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Bigfoot Body “Accidentally Found”

Posted by: Loren Coleman on July 29th, 2008

The story of how the claimed Bigfoot body in Georgia was found is slowly being revealed. But first a moment to take a deep breath.


The Bigfoot Trackers of Georgia have gained a lot of self-congratulatory mileage from going after Cryptomundo and others as their “enemies.” Of course, this is silly, and yet does make for emotional YouTube videos that do not present their cause too well in the public’s eye. Cryptomundo doesn’t feel anything in relationship to this entire melodrama other than interest. Yes, Cryptomundo’s hopes are presented as realistic, balanced with a skeptical intrigue in seeing the body to know if there is any factual basis to the claims, of course. Any grounded individual would ask for as much. Any thinking “Joe Friday” cop would too.


If the gentlemen read clearly, without bias, they will have noted that from the first Cryptomundo posting on July 11th, this site (as opposed to a few comment makers) has never said this event was a hoax or even anything close to that. Let’s take a quick review.


From July 11th, here’s what I wrote under “History In The Making: Bigfoot Body Taken?”:

“Has the first Bigfoot body been taken? Ask yourself, how will the first Bigfoot be found, discovered, and displayed?

Will it be through a highly publicized effort from a museum or zoological park, as during the 19th and early 20th century, or will it be due to some folks with military and law enforcement backgrounds from north Georgia?

Does someone have a body already? What are we to make of this breaking news, tied to getting expedition subscribers?

But maybe in this brave new world, will this be how such a discovery unfolds?

The ‘Bigfoot Trackers’ claim they have a Bigfoot corpse, frozen in a freezer, killed by a .30-06.

In the middle of their ads for tee-shirts, expeditions, chest-beating male tracker dominance, and more, is there any possibility of truth to what they are saying? Could this be history in the making?”

The only “admitted hoax” that I have ever talked about is the one they acknowledged dealing with “Dr. Paul Van Buren.”

Now, here’s the latest on the alleged details behind the discovery of the body:

Georgia Bigfoot Claim: ‘Body Was Accidentally Found’

Rick Dyer of Forest Park, Georgia from claims that the Bigfoot body in his possession was accidentally found in the deep woods approximately 7 miles from a road.

On the radio show on July 28th, Dyer explained that it took 6 people 1 1/2 days to drag the 8’8″, 600lbs. corpse to a vehicle. He refused to disclose the gender of the creature. Dyer also stated it was found in early June and assumes it had been dead a few days. As well, he mentioned that the Bigfoot is being stored in a 10 ft. freezer.

Dyer also claimed that other ‘live’ Bigfoot creatures were observed in the same area where the body was found and that he has photographs.

Listeners were allowed to field questions.

Dyer said that at least one researcher had refused to believe his find and that the YouTube campaign was started in order to belittle other well known cryptozoologists.

Ask what the creature looks like, Dyer answered that it looks ‘more human than ape’ and that he seeked legal counsel in order to copyright photographs. He states he already has a buyer who has offered $10 million.

Dyer did say that he never believed in Bigfoot and didn’t research the creature before he stumbled across the body.

Dyer claims that the proof and evidence of their find will start being released to the public on September 1st, 2008. The attorney handling Dyer’s affairs in this case is Monroe Ferguson of Ferguson, Ferguson & Morris, P.C. of Jonesboro, Georgia.


That’s what I like. Just the facts.

Permission was received to post this information completely.

Loren Coleman About Loren Coleman
Loren Coleman is one of the world’s leading cryptozoologists, some say “the” leading living cryptozoologist. Certainly, he is acknowledged as the current living American researcher and writer who has most popularized cryptozoology in the late 20th and early 21st centuries. Starting his fieldwork and investigations in 1960, after traveling and trekking extensively in pursuit of cryptozoological mysteries, Coleman began writing to share his experiences in 1969. An honorary member of Ivan T. Sanderson’s Society for the Investigation of the Unexplained in the 1970s, Coleman has been bestowed with similar honorary memberships of the North Idaho College Cryptozoology Club in 1983, and in subsequent years, that of the British Columbia Scientific Cryptozoology Club, CryptoSafari International, and other international organizations. He was also a Life Member and Benefactor of the International Society of Cryptozoology (now-defunct). Loren Coleman’s daily blog, as a member of the Cryptomundo Team, served as an ongoing avenue of communication for the ever-growing body of cryptozoo news from 2005 through 2013. He returned as an infrequent contributor beginning Halloween week of 2015. Coleman is the founder in 2003, and current director of the International Cryptozoology Museum in Portland, Maine.

59 Responses to “Bigfoot Body “Accidentally Found””

  1. greywolf responds:

    Well after all that has been said and done again………….For God’s sake show us the evidence, the proof, the BIGFOOT BODY. I for one still think this is another bad faith, poor judgement hoax. I will be the first to admit that I have been wrong in the past on a few things but this grand stand play sounds like the SNAKE OIL SALES PITCH of the old days.

  2. Skitdog responds:

    Anyone asking for money for pictures probably does not have anything authentic that can be verified.

  3. Ole Bub responds:

    Good morning Cryptos…

    I was in the chat room during the Dyer interview last night. The show quickly turned into a free for all of angst, conjecture and skepticism. I congratulate Steve, Billy and Becky for putting this show together, however I was appalled at the sensational format and absence of “ground rules and decorum”…IMHO a great opportunity was lost at the expense of reasoned inquiry.

    The guest was never allowed to complete his story, and was bombarded with questions from callers, many of whom had no clue of the situation. When will common sense trump nonsense?

    When asked if the creature was apelike or humanlike…the guest replied “if you shaved his face and put a hat on “him”…he would appear to be a very large human”.

    As posted earlier here and elsewhere…

    If these folks have the “Holy Grail”…who cares about their antics, if we truly care about the fate of the indigenous North American Aboriginal Peoples…we should applaud their discovery and help facilitate subsequent scientific inquiry and documentation.

    I am offering the Georgia folks a BTR show, where they can tell their tale free of ridicule and derision, Loren knows how to reach me.

    live and let live…

    ole bub and the dawgs

  4. hudgeliberal responds:

    I have talked to someone who claims to know one of these guys and he said that it is all a hoax aimed at embarassing and making a fool out of a well-known bigfoot researcher with whom the guys have a grudge against. I dont know if this is true but several others claiming to know these guys have made the same sort of statement. Makes one wonder what did Moneymaker(seems to be their target) do to these guys to make them so angry? I personally do not care what the reason is,I just think if it all turns out to be hogwash(which I still think will be the end result)then it is just another black eye on the bigfoot community…maybe that was the intention all along who knows? The guy stated on the SquatchDetective radio show that “pissing people off” was a great way to sell t-shirts. WTF???? One of the strangest stories to come out of the bigfoot community in a long time. I guess we will have to wait and see on Sept 1 eh? Take care guys…now lets get back to some real bigfoot stories.

