Today in Bigfoot History | 2002 | Jane Goodall “I’m sure that they exist”

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on September 27th, 2013


On this date eleven years ago, Jane Goodall sent shockwaves through the scientific community and the public at large with comments made during an NPR interview. Goodall is considered one the 20 most influential living scientists.

You can hear the relevant portion of the interview, where she expresses her conviction that an undiscovered species of ape exists in North America, here:

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6 Responses to “Today in Bigfoot History | 2002 | Jane Goodall “I’m sure that they exist””

  1. Tony John Plescia via Facebook responds:

    We’re in good company!

  2. PhotoExpert responds:

    hoodoorocket–Hey! I wanted to respond to you in a different thread but the WordPress system was not recognizing my sign in for that thread. Although it does allow me to post here and in other threads, it is not recognizing my sign in for that particular thread. It has happened before here and I made Craig aware of the situation.

    I tried several times with no success. It happened yesterday too and on my 30th something try, I was able to post in that thread. I’ll keep trying and check back there for a response if I am ever able to get in. I did not want you to think I was ignoring you. I have an answer for our root ball versus ghillie suit discussion.

    Now for the Jane Goodall response. Don’t you just love her Cryptomundians? Very direct and gives great explanations. I could listen to her lecture all day. I was a bit surprised when I first heard her comment on this a while back. She answered the question honestly whereas some scientists would give a “canned response” to avoid controversy!

  3. Tony John Plescia via Facebook responds:

    Craig – There are certain people with whom I feel comfortable enough to share my absolute, unshakable certainty (not “belief”) of the existence of hidden manlike primates such as sasquatch, yeti, etc.
    Of course, there is often lingering doubt expressed, which is when I reach back and bring out my secret weapon – the Jane Goodall quote supporting their existence. Gets them every time!

  4. dconstrukt responds:

    ya… i loved listening to her.

    and when someone like her speaks, you listen.

    her info and position comes from DATA (as it should)

    would love to hear her speak more on the bigfoot topic.

  5. cryptokellie responds:

    A real shame that Goodall couldn’t get a grant to study Bigfoot in the field. Might have epic with her track record. But when you’re petitioning and dealing with other people’s money, I guess you go and do, where and what they want you to do.

  6. dconstrukt responds:

    how much is required you think?

    it would be awesome to try and PUBLICLY fund a study… like normal ppl donating to fund it.

    dunno if its even feasible, but seems like a decent idea…

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