Art Bell Takes Back the Night

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on September 22nd, 2015


DALLAS, Texas-September 21, 2015

Art Bell, the Godfather of Paranormal Talk Radio, is back and better-than-ever with his new hit show, “Midnight in the Desert.”

Nexus Broadcast will be delivering Art Bell to over 4,000 new affiliates via XDS Satellite feed in Stereo, starting October 1st.

As easy as a flip of a switch, Nexus and Midnight in the Desert are inviting AM and FM terrestrial stations to carry the full 3 hour format (2 hours and 58 minutes from the top).

Art Bell has been on the air for decades. He is a well known brand in the circles of talk radio throughout his many years on the airwaves, despite brief retirements and a break following his SiriusXM contract.

Now, he’s back and better than ever. Much to the delight of millions of fans, Art returned to the airwaves this year, streaming his hit show “Midnight in the Desert” weeknights, starting 12:00 AM Eastern/9:00 PM Pacific.

Art Bell’s critically acclaimed presence in talk radio earned him the Lifetime Achievement Award from the trade publication Radio & Records in Los Angeles, California. In 2008, Bell was inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame.

What people are saying about Art Bell:

“Bell’s fans frequently laud his interviewing style, probing questions and ability to tease a good conversation out of the most unfocused callers.” – Las Vegas Sun

“Bell is a sound example for entrepreneurs.” – USA Today

“Bell’s ratings success was all the more surprising because of how he deviated from the dominant talk-radio format. Many, many people have missed Art Bell…he has become something of a cultural phenomenon.” – TIME Magazine

“Art is an American Original in terms of putting the paranormal on the radio landscape. We are so proud to extend his coverage to the Northwest where there is a rabid appetite for his unique brand of communication.” – Portland, KXL-FM (101)

When Art returned in July 2015, the buzz on the social media was unprecedented.

Loyal fans eagerly awaited his return to the airwaves for two whole years following his contract with SiriusXM. Many fan sites and groups continued to chat, blog and contribute to the viral spread of Art’s previous broadcasts. During this period, many “pirate” internet stations began broadcasting archives of his programs 24/7. To date there at least three independent internet broadcasts dedicated Art Bell’s show— a true ‘first’ for any talk radio personality.

Highlighting the extreme loyalty Art’s listeners exhibit which drive his brand to continued successes, his iconic style of night-time talk radio discussions have inspired books, video games, movies, television shows and entire subcultures.

So what are you waiting for?

Visit link for terms and affiliate sign-on details.


Leo Ashcraft, Nexus Broadcast

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