  5. eyeofnewt responds:

    It’s sounding more and more like someone’s resurrected Ray Wallace.

  6. Jason P. responds:

    This article seems to contradict something that’s posted on the Bigfoot Trackers’ own website. According to the article, Dyer didn’t “believe” in Bigfoot or research it before stumbling across the body.

    Yet in the ‘About Us’ section of their site, it describes an encounter that Dyer and another man had while camping in 2005–they heard a rustling noise outside a tent, found footprints the following morning, etc. Their site then goes on to say the following: “This near sighting was what sparked the idea that has been growing in the minds of Ric Dyer and Gary Parker ever since.”

    So, which is it? Did the encounter from three years ago ‘spark’ an idea (whatever that ‘idea’ might be), or had Dyer never given Bigfoot much thought before recently stumbling across the body?

  7. Ayala responds:

    If it had been there a few days, then took 1.5 days to be dragged out of the woods, and now it is kept in a 10 ft. freezer, wouldn’t it be in an advanced state of decomposition? Also, could a 10 ft. freezer adequately preserve something so large? We aren’t even to the 1st of August. How will this thing last until the 1st of September?

    Also, if this thing turns out NOT to be a hoax AND if there was really a bigfoot family near the body, I feel really sad for them that their presumed grieving process was interrupted. :(

    Thanks for keeping us up to date Loren – you are awesome! :)

  8. Greg102 responds:

    I listened to the radio show. Ric Dyer admits the videos and info on the internet are 90% BS. He also states that they’ve never been hunters, trackers, or believed in bigfoot. He reveals alot which i applaud him for coming on the show, but I don’t believe one bit that they have a body of an undiscovered primate. Too many inconsistencies with what he has to say. He did say the color was “reddish”. Stuffed him in a 1970s freezer thats 10foot. I’m sure the replay of the squatch detective radio show will be up. He did invite squatchdetective and tom biscardi down at the end of August to inspect the body and tell the bigfoot community that yes this is indeed “real” prior Sept. 1st.

  9. gkingdano responds:

    On the copyright of the pictures– I understand their want to copyright the photos (if they are real, every newspaper, blog, TV network will want the first one), BUT what I don’t understand is (if it is a real Bigfoot body) is why they released ANY info until their legal profit concerns were finished. A truly real Bigfoot body will be worth many millions, not even including al the CNN, etc. interviews. I feel that (if it is real) these guys don’t really know what they have got themselves into.

  10. Jason P. responds:

    Regarding Dyer’s legal representation, as far as I can tell, the law firm has no experience in copyright law. Their listed areas of expertise include criminal law, family/domestic law, DUI, and probate.

  11. MattBille responds:

    “Seeked legal counsel” ? Who wrote this release, the sasquatch? Cryptomundo has not declared the case a hoax, but here’s my personal opinion: I am 100% certain that it is.

  12. Greg102 responds:

    And he mentioned that MANY more videos are on the way. By his own admission these videos are BS, and they are meant to annoy people and make them non believers. So be prepared for more propaganda via youtube.

  13. Doug responds:

    Two old sayings that I believe apply here.

    1. If they have already lied once, what else have they lied about?

    2. I’ll believe it when I see it (even then it will still warrant closer inspection).

    It would be ironic that a couple good ole boys would find it after all the scientific groups and serious researches couldn’t.

    We shall see.

  14. bill green responds:

    I thought last night show of was awesome & suspenseful.

    I did not like how the guest (who says he has this possible body) was treating the callers into the show. Steve Kulls & Billy Willard handled themselves wonderfully.

    The Georgia guest was ticking everyone off by mentioning certain famous names, whom I will not mention here out of respect for those people. The Georgia guy was really annoying the callers of last night show, as well.

    My feeling about the Georgia guys is this: They are stalling to really tick off the Bigfoot community.

    The Joe Friday photos on the site today really look great. It gave this situation some flare, indeed. But I think photos of the Odd Couple or Abbott & Costello might show true meaning to this story.

    Craig Woolheater certainly handled himself wonderfully. I really like how he talked to and interviewed the guest.

  15. Buzzard responds:

    These guys aren’t even good liars. It’s the worst hoax I’ve ever seen. I predict on September 1st they will announce it was a joke or claim that the body was stolen. If you had the body of Bigfoot would you really have the time or desire to sit around making Youtube videos?

  16. DontCryBigfoot responds:

    Here’s my prediction, I think these guys MAY post some seemingly convincing pictures of a body that might have people wondering for a while, until it is later discovered that the body is nothing more than an airbrushed gorilla skin or costume stuffed on a humanoid mannequin prepared by their local taxidermist. They might even manage to fool Kulls and Biscardi with something like this if they’re only allowed to view it from a distance or from within a “block of ice”. Wouldn’t that just make their day to have Kulls and Biscardi trumpeting their “find” as “authentic”? Beware of smoke and mirrors! White man speak with forked tongue! Without scientific verification, all of the “high quality” pictures and video in the world, and even a body mean absolutely nothing!

    I’m 1000% sure this is a hoax, haven’t quite figured out their angle yet, but I can guarantee it’s a hoax, and if anything, the radio show last night simply reaffirmed that.

  17. Artist responds:

    Great Caesar’s Ghost, what a pile of scat!

  18. gridbug responds:

    This just keeps getting better/worse. If there were other bigfoot in the area where this body was found, would they really have allowed these idiots to cart the body of their fallen comrade out of the wilderness for a couple days without trying to stop them?! I’m no expert, but that scenario is just plain silly.

    And after reading the post about them having a grudge against a certain cryptozoologist and their comment about shaving the creature’s face and putting a hat on it, I’m fairly convinced that their original plan (subject to modification now that their mess is spiraling out of control) was to unveil a sort of “effigy” of said cryptozoologist as “the missing link” etc. This is also supported by their insistence that our preconceived notions of bigfoot are “100% false” and that “the experts are wrong”.

    And we still have to wait a whole month for this to be resolved. Sheesh!

  19. vamelungeon responds:

    There’s a lot of this I don’t buy.

    I’m a hunter, I’ve killed my fair share of deer and they should be “field dressed” or eviscerated on the spot to allow the flesh to cool and of course reduce the weight that you have to drag out of the woods. Deer have quite a large volume of internal organs, as you can imagine, and yet returning to the same spot the next day I’ve never seen any sign of the previous day’s removal of internal organs. What’s that got to do with this supposed bigfoot? If something laid in the woods for a day and a half, there wouldn’t be a lot left. Mother nature is amazing at getting rid of anything that dies out there. Every opossum, bear, coyote, raccoon, buzzard, crow, feral dog and anything else that eats carrion will converge and feast and that’s not even counting the insects. I also used to be a police officer, and I’ve seen a human body start to become skeletonized in 24 hours because of these factors.

