to steal records and photographs of those who right books. Theft of mail through the USPS, UPS and Fedex. Picking up bigfoot bodies and threatening all who witnessed it. Other than that, the feds couldn’t give a rats ass about whether bigfoot is proven or not.silvereagle
February 17, 2007

I asked for a source for the Lawrence Livermore National Labs Bigfoot story. He responded thusly and offered the following advice:

I listed a source as Stephen Hawkings. I have listed him in the past. All choose to fail to interview him. People are free to poke around Berkeley with the retired professors. Lawrence Berkeley has a science exhibit building that is open to the public. They were fully aware of both the Bigfoot in captivity and the invisibility in 1975. It was common knowledge back then.

Two successful southern Oregon bigfoot researchers by the name of Ray Rosa and Shelly Binkley, had one of the bigfoot that they are working with, transition into an orb in front of their eyes. That will be real easy for you to verify. The orb trick was also first revealed in the Lawrence Livermore Lab Bigfoot Study. I just didn’t post it because I didn’t think that your viewers could handle it.

Invisibility of Bigfoot has been known about since at least the 60’s. People who know about, do not become Bigfoot researchers because they are pretty sure it is a waste of time trying to study something that is invisible most of the time. People who do not know about it, may become Bigfoot researchers because they do not know what they are up against. So the law of natural selection weeds out those who know about Bigfoot invisibility in the ranks of researchers. Sali Sheppard Wolford’s book “Valley of the Skookum”, clearly describes Bigfoot invisibility. Mary Green’s book describes the evidence but fails to reach any conclusion.

I have watched the TBRC video on TV. Let me give you a little help. I communicate with the Bigfoot by whispering in English. I can get them to reply by using branch breaks. So can you. Your researchers believe that by whispering, Bigfoot will not hear you. Wrong! I have audio/video of a Bigfoot going ballistic at 300 yards away, after all I was doing was “thinking” about how some people think that they have the right to kill a Bigfoot. Bigfoot understands both English and even your tiniest thought. Don’t forget that because that is the most important piece of information that a researcher can have.

A fellow Oregon researcher of mine has seen hundreds of Bigfoot. She will not post to the internet for obvious reasons. There is no question in her mind that they are interdimensional, and will drift in and out of our dimension right before her eyes. So the TBRC is pursuing the wrong avenue because they apparently had no one to clue them in. I have had close to 10 bigfoot stand within 10 feet of me. Guess what? They were all invisible but emitted a sensation of an electromagnetic cloud, as well as some other faint electronic snapping, and they were all peaceful. I have a picture of paranormal eyeshine from two likely wood gnomes at 5 feet. Their bodies are invisible. They are the same 4th dimensional people family as Bigfoot. If you are not even thinking about hurting a Bigfoot, then you should have no reason to fear an invisible Bigfoot. All bets are off if you are thinking about hurting, killing or capturing one. Bigfoot research along the paranormal route, is busting out into a sprint, because we have both contact and communication with them. Flesh and blood research is and will always be going absolutely nowhere. Perhaps the TBRC ought to rethink their beliefs and their goals. Oregon is at the extreme cutting edge of Bigfoot Research today. I am unaware of any other area that is even close to achieving any significant new results.

There is just one giant game going on, to try and keep from upsetting too many people about invisibility. My take on invisibility? Invisibility is an inconvenience to proving Bigfoot. The Bigfoot do not use it as a weapon to hurt people who respect them as people. Even when they are invisible, they are concerned that we can see them. They use it as a defensive tool to keep from getting hurt or killed by lunatics with guns. And there are a lot more Bigfoot than anyone can imagine. They live inside the city limits of Portland, Oregon, and in most woods that are larger than 5 acres around here. They just do not often come into our dimension to get shot.

Food for thought silvereagle
February 17, 2007


By posting this information from silvereagle, I in no way endorse it as factual.

About Craig Woolheater
Co-founder of Cryptomundo in 2005. I have appeared in or contributed to the following TV programs, documentaries and films: OLN's Mysterious Encounters: "Caddo Critter", Southern Fried Bigfoot, Travel Channel's Weird Travels: "Bigfoot", History Channel's MonsterQuest: "Swamp Stalker", The Wild Man of the Navidad, Destination America's Monsters and Mysteries in America: Texas Terror - Lake Worth Monster, Animal Planet's Finding Bigfoot: Return to Boggy Creek and Beast of the Bayou.

167 Responses to “Invisible Bigfoot?”

  1. silvereagle responds:

    Orbs Book of Choice: How to photograph the Paranormal by Leonore Sweet

    Orbs are spirit entities. Both humans and animals leave orbs behind when they die. Orbs are attracted to infra-red light. Orbs show up well at night when powerful flashes are used. Just hold your head above the camera and look straight ahead. No trick of film or camera.

    kittenz, Surely you don’t believe all that flesh & blood Bigfoot

    The numbers of bigfoot that flesh and blood researchers believe that there are, because they can’t easily seem to find them, are not sufficient to maintain the population from extinction. Logically then, there must be many more than we know about. If there are much more than we know about, then they must have some extremely special skills of avoiding detection, avoiding game cameras, avoiding heat sensitive cameras and avoiding all those avid flesh and blood bigfoot researchers out there. Which again, logically leads us back to INVISIBILITY!

