Bigfoot Captured: Meldrum’s Thoughts

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on November 13th, 2015

ISU professor disappointed in History Channel’s ‘Bigfoot Captured’

Idaho State University professor and Bigfoot aficionado Jeff Meldrum hasn’t seen the History Channel documentary he was featured in yet, but as he continues to hear the opinions of those who viewed it, he’s starting to believe it reflects the channel’s recent foray into more abstract and paranormal programming.

In other words, “Bigfoot Captured” is less about scientific-based evidence and is more aligned with shows such as “Ancient Aliens” and “Pawn Stars.”

“It’s been kind of amusing how many people have contacted me and asked if that was a real Sasquatch in that cage,” Meldrum said, referring to the show’s hand-held camera and dramatic storyline involving a group of Bigfoot hunters who supposedly captured the famed creature. “So it’s kind of unfortunate, turning into one of those mermaid mock-umentaries.

“You kind of expect better, especially (considering) the History Channel, … for a long time, has had a pretty reasonable reputation as being a solid documentarian.”

Meldrum pointed out a specific instance in the show regarding the use of a drone to try and find Bigfoot. In “Bigfoot Captured,” Meldrum and a team of drone engineers fly the drone before finding something walking in the drone’s viewfinder. The show then leads the audience to think Meldrum and his team believe the figure has the potential to be nonhuman. The show then portrays the group racing to the site where the supposed Bigfoot stood to try and gather evidence.

But, Meldrum says, that was all fabricated. In reality, he and the team of engineers knew what the figure was. It was a production assistant who was told to wander in the woods to test the drone’s thermal imaging capabilities — among other things.

“It was all an exercise for me,” Meldrum said. “It was entirely a shakedown of the equipment. We weren’t searching for Sasquatch.”

The day after “Bigfoot Captured” aired, Meldrum uploaded a message to his Facebook page distancing himself and his involvement with the show.


To head off the flood of emails and phone calls, let me reiterate that as a guest interviewee, I had nothing to do with the overall plot or creative content of this production. I do my best assess the intentions of a production company when I am approached, an encourage them to build upon credible information, but occasionally their enthusiasm is feigned and assurances are worthless. Its always a bit of a crap shoot in this business. Do you try to put the best effort forward and at least make a meaningful contribution in some way, or do you refuse to appear and have the entire production be without merit.

I haven’t seen the program (I don’t have cable) so I can’t comment on particulars. From the teaser I got an inkling that there was some dramatic liberty taken creating a what-if scenario. I have no knowledge of a “capture” — no indication of samples being tested, etc. Even in the drone sequence I am told they gave the impression we had a hit on a biped that we investigated looking for sign. A biped yes — one of the production assistants. It was an exercise to demonstrate what the drone could and could not do. A useful exercise by my account.

Anyway — take what you can from it, and have a chuckle over the remainder.

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One Response to “Bigfoot Captured: Meldrum’s Thoughts”

  1. etheral responds:

    I have zero, I repeat ZERO respect for the History Channel or anything History Channel puts out. I wouldn’t watch it if I was paid to. They have been a joke for a very long time, and it appears they’re continuing the tradition.

    All about dumbing down society and increasing ratings. No thanks. This kind of stuff is why I don’t watch TV anymore.

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