    They say it was huge. If it laid that long in Georgia in June, I suspect it was VERY LARGE by the gas produced from decomposition.

    If they have anything in that freezer, it’s in bad shape and full of frozen bugs and maggots (not to make anyone ill, but truth is truth). Probably a great deal of flesh is gone, particularly soft flesh areas.

    Also, they said it was shot by a guy who is a convicted felon. In Virginia, when I was a police officer it was my DUTY to report a felony, which this is if this guy possess a firearm. Officer Whitten has admitted on camera to being an accessory to a felony if this story is true.

    I could go on, but these guys have already proven themselves to be liars. There’s a part of me that wants this to be true and have bigfoot proven as real, but I really don’t have much faith in this story for the reasons I’ve stated and other reservations I have.

  20. vamelungeon responds:

    OOPS- my mistake- they said it was dead a few days and took a day and a half to get it out of the woods.
    BS, I say, for the reasons I’ve stated.

  21. sausage1 responds:

    It’s not a sasquatch – it’s a man in a legal suit!

  22. PDNate responds:

    Here’s a thought. Why did these guys hand carry the body out of the woods? You mean to tell me that none of them own a 4-wheeler (ATV)? It would seem that they would at least be intelligent enough to come up with that idea. They could have had it out of the woods within a couple hours. Slide a piece of plywood under it like a sled, maybe brace it with some 2×4’s and there you go. It would have taken 2-3 guys that way. Less people to split the $10 million with. LOL

    And what did they do between the first and second day? Leave it over night with some branches covering it or pitch tents around it?

    Maybe I’m looking too deep into this, and it sounds like it’s pretty deep around here. Hee Hee But hey, if they really have a real body, I’ll be the first in line to take one of their expeditions! And buy a BOX of Tee shirts!

  23. CamperGuy responds:

    ************* Still stinks on ice **************

    Loved the Dragnet pics.

    When it finaly winds down I request a Hawaii 5-0 theme ending with ” Book ’em Dano! ” Maybe a pic of a bigfoot surfing in the background? :)

    Anyways….. all that has been presented is an implausable story and an admitted hoax.

  24. red_pill_junkie responds:

    Some commenters above have intelligently pointed out that any animal/organism in an advanced state of decomposition would expell a terrible stench.

    But aside of that, we have all these stories—many told by credible witnesses—that this creature has a very nauseating smell even when it’s not dead! So how is it that these guys can stand the smell of this doubly-stinking corpse is what I want to know.

    You don’t want to show your big prize until Sept 1st? Fine, but how about providing 1 hair, 1 puny little hair to the researchers that are currently conducting an investigation on the samples collected at the Indian jungle, to compare them and see if there are similiarities on them.

    Come on guys, One hair is what I’m settling for here! I’m sure the big guy you caught has plenty to spare 😉

  25. airforce47 responds:

    Interesting comments by all and I’m sure our bigfoottracker gang was offended again. Anyway, I contacted the attorney they mentioned by email. He’s legit and specializes in criminal law which would be in keeping with the business they’re supposed to be in.

    If it’s a hoax they only embarrasment they’ll get is on themselves and the officer’s superiors may dislike it enough to fire him for bringing disgrace on himself and their department.

    I should get a return email in a couple of days and I’ll advise Loren. What a way though to end the mystery with a couple of guys finding a body in the woods :-). My best,

  26. Andrew Minnesota responds:


    they changed their story on how they acquired the body. No doubt as Vamelungeon pointed out the cop just realized he may just get in trouble for this so they changed the story (too late at this point) in an attempt to avoid repercussions. Event though there is the youtube video (and a news report as well I think?) giving the original version. If it’s true to begin with. Oops.

    There are just to many inconsistencies and changes to the story one can’t help but wonder are these two guys with dim bulbs that just happen to have the find of the century or are they two guys with dim bulbs that dug themselves into a hole that they are sweating to get out of when ever the camera is off?

    I can only imagine if they do have a body, they will be on The View and someone will ask

    “so how did you two make this find when so many have tried before without success?”

    “becuase at Bigfoot Tracker WE ARE THE BEST!! POWER BARS!!! NEW T-SHIRTS COMING SOON!! WE — USE DOGS!!”

  27. Macleod responds:

    Why so much hate towards these guys? I agree that their youtube videos are about as mature as my 6 year old son’s, but I just don’t understand why they would go to such lengths risking reputations and jobs, I also don’t understand all the wild useless speculation being tossed around here. It seems as if we would rather this be a hoax so we can go on looking at blobsquach photos and patting ourselves on the back claiming how ridiculous they are. I have always been fascinated by the unknown from paranormal to cryptozoology and I am very excited to see what these guys have! I am not going to waste my time going through transcripts and videos to catch some little mistake or some small flaw in the story. Just my opinion.

  28. Kimble responds:

    PDNate said “And what did they do between the first and second day? Leave it over night with some branches covering it or pitch tents around it?”

    And what of the other Bigfoot claimed seen in the area?

    I predict stories of a running gun battle a la Ape Canyon & Fred Beck. Perhaps “Sasquatch Mountain II?”

  29. hudgeliberal responds:

    The one thing that baffles me, what in the world is their motive? I have tried to think of how this could be a marketing scam or whatnot but the guy states that “pissing people off sells t-shirts” which is one of the most outlandish statements I have ever heard. I have tried and tried to see what advantage this would be to anyone and just can’t come up with anything other than a real rip on the bigfoot community or, at least, certain people that they mention. The actions of these guys do not jive at all with someone who has a body of bigfoot, so I think we can pretty much scratch that idea off right now. I just can’t figure out what the heck these guys are up to. Oh well, another day in “As the Crypto world turns”. Peace guys.

  30. mrdark responds:

    Just read my comment on the last entry about this and add ‘ditto’ here. The first person to find a corpse will sell the story to the highest bidder within hours, not weeks.

  31. drjon responds:

    Habeas corpus.

    Yet again, this lot are in the news for their words. Talk a lot, don’t they. I for one am now tired of their continued unsupported claims.

    They really need to habeas corpus, or STFU.

    Especially in the light that, as you point out Loren, they seem incapable of actually reading what you’ve written, not what you’ve not written.

    If they’ve got a bigfoot body, Habeas corpus. Enough talk.

  32. swnoel responds:

    I didn’t want to respond but what the heck, these guys are having fun at your expense.

    Why is everyone reacting to such foolish videos and statements? Show me the proof!

    Something tells me I won’t be seeing a for real sasquash anytime soon.

    The only thing I don’t understand is why a police officer would put himself in such a position where his honesty and integrity could be (and probably will be) challenged in any court case that he may be involved in, in the future.