  2. kittenz responds:

    If Bigfoot exist, they have not been “officially” discovered because they are rare, or because they are very elusive, or because they live in remote or relatively inaccessible terrain – or all of the above. If their images have not been caught on game cameras, it’s because the cameras were not in the right place at the right time.

    I don’t belive nor disbelieve in Bigfoot. I believe that it is possible that they exist, but if they do, they are the same kind of flesh-and-blood, three-dimensional animals as the rest of us.

  3. Remus responds:

    I’ve done the whole “orb” thing and concluded to my satisfaction that they are insects. Take snaps when the land is frozen in – no orbs. Same place in summer – orbs! Stir the bushes – Lots of orbs!

    Kittenz is right. You can’t “believe”. You either know or you do not. If you “know” either way, then you must provide proof if it’s important to you that you convince others.

    If that’s not possible, then why flog a dead horse?

  4. Remus responds:

    Also to Kittenz –
    I Know I’m not just a “flesh and blood, three-dimensional animal”.
    But I can’t prove it using three dimensional referenced thinking.

    So I won’t try 😉

  5. MissKitty responds:

    Before you all close your minds to the possibility of extra-dimentional beings, may I suggest a good read of “In search of the skinwalker” about the NIDS ranch. There was a strange sighting of such a creature there like bigfoot. A whole lot of strange things allegedly ocurred there before the scientists came and after.

  6. scout242 responds:

    MissKitty, I have read the stories of the NIDS ranch, pretty freaky, but I’m still thinking that sas had nada to do with it.

  7. Darkstream responds:

    What I think is a hoot about this thread is that anybody who disagrees with the concept of an invisible Bigfoot Buddy that transforms into a paradimensional telepathic orb is labeled “close minded”. Requests for proof are refuted as glaring evidence of one’s close mindedness as well. But then very intelligent people, upbraided by being labeled as close minded, go through torturous mental gymnastics to try to accommodate each wild claim as valid.

    The problem with this process is that once you start trying to entertain every idea in an effort to be open minded you end up becoming rudderless. What is right and what is wrong if all ideas have equal merit? How can we scientifically investigate these cryptids if we accept spectral evidence, luridly detailed anecdotal stories, and creative examples of pareidolia as proof? All dust motes catching light on lenses become orbs. All artifacts in the shadows between trees become faces in the forest. This isn’t science. It’s the Church of the Invisible Bigfoot.

    But don’t label me a heretic, brothers and sisters. Rejoice with me. I have photographic evidence that Bigfoot is actually King of the Faeries. An old forest ranger gave the photos to me, but swore me to secrecy so I cannot reveal his identity or location. Nor can I show the photos to you for obvious reasons. However, anybody can see him and his invisible orb children. Simply come equipped with the proper glasses and be prepared to open your mind to a new realm of ideas. Although I can’t reveal the forest’s location, I can say that Steven Hawking once drove through that location and it’s up in the North West. Don’t ask me to do your legwork for you. You wouldn’t believe me even if I did. Get hoofin’ over there yourself. Ask any forest ranger in a nursing home for more details, but be prepared for stonewalling. The government has scared many of them into keeping silence. Mention Project Peter Pan to them and watch them stir to life. That’s the quickest way to the truth. Good luck. Or are you not open minded enough to believe me?

  8. DWA responds:

    “The numbers of bigfoot that flesh and blood researchers believe that there are, because they can’t easily seem to find them, are not sufficient to maintain the population from extinction.”

    Um, well, sure they are. People with expertise in wildlife biology made those estimates, based on the techniques used by wildlife biologists to calculate – wait for it – a MINIMUM VIABLE BREEDING POPULATION. They almost certainly used known (not, for sure, the same as “real”) trackways and sighting reports to construct the estimates. Hmmmmmm. That’s like wildlife biologists do, the only difference being that we accept what wildlife biologists are seeing because, well, they’re wildlife biologists, and the species they count are accepted to exist by the public.

    Now. Are there more – maybe many more – than the estimates? If the animal exists, the answer is: very, very possible. Simple logic dictates this. Although a number of reported sightings could well be of the same animal, I’m pretty sure that numerous sightings and track finds remain undocumented.

    Almost everything that has been observed for the sasquatch has analogues in known primate species. Even the variation in sizes, pelages and foot shapes in what might – or might not – be a single species has a primate analogue. (Us.) This guy looks, smells, sounds and behaves – so those who have seen, smelled and heard it tell us – like a real, 3D animal.

    Anything else, I want evidence. As in: yes. YOU have to do my legwork for me, as any scientist would.

