Bigfoot Coverup in Oregon?

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on October 11th, 2013

From Will Jevning’s blog:

Cover up in Oregon?

The following was sent to me recently, it is another in the growing list of stories being sent to me in what certainly looks like either official or at least officials working for governmental agencies taking an active role in the supression of physical and/or anecdotal evidence that supports the contention that giant manlike creatures exist. Here is his story:

This started with a family deer hunting trip in the Fall of 1966 by Myself, my father Harry, mother Lola, and our pet dog Suzi. We lived in a suburb of Salem, Oregon called Keizer, and were traveling to an area southeast of Bend, Oregon called China Hat Butte in the Deschutes National Forest. The trip was to have lasted 5 days, but got cut short due to some serious Bigfoot events. During the 2nd night in camp we heard a noise like NFL Linebackers crashing through the trees surrounding the camp, brush being kicked into, and small logs being thrown about. Our pet dog was frightened in a life or death manner. This lasted around an hour it seemed like. Then around 2 hours later my dad got up and left the tent to use the restroom (friendly bush). He came back after what seemed like a half-hour frightened in a way I’d never seen him like. He was beet-red in the face, and was breathing hard. He then made an announcement that we were returning home the next morning, and said that we were going to tell friends that hunters were shooting too close to camp. We tried to get some sleep, and left first thing in the morning. After we picked up some ice cream cones in Sisters, my dad made another announcement, “I will never return to China Hat Butte as long as I live”.

Time to move this report around 10 months into the future, in the early Fall of 1967. My dad had started a secret letter-writing exchange with his fraternal twin sister Gladys. I knew of the letter writing, but my mother Lola had no clue. He would post the letters privately, without my mother’s knowledge. Eventually he sort of slipped up on security a bit, and I was able to see partially the content of one of the letters. My dad was talking about getting his brothers and sisters together for some sort of reunion, although I didn’t know what that meant at the time. I was able to see other parts of letters (sent once per week). Eventually a near complete story came out in my 10 year-old mind. His brothers and sisters (brother Charles, sisters Hazel, and Gladys) would gather in the Fall of 1968 at the vacation cabin in LaPine, Oregon owned by brother Charles and wife Edna during deer season. They were going to use the Deer Season 1968 as cover to kill a big creature, or something, a beast? Bigfoot was not in the family lingo at the time. Let’s back up and give you a feel for these family members. They were pioneering ranchers who settled the Fort Rock Valley of Northern Lake County, Oregon. They were trained as expert firearms persons from very little kids by a family connected to the Old West and Wyatt Earp’s political machine. My dad was the best shot, so guess who would have been the main shooter on this trip? At Thanksgiving of 1967 my dad took his brother aside and brought him into the fold, I saw them both walk up the street after dinner to have a private conversation. The letters then indicated a planning meeting to be held at a motel in Bend, Oregon in early March of 1968. Then my dad started getting weaker physically as work became more demanding. By late September of 1968 my father suffered an aneyrism of the decending aorta relating to heavy smoking. Then died about 10 days later. But while he lay dying in the hospital, some strange events occured. I knew the storage place for the letter exchange file my dad kept, amongst his rockhound educational books and pamplets, BUT my mother had no knowledge of them. Then one day I was walking to school while my dad was in the hospital, and parked near our house, around the corner, and out of sight from the house was a Ford Falcon Station Wagon with US Forest Service markings and paint. No one was inside. When I returned home and checked the letter collection stash file, the letters were gone. All I’ve ever thought is that the Law Enforcement arm of the USFS broke into our home and took the letters. All without any warrent presented to our family! How would they have found the location? One way, only one way, and that was to bully a man laying dying in a hospital, my father Harry! After the death of my dad, the private contract postal station in our suburb of Keizer treated my mother and myself very rudely! Was there a USFS Law Enforcement intercept of our mail going on?