  33. DTK responds:

    I’ve completely changed my stand on what I would do if I had an actual Bigfoot body in my possession. I used to surmise publicly calling in all the well-known Bigfoot specialists to confirm my find. Now my thinking has changed. For the benefit of the species, (assuming they’re real and that they belong on the endangered species list), I would now do everything in my power to keep such a discovery safely hidden from public knowledge. I’d covertly work with animal specialists to assure that the body was thoroughly examined and I’d work with wildlife management agencies to make sure there are special remote wildlife management areas reserved for the protection of such creatures. And I’d do everything possible to assure that all of this was somehow kept from the public eye. The “circus” all this public hoopla is creating, will only serve to to make it harder to protect and preserve such a precious discovery, should these extraordinary claims turn out to be the real deal.

  34. helgarde responds:

    It could be really weird/bad viral marketing for a low-budget independent horror film centered on a Bigfoot expedition gone seriously wrong.

  35. Asherz_Carrion responds:

    This whole thing has become out of control. The story has been changing since the first claim of the body. Have they been lying? Yes. Is it a hoax? We won’t know until September 1st. And by then something will more than likely happen to the body. The freezer will short out and the body will decompose completely in which they “threw away the bones”. Or someone will steal the body. Or they’ll get some curse and decide to burn the body. or dump it. I’m sure SOMETHING will happen. But who knows. What if they do have a real bigfoot body?

    Maybe they are only releasing all of this in small doses because they feel the public can’t handle such a discovery in one large sum. Maybe they really do have legal matters to get over before they can or will show anything. Put yourself in the position. U just discovered a bigfoot body. What do u do? Do u show it off immediately regardless of all the attention u will continuously get forever? And which showing it off still risks having the body stolen because someone will be more willing to take it if they know it’s real. And then another person can take the full credit.

    I’m not trying to back up their stories. i think they’re completely bogus. But there’s a tiny light of faith in me begging that they really have found the most famous and most elusive cryptid of all time. He can’t hide forever, can he?

  36. wigginz responds:

    I’m surprised they didn’t just strap onto the roof of their station wagon and made it their house guest.

  37. joppa responds:

    Well, I have a few random thoughts on this:

    It’s a crime in Georgia to abuse a corpse, so these guys got a criminal defense lawyer to defend them for fooling around with some dead homeless guy.

    “Shave him and put a hat on him and he looks human….” Could it be the guy Burt Reynolds shot in Deliverence ?

    What a circus !!! Too bad Britney and Paris took the summer off.

  38. PhotoExpert responds:

    I don’t even consider this going out on a limb, as far as I am concerned. I have called this thing a HOAX or marketing ploy from day one. And although some here are hemming and hawing as their story changes, I will stand firm. They are perpetrating a hoax for some kind of marketing gimmick. End of story!

    I have explained why it is a hoax in previous posts. I have not waivered in that opinion. I have not changed my mind as they change their story.

    I am in agreement with the poster MattBille. Like him, I am not afraid to call it what it is and stick by my guns.

    Now here is something for everyone to chew on. Remember the biologist that flew in that they videotaped? Oh, I mean the cop’s brother? Well, he is a photographer. So you can count on some photos being released. Those photos will of course be,(excuse the pun) “doctored” or digitally manipulated in some way as to further carry on the hoax. Good thing the cop’s brother was not an accountant, or this would not be possible. But the same fraudulent doctor is a photographer of some scale. Keep that in mind.

    Also keep in mind the character and/or intelligence of these people. Here is what we do know.

    They have lied and been caught in lies.

    They are uneducated and not that intelligent as many here are. They did not think out the scenario of lies to fruition.

    They have backtracked and changed their story.

    The imposter biologist, I mean brother of the cop, is a photographer and probably has the ability to manipulate photos to some degree. This may convince of few and keep their story moving forward.

    They got caught on the biologist hoax and backstoried it as an attempt to get rid of stalkers.

    Take into account the maturity level of these arrogant, testosterone filled hillbillies. They are condescending and can not even spell simple words correctly. I give them a pass on the spelling but not on their lack of education and intelligence.

    As I predicted, when the story got more than local attention, it would draw the attention of the once supportive police agency the cop worked for. It did and they distanced themselves from the cop explaining that he was his own entity. As I predicted, they got in over their heads as it went national. They did not think it out far enough based on their lack of experience and education. And they got themselves in trouble. So they made up some more whoppers and brought in the brother. When that was found out in seconds, their arrogance allowed them to say that was a story created to get rid of stalkers. But their lack of education, had them admitting on tape that they were surprised that we found out about it so quickly. LOL

    So they came out with a release date and went on with their marketing campaign for whatever reason. However, when the legal term, “fraud” entered the scenario, they were forced to seek legal council. Why? Well, probably because the police agency that supports the cop might have to investigate the officer for the criminal act of fraud. So they got an attorney and played it off as a copyright thing. That fits their story’s guidelines for the hoax nicely.

    Then they started refunded money for their expeditions that they had already collected. Why? Because the attorney told them that indeed, the money was obtained from fraudulent stories, thus putting them in legal jeopardy. So they refunded the money in preparation to dispose of any criminal investigation that takes place. We knew it. I posted that this would happen. Again, we are about 10 to 20 steps ahead of them.

    And now that their story has changed again, I hear the words of skeptical being brought in. Let me say it clearyly as Matt and others have here. It is a hoax! Nothing has changed in their behavior, just their story keeps changing. But if you think it out logically, they are admitted liars and have hoaxed the public in some aspects of the story already and then backtracked.

    All their bravado, arrogance, uneducated tactics, and building of their story has done nothing to convince me otherwise.

    I stand on record with MattBille on this. I am not even skeptical. It is a downright lie and hoax! I am not mincing words or giving any caveats such as: If it turns out they have a body of a BF, I….

    Forget that! Since it does not factor into the equation based on the lies already told and the actions of these hoaxers, there is no need for such disclaimers. IT IS A HOAX! I want to be on record for posting that here. Not because I want to say, “I told you so” at some future date. But I do not want the hoaxers to think that I am gullible enough to have believed any of this from day one!

    Kudos to MattBille, Moneymaker, and others like myself, that have called this thing for what it is from day one–a hoax! The joke was supposed to be on us from the cop and his friends. But as it turns out, we are the only ones laughing and laughing at them and their stupidity!

    I do not mean to sound harsh. I am sorry if I offended anyone and apologize in advance to any Cryptomundo reader here that feels differently or holds out for the promise of a real body. You are entitled to your opinion and feelings. But I deal in facts and truth. And their facts have changed to fit their needs at any given time. When they don’t fit, they invent them or lie. They have deceived the public so much, that they can now be considered habitual liars. And in court, if you tell one lie while giving testimony, everything you say is to be considered a lie. I will follow that same principle. They are hoaxers!

  39. Artist responds:

    PDNate – “Why did these guys hand carry the body out of the woods? You mean to tell me that none of them own a 4-wheeler (ATV)? It would seem that they would at least be intelligent enough to come up with that idea. They could have had it out of the woods within a couple hours.”