    You too, Darkstream. Project Peter Pan: hogwash. I want photos. Or at least a tete-a-tete with that Hawking guy. 😀

  9. silvereagle responds:

    DWA, Please drop cashier’s check in mail for 1 million bucks, and you will get one certified copy of the world’s closest paranormal eyeshine photo. No problem. I will even pay for the postage, and send you both a Christmas card and a birthday card on the appropriate dates. Then we will hear no more whining from you.

    To restate what you just stated, “Almost everything that has been observed for the sasquatch has analogues in known primate species”, except for eyeshine with no obvious body, nearby bipedal footstep noise when no body can be seen, nearby screaming in the forest when no animal can be seen, tracks that abruptly start in snow, tracks that abruptly end in snow, bigfoot jumping over cliff and no body seen at base of cliff, partial invisibility, and hundreds of years of Native American commentary. Other than that, maybe you are on to something about bigfoot being a known primate species. And then, maybe not!

    Isn’t this what you are really trying to say? “All evidence that is accepted by flesh & blood biased bigfoot researchers today, consistently without exception, points toward a flesh & blood bigfoot? Therefore, case closed, bigfoot is a flesh & blood animal.” Of course it is! Nuff said on accepted bigfoot evidence.

    For others out there, much testimonial evidence has been presented on this thread, that modern man is barely hanging onto reality by his or her fingernails. An invisible paranormal bigfoot is one of those concepts that causes those individuals, to briefly lose their grip. During the 70’s, 80’s, & 90’s, psychological counselors (shrinks) could attribute a significant portion of their business to helping those same people deal with both life and an invisible paranormal bigfoot. Living in denial of this need for help, does not make that need for help go away. Admitting to yourself that you cannot deal with an invisible paranormal bigfoot, is your first step to recovery. Your second step would involve picking up the phone to make an appointment to have yourself evaluated.

    Now we know why the federal government seeks to keep the truth about the bigfoot a secret. The nation’s healthcare system cannot handle the surge in medicare and medicaid outflows, that would be paid for BIGFOOT COUNSELING. Nor are their enough hospital beds available in mental institutions. So we all get to live in a world full of lies.

  10. Remus responds:

    Hello, Doctor?
    Yes, I’d like to make an appointment for next Tuesday.
    Why? Well…this may seem strange, but I really don’t seem to believe in invisible telepathic bigfeet. That’s not rational is it? What could be wrong with me?

  11. DWA responds:

    Silvereagle: you are one of the most entertaining posters on this site.

    Here’s to your bigfoot, whatever it may be. I hope I someday get to see/not-see one.

  12. Darkstream responds:

    Government funded Bigfoot Counseling? Now I know you are just having fun with us, silvereagle. You had us going for a while. We really believed you believed all this mystical pabulum about invisible paranormal Bigfoot. But you’ve gone too far. Not even Ted Kennedy would get behind you on this one.

    I see a cognitive behavior therapist from time to time. I can’t wait to discuss this topic with him. I hope he can help me cope.

  13. kittenz responds:

    Hey! I like Ted Kennedy!

  14. Bob K. responds:

    As to MBFH’s queries: The God of the Bible lives in what has been described as “The Third Heaven”, or simply, Heaven, the abode of YHWH, the angels, and the spirits of the redeemed of the ages. From what I’ve read in the Bible and experienced [and what others have known about and told me about], there is the second heaven. Generally, it is the spiritual dimension lower then the Third heaven and is inhabited by-demons, angels, the wandering spirits of those sleeping [you thought that your dream last night was more than just-a dream-? You’re probably right].

    Now-second topic. I suppose that I have no problem with the idea of interdimensional beings per se; its just that Bigfoot digs for and eats ground squirrels, kills small ungulates (big ones too[?]), eats sweetgrass, berries, shellfish, defecates, makes beds and sleeps in them (like gorillas do), gives birth, raises young, is furry and has B.O., is clearly territorial-it just seems that these are indicators that we’re dealing with a biological entity here. If it were interdimentional, then why go through all that messy, hard stuff that animals need to engage in to survive if they can just morph into a dimension where all this stuff is’nt necessary? Anyway, let’s face it; until we have a Sas’ body, or a part of one, no one can say for sure that such a theory has no merit. Oh, one can ridicule it or challenge it-but hey; where’s the corpus delicti? So, we look, we watch, and we wait-and post our thoughts on boards such as this one.

    God bless, all!

  15. Remus responds:

    I agree. In the Photoshop age, even a series of excellent photos will not be believed. I hate to say it, but only a hunter and his rifle will solve this one.

  16. silvereagle responds:

    Or a researcher and his BIGFOOT BUDDIE!

  17. Craig Woolheater responds:

    This one has gotten out of hand. It was originally posted to allow conversation about the claim of Bigfoot in captivity at Lawrence Livermore National Labs. It has degraded into something else and new comments will not be allowed.

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