How to Hunt Bigfoot in the Wilderness…Without Weapons

Posted by: Guy Edwards on December 2nd, 2013


A  guest post by Ron Mcallen. Ron is an avid outdoorsman and hunter who has traveled all over the nation.

At Bigfoot Lunch Club we get requests from guest authors. Ron Mcallen wanted to share some successful  trapping ideas with the Bigfoot Community. Not necessarily intended for Bigfoot, but here are some succesfull ideas for you avid outdoorsmen.

Learn the best ways to set up snares, use netting, create a pitfall, and how to make a foot-trap from scratch.

Click the following link on how to hunt Bigfoot without weapons.

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One Response to “How to Hunt Bigfoot in the Wilderness…Without Weapons”

  1. cryptokellie responds:

    Do any of these efforts work with say…gorillas? Now think gorilla times two. Maybe very heavy polypropylene netting but even then, the animal needs to tranquilized quickly once netted. Remember, the animal has real hands that work…not paws. If anyone thinks that some of these varmint traps will work, they’ve been watching the baloney crypto-series “Mountain Monsters” too much. Those sassoons might catch a cold but not a Bigfoot or monster or whatever.

    I believe I saw an article a while back about gorillas actually dismantling poacher’s snares, so if it is assumed that Bigfoot are on an intelligence level equal to gorillas or higher, trapping one is going to be a challenge.

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