    Maybe one should take a lesson from our Government’s UFO Retrieval techniques: leave somebody to guard the corpse, dash out of the woods and return with a logging or fire-fighting helicopter with a great big box hanging underneath.

    Fly that body out of there and disappear into a secret warehouse somewhere, take photos and videos, do a proper autopsy, preserve the critical DNA sources and strange internals, freeze the rest until everything is ready for the media circus, and then sit back and let the money roll in!

  40. Bob K. responds:

    This sort of leads into something that I’ve always wondered about. Suppose on a hike or a camping trip, I come across the carcass of a recently deceased pterodactyl/devil monkey/chupa. I happen to have a large enough duffel bag, so I pick this thing up, throw it in the back of my Suburban, and take it home.

    Assuming that I’m feeling altruistic at this point, and my burning desire is to see this specimen properly catalogued and recognized as a real animal by the scientific community & world at large-where do I start? Who do I contact that is trustworthy, and has the integrity, know-how, and sense to see to it that my specimen isn’t spirited away, accidentally lost, or is last seen in a traveling roadshow?

    How to proceed? Loren? Anyone?

  41. Spinach Village responds:

    good, point bob

    well at the very least these people have bad PR skills

    even IF they do have a body, I don’t buy any of there stories on how they ascertained it

    give em credit for keeping the fire going though, I have followed this we will see

    …if they pulling ol’ jimmies leg then they’re gonna be in some hot water I tell ya

    It’s illegal to hunt the Swamp Ape in Florida (I think that law was passed), so maybe they have legal concerns along those lines too.

  42. rayval responds:

    I think that what they are doing is rotten. Most of us know deep in our hearts that they have nothing up their sleeves, yet we keep on following their video updates and are afraid to admit it to ourselves. Even the skeptics who argue with these knuckleheads daily have that small spark within .The spark that says “Come Sep 1, the world as we know it will be thrown upside down”. They know their audience and they know the steps to take. They know this is very important to us, yet they make us wait.

    I am no stranger to being disappointed. From situations in my personal life to situations in this field they call the ‘World of Crypto’.

    We must never forget the feeling we had in our stomach when we learned the truth about Johor. August of 2006 was a time we must never forget. I will not relive it. No way! I sense history just might repeat itself.

    I really hope I am wrong. Its just hard to picture the mystery that fascinated me since I was a child coming to an end. Especially the way it is being handled. I think we can all agree that we are getting short changed and that if there ever was a group of people that didn’t deserve the discovery of such a gift. It’s them.

    There really isn’t much more to say. Its a sit and wait game. They are holding the cards. So I think it is safe to say that this is one situation where I hope they don’t find Bigfoot.

  43. LittleThing responds:

    If I found a bigfoot body, the first thing I’d do is spread the word via places such as this one with images etc, not to ‘show it off’, but to let everyone know so that no one comes to take the body given that it was already widely known. I would then hand the body immediately to somewhere that knew how to deal with humans and other primate species, a zoological vet centre for example, where it can be examined and stored by professionals before ruining the specimen. THEN, yes, I’d cash in on it in any way I can just because I’m human. The fact that people who claim to have definitive proof never produce the goods immediately to prove what they are saying is real, instantly tells me these people have nothing but $$ in their eyes. Science first, money later!

  44. Lightning Orb responds:

    Maybe these guys made it a joke at first, but when they found out they’d get in BIG trouble set a date for the alleged viewing so they would have until then to skip town or catch a Sasquatch for real? Or here’s another thought; hudgeliberal suggested these men may wish simply to make a fool of someone with some bizarre joke – but maybe it’s a combo…

    Suppose rather they did indeed find a Sasquatch, but someone, maybe a cryptozoologist, had caused them grief, and they half wanted to confirm Sasquatch but half didn’t want their opponent to be proven right. Therefore, they could have devised a way to make the entire thing look so ridiculous no one would believe them; then, of course, this individual(s) they wanted revenge on would laugh in their face but from the nonbelieving side versus believing side this time, thereby turning the tables. So when their gargantuan cadaver was confirmed an honest-to-goodness Bigfoot, now their enemy would be the one to look ridiculous.

    I’m not saying this is true, and I’m not saying it’s not. But however outlandish it may sound, we should remember anything’s possible (Not puting much hope in this one myself, however).

  45. proriter responds:

    Reading through some of these “let’s wait and see if it’s true” posts explains why democracy shall always be a failure.

  46. PhotoExpert responds:

    Lightning Orb–That is a very good point that you are making. Yes, it would be within the “character” of these individuals to try and get even with someone, just like a schoolboy would do. They are childish as you point out. But that is assuming that there is a body. I would not put it past them. You would have to assume that the premise is true, that they have a body. There is no body! How do we know this?

    Well, some other curious and intelligent posters here may have answered that question when asking their questions.

    Artist, Bob K., rayval and LittleThing make some very good points and help answer this question. If we take the reverse premise, that they do not have a body, and then backtrack, it becomes very clear.

    What would these people do if they came across a BF body, that they themselves describe as looking human with facial hair? What would a normal police officer do? He would call upon his experience and training. Even if the cop is as uneducated as we suspect he is, even a moron will follow certain protocols out of habit. A police officer would say, gee, this BF I just found looks human. I found it and will report it. Because I have come across the body of a deceased being. My name will be in the report, so if it is not a being, I have first claim to it. If he hit a deer in the road while off duty, I guess he would have legal right to claim the body of that animal. So if it turned out to be an animal, he would still have legal first say to it. But since he is supposed to be a law officer, and by his own description, it could pass for human, he would call upon his training and call it in when he got to a phone. He would call his police buddies. “Hey, I just found something that could be human remains in the woods.” The police would be called along with medical personnel. They would call in a coroner. If the coroner determined it not to be human, then I suppose the regional wildlife agency would be called in. But these things go through channels, proper channels. Even an ordinary citizen with no police training would know to call the police. So a police officer with training, definitely knows the channels to go through, hopefully!

    What we do know is that when the police chief was called, he made no mention of it. There was no report of this cop finding the body. The police chief did try to distance the police department from this mess by saying that the cop was his own entity and that as long as he was not doing anything illegal, that it was his own business.

    This cop did nothing of the sort or what you would expect him to do. There is no mention of it by the higher ups in his department, just distancing themselves. So working backwards, this guy did not do what we would expect a law officer to do. In fact, he did not do what we expect a normal everyday citizen would have done. He did the exact opposite. So there is no body! That is how we know!

    This cop does lack the intelligence to tell the truth. However, he has just enough intelligence to make up lies to cover his tracks by backtracking, bad lies, but lies nonetheless.

    Every word out of his mouth appears to be an untruth so far. And if we go back in time before the first lie started, there is no evidence to back up the claim of even finding a body.

