Transporting the Minnesota Iceman

It’s back! The 1960s sideshow attraction known as the “Minnesota Icemen” has resurfaced and taken up residence at the Museum of the Weird in Austin, Texas. The infamous gaff recently turned up on ebay with an asking price of $20,000. It was promptly sold to an undisclosed buyer, which turned out to be my friend Steve Busti, owner of the Museum of the Weird.


Details of the purchase remained a secret until Tuesday night when the Minnesota Iceman was featured on the A&E network show, Shipping Wars.  In order to transport the Iceman from Minnesota to Austin, Steve worked out a deal with the network.  As part of the episode, entitled ‘Crypto-Prank-ology‘ (derived from the two different driver’s loads – one a prank, and the other being the cryptozoology-related Iceman), Steve and the driver Jennifer, stopped off in Fouke, Arkansas where they met up with myself and fellow cryptid researchers, Ken Gerhard, Chris Buntenbah, and John Attaway.  We then took Steve and Jennifer into the woods near Boggy Creek for an evening of “bigfoot hunting.”  The next day they continued the trip until finally reaching Austin.

Preparing for the bigfoot hunt. L to R: Lyle Blackburn, Chris Buntenbah, Ken Gerhard, John Attaway, Steve Busti, Jennifer



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  1. Lyle, you are a lucky son of a gun! That is the exhibit that (fake or not) got me into cryptozoology. I am still rocking out on your Ghoultown disc Life After Sundown and spreading the gospel to all who will listen!