About Craig Woolheater
Co-founder of Cryptomundo in 2005. I have appeared in or contributed to the following TV programs, documentaries and films: OLN's Mysterious Encounters: "Caddo Critter", Southern Fried Bigfoot, Travel Channel's Weird Travels: "Bigfoot", History Channel's MonsterQuest: "Swamp Stalker", The Wild Man of the Navidad, Destination America's Monsters and Mysteries in America: Texas Terror - Lake Worth Monster, Animal Planet's Finding Bigfoot: Return to Boggy Creek and Beast of the Bayou.

14 Responses to “Bigfoot Coverup in Oregon?”

  1. William responds:

    How would the “government” have even known about your Dad’s interest in shooting a bigfoot? That part of your story requires an explanation IMO. Otherwise, it makes no sense whatsover.

  2. cryptokellie responds:

    I believe that much to the contrary, the government, in fact all governments would welcome distractions such as Bigfoot, Loch Ness Monster, UFO’s and other strange occurrences and routinely embrace them. It is more or less common knowledge today, that the United States government in the persona of the USAF has used UFO reports to hide classified air-forms from the general public for decades. There would be no reason for a government to cover-up a Bigfoot discovery. Much the opposite, they would and do welcome major stories that could and will distract the public at large from what ever particular faction is in charge and is not receiving any favorable incidents occurring at the time. I could cite examples but that would only start a political fire discussion here, I fear. But my observation is not partisan in any way and includes both sides of the political spectrum. Government distraction and slight of hand is a powerful tool and is not used lightly no matter how absurd the actual tone of the story. I have watched it happen over and over again in the 60+ years I’ve been alive. I am not a conspiracy theory believer at all and I don’t hold with any of the nonsense that conspiracy groups spew, most of that is just lazy thinking plain and simple, fueled by “what-if” logic that is best left to 10 year olds. If the United States government is suppressing Bigfoot information, to what end would it do so. What threat would a Bigfoot actuality be to the government? I think that the government would see the discovery a boon to implement more federal grabs and institute more regulations with the further restrictions they would visit on the public at large. I would dare say that once proven, the Bigfoot population – if large enough – would be seen as a possible voting bloc to some of these politicos and their never-ending political careers…oh oh, don’t get me started on that…lol.

  3. airforce47 responds:

    This is the type of story I find perhaps lacking in some credibility. It’s possible these things happened as the witness reports but it’s unlikely. We may or may not someday know the truth and I would suggest the witness hire a very good polygraph expert, give them the story and have an examination. A complete passing won’t answer all the questions but it will decrease to a great extent any belief that the witness is attempting a hoax or is being deceitful. My best,

  4. marcodufour responds:

    Just remember, just because you`re paranoid doesn`t mean they aren`t out to get you. ; )

  5. mandors responds:

    If they did not go on the hunting trip, and so did not shoot a Bigfoot, what would the Forestry Service want with the letters?

  6. Goodfoot responds:

    Well, Mandors, I can only speculate the letters detailed a sighting. The United States in the sixties. Let’s see. LBJ, Nixon. One can’t assume things would be handled then the same as now.

    William, the answer is simplicity itself: mail surveillance. For this to come under this level of surveillance, one of the brothers must have said something about it in front of the wrong person.

    Cryptokellie: a small speculation, that some government agency (DARPA?) is interested in the one thing Bigfoots may have that would be of use as a weapon: infrasound. As a matter of fact, this theory is alluded to in the movie LETTERS FROM THE BIG MAN. And you propose a conspiracy and, in the same breath, ridicule “conspiracy theories” as being the stuff of 10-year olds.

    Simply breathtaking.

  7. PoeticsOfBigfoot responds:

    Hang on, let me go ask my friends who work for the Forest Service here in East Texas if there’s a cover-up going on… Nope, sorry, they said no.