    If I came across a body in the woods of something that looked as if it may be human, a bone, hair with flesh attached, etc., the first thing I would do is to call the police or the DNR. I would call some police or governmental agency. Then, I would let the wheels turn to where they need to turn. That is what a rational human being would do even if they do not have any police training. This guy does and none of that was done! We know because of the reaction and statements by the police chief. We know because of the lies perpetrated when they were not bright enough to backstory their hoax. We know because they have been caught in subsequent lies while trying to defraud the public into buying Tshirts and booking expeditions with them. They advertised they were the best BF trackers and that they have a body. Not an illegal claim, unless you stem to profit from that claim. And when that little tidbit was brought up here, that is when they sought legal advice, and not from a copyright attorney. They were worried about being sued and losing his job due to illegal activity. Coincidentally enough, that is when the refunds of money for people who booked their expeditions took place. I guess they found out that there little marketing ploy went from shady to illegal by willfully defrauding the public. That was no coincidence. If they had the body, they could keep the money they had on expeditions already booked. That is why we know it is a lie! That is why we know there is no body of a BF.

    I can hardly wait to pick apart the photographs of the alleged body from his photographer brother. The guy does about 20 weddings or so a year, according to his website. And he apparently has a few of his photographs hanging in some local bistros. I am not condemning that, we professional photographers have to all start somewhere. So although not setting the world on fire with his photographic skills, he is making a living at it. So I suspect the doctored photos when released, might fool a few people not familiar with digital imaging techniques. He may have enough of the basic digital manipulation skills to fool a few people who are still hanging on that shred of hope. But to many others and experts in the field of digital image manipulation, he will not fool a soul! I say this sarcastically, I can hardly wait for the photos! NOT!

    Right now, they probably put the September 1st date out there so that things would die down a bit for them locally. However, it could be that they can not control the attention they are getting and put the September 1st date out there to give them some time to keep the hoax going on a bit longer, in hopes of marketing whatever product they are selling, a longer lead in time for sales. Who knows with these geniuses? They could have picked that date because it was their birthday or something as simple as that.

    Anyway, no BF body and that is why we know there is not one forthcoming. HOAX! Well, a hoax to the few holdouts that still believe there is a shred of credibility left with these rocket scientists.

    And if there is any doubt left, I just thought of another lie. They told in their story to sell expeditions, how they were the best trackers and had track dogs, etc. And now the story is that they found the body by accident? Great tracking there–they supposedly now wondered upon the body haphazardly. Some great tracking skills there! Hey bubba, do you smell that? Yes, it smells so bad, I am glad I did not almost step on it. Why it is a BF. Let’s forget all my training and hide it in a 10 foot freezer. We’ll get our friends to carry it out of here and go against all common sense and training. They are uneducated, but not that stupid.

    I wish they would post here at Cryptomundo since they like talking about this site so much. Maybe I can appeal to their bravado or provoke their ignorance with a reply. Please post a response here. I would love to put your uneducated hillbilly brain to task and watch your story fall apart here as I pick it apart. I know it might not be the right forum for you to “discuss” your so called “find”. I know it might take you a day or two to anwer a simple post because you have to think about the answer to simple questions. I know, I understand, the video thing is the way to go because people can’t question you. Or if they question you on YouTube and you don’t like the question, you can delete it. I know you love controlling the situation and that is why you do video responses on YouTube rather than posting here. But please, humor me, humor us, I like a good joke. And I have certainly enjoyed watching you and your backtracking to cover the lies. I found that humorous. So please, engage us here. Let me now appeal to his arrogance, in case appealing to his bravado did not work. C’mon, a smart cop like you should be able to take on the weirdos(as the cop refers to us) here and win any debate. Please? I won’t hold my breath! LOL

  47. vamelungeon responds:

    September 1st does give them time to Photoshop some images, doesn’t it? Hmmmm…..

  48. deadfoot responds:

    “…6 people 1 1/2 days to drag the 8′8″, 600lbs. corpse to a vehicle”

    “Dyer also claimed that other ‘live’ Bigfoot creatures were observed in the same area where the body was found…”

    Taking a moment to dare to believe these guys actually retrieved the body as claimed, why would the “other ‘live’ Bigfoot creatures” in the area allow them to take the body? Even if the dead one was some kind of outcast, or interloper from another group, wouldn’t they prevent this? They had 1 1/2 days (an eternity!) So they chose not to interfere? Is there any precedence for this kind of behavior?

  49. Lightning Orb responds:

    PhotoExpert – good post as usual. I don’t think it’s likely they have a cadaver at all, and they probably are just trying to cover their tracks. I still don’t think we know with absolute certainty they’re entirely making it up, however. This is why, if I may attempt to describe a possible scenario.

    Suppose you were, at first, like any other ordinary American citizen. Then one day, you had an encounter – not with Bigfoot, but a particularly disagreeable cryptozoologist who started to harass you. (not to rouse the dead here, but maybe in the same way Beckjord would do?) Perhaps it even was Beckjord?

    But suppose you didn’t just dislike this one guy, but much in the way many are pitted against religion for religion’s sake by so many bad preachers, you became hateful of the cryptozoology study as a whole. It became your worst enemy as the other continually tried to enforce their beliefs on you. But at least you knew it was all wrong.

    Then one day while out in the woods, you saw something – you couldn’t tell what it was, but you were sure it wasn’t a Sasquatch – it just couldn’t be. Then, as you continued to hate cryptozoology more and more, you finally found the corpse. Your worst fear was confirmed. Your enemy was right! What would you do?

    The chance at being the one to confirm what would possibly be the century’s greatest discovery would be too great to just give up, but you hated cryptozoology itself with a passion. What would you do? Perhaps, then, you would would cleverly find a way to show yourself the discoverer, but pit Bigfoot against cryptozoology.

    First, the police business – suppose you contacted the chief, who always believed you since you never tended to lie and were always a good officer – he wouldn’t want to disbelieve you, but when you told him calmly you found a Bigfoot, and then acted suspicious and tried to keep him from seeing it, he wouldn’t know what to think. You never had done this before, and it just wasn’t natural. The chief might wish to grant you as much time as he could to prove yourself right, but at the same time distance himself – you assured him what you were doing was not illegal, and he wanted to trust you, so he just stepped aside for the time. As long as he wasn’t sure something illegal was going on, he’d assume the best and give you a chance.

    With that done, you would go on to make mockery of the rest of the field. Suppose, then, that you went on to start posting your claims, ensuring cryptozoologists would get to talking about you. Since you did not like these folks, you would ensure they did not believe you – you might start posting all sorts of bizarre claims, making the entire thing sound like a hoax. You would try to act uneducated, and just plain incomprehensible.

    You might start selling T-shirts then giving the money back to look suspicious.

    You might higher a lawyer to look suspicious.

