Another Texas Chupacabra ?

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on January 17th, 2006

KLTV Tyler Longview reports that another strange animal was shot this past weekend.

There have been quite a few of these animals spotted here in Texas recently. They seem to generate a lot of publicity in South Texas.

WOAI’s coverage of this latest "Chupacabra." 

WOAI’s coverage of the "Texas Chupacabras" from Lufkin of 2004. 

Elmendorf Beast anyone? Looks to me like another mangy dog or coyote. For some reason, these keep getting called a Chupacabra.

What do the Cryptomundo readers think that these animals are? Chupacabras, mangy dog or coyote or something else? 

Now fellow Cryptomundo blogger loren Coleman will get on to me for using incorrect terminology



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15 Responses to “Another Texas Chupacabra ?”

  1. Loren Coleman responds:

    Well, it is “Chupacabras,” not “Chupacabra,” according to native speakers. But then, well, this is a “Texas” one! Who knows what you guys call ’em?

    Cryptomundo writer Loren Coleman

  2. shovethenos responds:

    Not an expert, but it looks like a mangy coyote or dog. It looks a little big to be a mangy fox.

    The media calling them “Chupacabras” really makes cryptozoologists look like a bunch of nuts. Even though its the media that’s doing it, the hoax nature of this is going to rub off and be blamed on cryptozoology.

    I mean there’s been several of these mange stories the past couple years, but that doesn’t get people watching the local news.

  3. Stosh responds:

    My wife called me from her work last night to inform me that there was a story on the local Houston news about the killing of a “Chupacabra” somewhere in east Texas. She wanted to know if I ever heard of this creature, because she hasn’t, what was it and maybe I should look go hunting for it while I hunt Bigfoot.

    I told her that I have been following the Chupacabra since I first read about it in the Fortean Times about 15 years ago. I believe the it is a hybrid animal of two or more animals. Maybe a Kangaroo and a Wild Hog or even a Coyote and a White Tail Deer. I realize that some people will scoff at this idea but the need to survive has to be more than evolution or environment.

    Food for Thought

  4. chrisandclauida2 responds:

    Mange is the word here. I think the teeth look longer due to malnutrition. I say mange infested coyote mix.

  5. Melissa responds:

    That animal just looks sick, and I wouldn’t want to meet up with it – that’s for sure.

  6. battlekow responds:

    “Maybe a Kangaroo and a Wild Hog or even a Coyote and a White Tail Deer.”

    Uh…not to burst your bubble, but those are impossible.

  7. Questor responds:

    That’s no coyote and it’s not a member of the canid family that I’ve ever seen. Believe me, here in Texas, I’ve seen my share of coyotes. That’s no mangy coyote. His hind legs are too long, and his front legs are too short to be a coyote. His tail doesn’t look long enough, and his snout looks too long and narrow to be coyote. I don’t know what it is, but I know what it isn’t – and it is not a coyote.

  8. darkrabbit responds:


    Look at the shot of the “feet”.

    Those look like hooves, not paws. No individual digits or claws are apparent.

    If they’re not paws, it’s no coyote and no canine.



  9. darkrabbit responds:

    Okay I do see what appear to be a couple of claws. I still cannot detect digits. The feet look like clawed hooves (!)


  10. shovethenos responds:

    The proportion anomalies are due to the body positioning and the angles the pictures were taken at.

    The animal looks strange because its an animal that is normally very bushy and furry – likely a Coyote or Coyote-mix – that now is hairless due to (likely) sarcoptic mange.

  11. texasgirl responds:

    The other animal that looked identical to this one was identified as a coyote.

  12. darkrabbit responds:


    I’ll agree to disagree, no disrespect intended.



  13. shovethenos responds:


    I’ll respectfully agree with your agreement to disagreement in this situation. No biggie.

  14. ilexoak responds:

    Could be hairless Chinese Crested Dog that got loose and became horribly sunburnt as they so often do if left outside. Do a search on, Sam, the worlds ugliest dog to see a good example.


  15. shumway10973 responds:

    definitely the elmendorf beast. I love how mange can also change the jaw structure and leg length, plus how quickly the blood clots (and actually disapears). Not to mention the first few killed began to decompose almost immediately. yeah, that’s just mange. Chupacabras? who knows

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