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Cryptozoology Viral Ad or Sushi Anyone?

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on November 22nd, 2005

In a previous entry I talked about viral marketing being used with a cryptozoological theme. I found another one for a Chinese market Toyota. While some viral ads are actually hoaxes, this one was an approved Toyota ad. In this ad for the Toyota Vios, a creature resembling a giant squid or octopus or some […]

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Thanksgiving CZ Style

Posted by: Loren Coleman on November 21st, 2005

"America goes cryptozoology crazy" So asked Wired News, through an introspective look in Mark Baard’s article, in which he wrote the simple but true words, "It’s a hot topic at the moment." Look back to just a year ago, to the discovery of the "hobbits" of Flores Islands, as the media called them, when Henry […]

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Sunrise Earth and Bigfoot Hunting

Posted by: Rick Noll on November 20th, 2005

(Doors – Waiting for the Sun) I was having a conversation with John Green one day and he mentioned that he would really like to get some live video cameras up along the coastline of BC, Canada. He thinks that strategically placed cameras there will undoubtedly produce images of beach feeding Sasquatch. I think he […]

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Biscardi Update

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on November 20th, 2005

Reading the latest entries last month on the Bigfoot Sightings blog, it seems like Biscardi wore out his welcome in Happy Camp, CA. To most in the Bigfoot field, this comes as no suprise. Looking at the website for his videostreaming project, it appears that a “new” videostreaming project started on November 18th. The project […]

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Strange New Species

Posted by: Loren Coleman on November 20th, 2005

New Children’s CryptoZoo Book News Cryptozoology books are not as rare as they use to be, but new ones for young people are rather sparse. However, a good one that has recently appeared is Strange New Species: Astonishing Discoveries of Life on Earth, by Elin Kelsey, (from Maple Tree, 96 pages, $19.95, ages 9 to […]

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Christmas’ Abominable Snowmen

Posted by: Loren Coleman on November 19th, 2005

How many cities have an Abominable Snowman available for tourism interactions? It appears to be increasing every recent holiday season. For example, in Pittsburgh this weekend "the streets were teeming with holiday revelers picking at plates of funnel cake, and cuddling up for photos with a very unintimidating Abominable Snowman." Is this a national trend? […]

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Where did I get the name Bigfoot Hunter?

Posted by: Rick Noll on November 19th, 2005

(Sons and Daughter – Rama Lama) I didn’t always want to be a Bigfoot Hunter. I had many other interests at heart, aerospace and oceanography to name but a few. I might touch on some of the adventures at a later date but right now I am in this spot and your reading it because […]

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Pop Culture Cryptids

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on November 19th, 2005

Driving across America, have you taken notice of the U-Haul trucks and trailers with the bright, colorful graphics? Well, there are 2 states or provinces represented with cryptids. Vermont has Champ and Newfoundland has the giant squid. Bigfoot is even rumored to make an appearance on one of Canada’s wandering wall paintings. On the U-Haul […]

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Maine’s Dog Killer cont.

Posted by: Loren Coleman on November 18th, 2005

Investigative reporter Mark LaFlamme continues his inquiries into Maine’s mystery beast with a new article published in the November 18, 2005, Lewiston Sun-Journal. Widespread interest and comments have been generated through LaFlamme’s initial article which was then mentioned in my earlier blog here, and that Cryptomundo comment was noted in David Pescovitz’s Boing Boing column. […]

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House Honors Triangle’s MIAs

Posted by: Loren Coleman on November 18th, 2005

In an unusual move, the House of Representatives has honored the 27 Navy airmen who disappeared on December 5, 1945 during a routine mission off Florida. The “Bermuda Triangle” event has been one of the most enduring mysteries of our day, issuing from the coining of the name by a cryptozoologist and a fortean. In […]

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New Bigfoot Video Footage?

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on November 18th, 2005

I received an email from someone today stating: I’m not a professional like you guys, but I think I got something real exciting on tape. It was in California, not Texas. But I’ve put up a Web site. Can you give me your professional opinion? This is the link to the website: Bigfoot sighting!!! The […]

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Scott Herriott’s video…

Posted by: Rick Noll on November 17th, 2005

I attended and spoke at the PBS conference this year. This was my first time and I really enjoyed the people there… of course some I had met before… like Scott Herriott. Scott also spoke at the event. He showed a small video clip that has always intrigued me but I never seemed to have […]

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Indispensable Cryptozoological Tool

Posted by: Loren Coleman on November 17th, 2005

What might be one of the most indespensable tools for a cryptozoologist to own that is easily available to most investigators? What are we to do about that old cliche, “Oh, if I only had a camera with me when I saw that thing.” Mark Rollins, a New England environmental health and safety manager, has […]

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Maine’s Dog-Killing “Hyena”

Posted by: Loren Coleman on November 16th, 2005

Whatever hates dogs in central Maine is back. It kills, it slices dogs’ throats, and it terrorizes the citizenry. Creepiest of all, eyewitnesses say it looks like a hyena! During the summer of 2004, Lewiston Sun-Journal reporter Mark LaFlamme covered the story of a strange creature that was killing dogs. "It began in mid-August [2004]," […]

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Vermont Lake Monsters

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on November 16th, 2005

Minor League baseball team Vermont Expos have changed their name to the Vermont Lake Monsters. This was announced by several sources yesterday. The team had a contest last seasom to come up with a new name and received 30,000 entries. None of the articles mention how many entries came in for "lake monsters", but it […]

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