  8. cryptokellie responds:

    I didn’t propose any conspiracy of any kind. That fact that governments use popular culture driven events for their own purposes and distractions is not a conspiracy but a well know and used fact. That NASA astronauts didn’t actually visit the moon is a conspiracy theory. You do see the difference. Does not the USAF now freely admit that UFOs were once used as cover stories for classified and then experimental air-frames such as the U2 and SR-71 Blackbird? They did, as a convenience of circumstances not a conspiracy.
    “Breath-taking”. I suggest you exhale and brush up on your reading comprehension skills as you seem to be reporting things in my prior post that are not there. And as for Bigfoot related infrasound being used as a weapon, be aware that many known and common animals use infrasound – alligators, lions, hippos and elephants are just a few of many common examples – if a government wanted to research naturally created infrasound (I’m sure they do) they can look to actual animals easily obtained and not waste time and effort on a maybe animal which may never be attained or classified. In fact the US Navy has been studying whale infrasound abilities for years. Yes, I know dolphins use ultrasound for echolocation but all baleen whales use low frequency infrasound to communicate over thousands of miles and naval interest in this area has been on-going for many years.

  9. eyeofstrm responds:

    Wow, 56 years old and he remembers it as if it had happened only yesterday. He must have total recall. Gotta agree with cryptokellie on this one. Look how the Govt. uses the news media today to take your mind off of the socialist takeover of our Govt.

  10. Goodfoot responds:

    I accept every word you say as 100% gospel truth, and promise never to question anything you say ever again. Have a drink on yourself.

    I say this realizing that you will find something to disagree with in this post also. Oh well.

  11. cryptokellie responds:

    Yeah, I don’t drink…lol.
    But I would very sincerely like to hear more about your daughter’s Bigfoot experience, if you are willing.

  12. Goodfoot responds:

    Short version: It was the night of April 19, 2006. She and her mom (my ex) came up from Richmond, VA to Culpeper, where I was living, to take me to BWI Airport, between DC and Baltimore, for a flight to Albuquerque. The movers had packed up my stuff, and I was flying out at 6 a.m. Moving to Taos, NM.

    They were on a lonely, deserted stretch of the bypass that leads to Culpeper. This is not at all far from where Bill Dranginis and two off-duty FBI agents, looking for long-abandoned gold mines (there are many that dot the area; most date to the late 18th century).

    On VA route 15, a few miles away, my daughter and I had often encountered an awful stench as we passed by on a particular stretch of highway, and we used to halfway-joke about it being Bigfoot.

    On this night on the 29 bypass, she and her mom encountered the same awful stench; they were just beginning to joke about it when they came upon a very large, hairy Bigfoot, walking in the same direction as they were driving. Both told me there was a band of white hair, very distinct, going around above the waist (I joked he’d been to the prom and was walking home); both told me he didn’t as much as look back or acknowledge their presence in any way.

    By 3 o’clock the next afternoon, I was in Taos, but on the way, I woke up from a doze and saw a private jet, at the same elevation (probably 39,000 feet), on a 180-degree opposite course from the Southwest 737 we were on. I don’t know how many people in the cabin saw it, but I could actually see the windows in it. It was no more than 650 feet away, but, of course, gone in a flash, as our combined speeds must have been close to 900 mph. I’m quite sure the cockpit crew had a lively conversation about it!

    It was about two months later, in Taos, that I had a very close hearing experience in the large horse pasture that was just in back of where I lived. At the time, I had not told anyone of my Bigfoot interests; I hardly knew anyone, period. And the speech sounded exactly like the SIERRA SOUNDS vocals, which I did not hear for approximately another year online.

  13. cryptokellie responds:

    Wow. Thanks for sharing. I do appreciate it. I can only imagine that an encounter at night can be quite an experience. As of yet, although I’ve visited a number of crypto-sites, I haven’t had any encounters with a cryptid…unless you count the guy from New Zealand that plays on my soccer team and only subsists only on beer.

  14. Goodfoot responds:

    I hear Mark E. Smith of The Fall subsists solely on beer, whiskey, cigarettes and tea. Not one of the 40 or so people who’ve been in the band over the years has ever seen him eat a bite.

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