    You might do just about everything these guys did to look suspicious, just so the smart cryptozoologists would point out obvious hoax.

    You would change your story a little from time to time.

    Giving up money from expeditions wouldn’t be so bad as, some have pointed out, the cash from the discovery itself would be so much greater.

    Why would you care about getting that measley little bit of cash from tours? So you could look suspicious. You would want the cryptozoologists to say hoax. Since the general public knows less of the events than us commentors on cryptozoology sites like this, the public might be more inclined to believe, rarely having heard so prominent claims. You might want the public on your side, pitted against formal cryptozoology.

    And the thing you saw in the woods was, of course, a definite Bigfoot now, rather than just a shadow. Any given detail you posted may be made up, just to give the cryptozoology field time to really come against you. But none of the details would matter to the public the day you pulled out a Sasquatch – any lies would be forgotten amidst the praising of its discovery.

    Others have mentioned here these fellows seem to be trying to make a point that all the field guides are wrong. Why? Why would they say such a thing, pitting themselves against cryptozoology while trying to prove a Bigfoot? Perhaps they wish to prove a point about us who are into such things – to twist skeptisism to look like plain refusal to believe.

    Others have also questioned why in the world would they simply make such a thing up; perhaps they aren’t. Perhaps the negative responses from us are exactly what they want; perhaps they have no real motive to simply make up a story about finding Bigfoot. That wouldn’t get them anywhere.

    This may sound absolutely ridiculous, but let’s think about why – what part of this couldn’t happen? That these guys hate cryptozoologists is believable. That these guys are only pretending to be foolish hoaxers is believable (and would sort of make sense). That the police chief would wish to give them time to prove themselves without getting involved is believable.

    And the matter of the creature itself. It would be extraordinary if such a find really were made. But believable? Many of us here seem to feel it’s only a matter of time before a Sasquatch is found – why couldn’t these guys have found it? Maybe we just don’t want them to have? Perhaps we feel it would be a tad unfair for a couple of citizens who have nothing to do with Bigfoot to find the legendary creature before the researchers who have spent their lives seeking it out.

    Maybe we just really aren’t yet ready to accept the confirmed existence of such an amazing entity, as well as the end of a legend. I’m not saying this scenario is so, I’m not saying it’s not. But I don’t think we can say there is absolutely no possibility of them having a true Sasquatch.

    Sorry to play devil’s advocate so long here, but it’s possible September could be a dark month for the undiscovered – when Bigfoot goes against cryptozoology. I’m guessing it’s all just a hoax, but some things just don’t seem to add up. I hope you’re right, PhotoExpert, and I hope to hear more from you opposing my latest statements – I think none of us want Sasquatch’s legacy to all end this way.

  50. helgarde responds:

    What would one do, if one found a Sasquatch body in the woods?

    I have thought about this many times, and here is the protocol I would follow.

    Before I did anything, I would call in a second witness (or several witnesses–all trusted people, however) to be there with me to corroborate my actions and do their own recording of the proceedings. My first choice would be my friend Dan, the videographer, so he could bring his video camera along.

    One, I would take extensive photographs, measurements and notes, all the while disturbing or touching the body with my skin as little as possible so as to not contaminate it with any of my own DNA. The measurements included in my examination would be body length/height, the length and width of the hands and feet, and the width of the shoulders and circumference of the head, and the length of the head from top of the cranium to the chin. All of these measurements would be somewhat approximate, because I would not want to move the body from the position in which it was found.

    Then, I would photograph the body extensively, especially details of the face, the hands and feet, any wounds, and any other details. I would also do shots of the body in toto, showing it from many angles, and especially including environmental references to show scale, as well as measurable objects–such as a ruler or my own hand or foot–as references.

    Then, I would take tissue and hair samples, and put them into sterile packaging. If the head is intact, I would try to get squamous cell samples from inside the mouth, barring that, I would do dermal scrapings, especially from a wound if one is present. I would not personally cut the flesh or skin of the body.

    I would also look for evidence around the body of what the cause of death was, and see if there are any footprints around, and would record those as well.

    Then, I would contact the police, the state wildlife department, the anthropology and zoology departments at the local university, Loren Coleman and Jeff Meldrum.

    Only after this would I even think to contact the mass media. The point would not to be to make my find, and myself by extension famous–the point would be to get the evidence to those who would make a proper investigation to determine the species of the body and whether or not foul play had anything to do with the death of the individual in question.

    Why would I do all the extensive photography/measurements/DNA samplings myself?

    Just in case the local authorities should bungle some evidence themselves. That way, there would be a record of the find that was independent of the authorities.

    I reckon that this stuff would take me a couple of days, but I assure you that my first action would not be to make videos and put them on youtube.

  51. irish responds:

    Everyone is trying to look at this through their own, individual perspective. If you ask me (which you haven’t) what has transpired is pretty much commensurate with what I would expect from two blue-collar guys who were not already buffs; guys who are busting their fannies and being shot on the job, guys who are looking to make money.

    I imagine many of you who have researched Bigfoot have imagined what it would be like getting a glimpse, photo, or perhaps the “Holy Grail”, a body. You are all, if you ask me, framing this as if it were you, or folks like you, who had found it…..”what I would have done is….”

    This is specifically why I think they might actually have something…….and THE ONLY reason.

    I have spent a lifetime in North Georgia and am confident that, as rural and untouched as it may seem to others, it is routinely visited and well explored. Hell, white-tailed deer hunters have so over-hunted the state that deer walk around looking up in the trees….and that is NO JOKE. I imagine that any 8’8″, 600 lb animal, especially one of lore and legend, would have been blasted into extinction long, long ago. Not to mention being routinely photographed……..and I do mean ROUTINELY…….I have a hard time believing we can get a photo of Jackie O’nnasis-Kennedy, Brittany Spears’ panties and a man on the moon……but no Yeti?!?

    I say, just for the sake of being optimists, we give them until September 1…….assuming they’re what I think they are…..opportunists looking to make money and not hard-line researchers…….and if they don’t produce the evidence……ignore the hell out of them.

  52. mystery_man responds:

    I’ve already said most of what I need to say about this in previous threads, so I’ll keep this comment short and just say to those who claim to have a body- SHOW US ANYTHING AT ALL. I have to side with Matt Bille and Photoexpert on this one. I deal with facts and evidence. I have been given no reason to believe this story any more than I have reason to believe in Santa Clause. There is no evidence, not even circumstantial. The “facts” keep changing. I would freely admit I am wrong if I saw something to challenge this assertion. I’m pretty much done with this whole thing until some kind of evidence is forthcoming, as this is merely fiction at this point.

    Just look at how most zoological discoveries are handled and compare with the three ring circus that this whole affair has become. Something is amiss here, and I suspect the other shoe is about to fall.

  53. PhotoExpert responds:

    Lightning Orb–I actually agree with you and your scenario. This could possibly be the other side of the coin. Most definitely a plausible scenario. It all could be as you surmised with your theory. And it would not take much to make a believer out of me given the somewhat questionable character and maturity level of these particular fellows. So you make some great points as to why they may actually have a body of a BF.

    However, my explanation of why they do not have a body is just as plausible. Really, we are in agreement as to possible scenarios. But given my experience in the Cryptocommunity with other attempted hoaxes that have taken place, I smell something fishy. And it is not fishy in the positive sense. My experience, my gut, my intuition, their lies, deception, arrogance, stupidity and character, all tell me that I am right about this.

    Some people will believe them. Some will be skeptical and give them the benefit of the doubt. Some will believe them and then not believe them and then believe them again with the advent of each new backtrack or lie.

    I hate seeing people get fooled. I hate seeing people being made fun of for their passion. I hate seeing people being controlled by bad natured individuals. I hate seeing arrogant people with little intelligence trying to pull a “fast one” over others that are more educated then themselves, out of jealousy or whatever reason. Somebody has to speak out and stand up for those people when they see BS. Some people have degrees such as a BA, BS, or Masters or PHD. Some people do not and are intimidated by that. Since they are incapable of achieving that on their own because they lack the dedication or intelligence, they want to play a joke to bring these people down a peg in their minds. And although I have one of those aforementioned degrees, the cop probably does not. That is apparent. Oh, I think he is deserving of an honorary degree. So let me bestow that degree on him now. I give him a “BS” degree. He seems to have a handle on shoveling that.

    So what I have done from the beginning is evaluated what this cop and friends have been doing. I have intelligently gaged their actions and reactions. They are full of it and full of themselves. That is obvious. And at the risk of them actually having a BF body, I went on record from the beginning that it is a HOAX.

    Hypothetically, let’s say I am wrong and they have had a BF body all along. I went on record as them not having a body and being a hoax. Big deal, I would have to say I had it wrong. It still does not take away their intended malice and their immature attitudes. They still lose!

    Now let’s just say I am correct and they do not have a BF body. I stood up to these morons from day one and helped other people not to be made the brunt of jokes. That is a good thing! I prevented them from making fun of good people and smashing the hopes and dreams of real enthusiasts. I prevented them from “getting even” with their intended target in the field of Cryptozoology. For me, it is a WIN/WIN.

    For them, no matter what happens, it is a LOSE/LOSE. And I know a LOSER when I see or smell one.

    Believe me, I wish you were right about this one and someone does have a BF body–just not these individuals!

    I wish I were wrong in my prediction that they are hoaxers. But if it looks like a BS, and smells like BS, I am sure glad I did not step in it. I did not. I avoided it completely and called it to others’ attention, so they did not step in it as well.

    Anyway, great thinking there Lightning Orb. At first, I thought it could be what your theory was saying. I thought out that side of the coin too. But I went the other way on this because of their psychological makeup. They seem to be the arrogant, uneducated, self proclaimed macho-bravado type, who are attention seeking for lack of any success in their lives. I call them as I see them. I am playing their bluff and calling them out on it. If they had even a speck of intelligence, they would fold. But these types never do, they would just rather lose and continue bluffing. So be it!

    I am still laughing! Their joke was great! Too bad it was on them and not their intended targets. LOL

  54. tbuck23 responds:

    CHEESE AND RICE…these fellas are obviously hoaxers it seems like they hav a beef with the bigfoot community which is fine but still they shouldnt be degrading it the way they are….sad
    I am in Georgia and feel its possible for a sighting but these guys just make me wanna stick it to them instead of look for evidence……again sad

  55. Ouroborus Jay responds:

    was there a digging stick?

  56. Medieval1028 responds:

    In 1981, I had a well documented encounter with a Bigfoot-like creature here in Maryland. Since then, I have privately investigated sightings on the east coast of the United States from Maine to Florida, including northern Georgia. Though I feel that there is a possibility that a Bigfoot corpse may have been found by the BFT’s, I doubt it for a few reasons.

    IMO, there are 2 good reasons why deceased Bigfoot are not found. The woods, in particular the eastern woodlands, remarkably clean themselves within days. Scavenger activity, let alone insects and predators, will disperse a large mammal quickly. Also, I suspect that there are Bigfoot family units as well as communities. I have seen some of evidence of this. I also feel that these units dispose of their dead in order to avoid discovery.

    If the BFT’s claim stands that they trekked 7 miles into the Georgia woodlands and happened upon a Bigfoot corpse, then I must say that their account is hogwash. A few days old corpse would have been removed and hidden by other Bigfoot. The BFT’s already stated that there were ‘others’ in the vacinity. We are to assume that these ‘others’ would have left a dead Bigfoot out in the open so a group of loud and stinking humans could find it? As soon as these BFT’s stepped into the woods, they made their presence known.

  57. springheeledjack responds:

    Alright, why is everyone so skeptical and acting like we think they are full of hot air?

    Let’s look it over…first, they make a claim and immediately start trying to make a profit off of it…that is red danger flag number one…that’s asking for scoffing and eye rolling right from the get go…why, because a “scam” is someone trying to con another into buying or believing something without producing something up front…you do not go to the store and wait for a clerk to come up and offer to sell you a box of rice, but you have to pay first and then you will still only get your box of rice on September 1st. Nuff Said.

    Being skeptical on this one is hardly something to blame anyone for…even if these jokers have an actual body (and at this point I wouldn’t put ten cents on that outcome…yeah, complain, but go ahead and prove me wrong…uh-huh, that’s what I thought), they have caused so much skepticism between their initial tactics, the YouTube crap, and everything else in between.

    I am all for giving someone a fair shake, but when you come out of the gate acting suspicious and definitely acting to make a dollar before you ever give out any proof…well as they say, you get what you give.

    You want to make us all look foolish, sure, show us a body, but when September 1st rolls around and the pictures are shoddy, out of focus, at a distance, and you have no physical proof to offer (because of a fire, a thief or some other natural calamity), you just remember who called it back in July.


  58. masterbarber responds:

    If these two had a “falling out” of sorts with one of the Bigfoot groups or persons, and this is the reason for this declaration that they have a body and made all of the insulting videos to boot, why hasn’t that person or group brought out the details of this rift? They would certainly have an audience.

  59. Innocentwolf15 responds:

    On whose land was “it” supposedly found?..state or private?I’m sure there are “issues” with both. this story reeks…a freind at work told me about it,so I had to come find out about it.their website absolutely sucks,I never saw any t-shirts or whatever either,just a link to the tracker thing.I’m sure some law enforcement agency somewhere has a problem with a bunch of guys going out into the woods with guns to hunt down anything?..especially if it were state land?how do you get a permit for that?…um hey,i need a permit to hunt down a bigfoot,and i’m taking nine other guys with me…LOL!!!!!!!

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