Vancouver Island Lake Monster Sighted!

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on October 8th, 2012

A new sighting of the Cowichan Lake Monster?

The following account was submitted to Cryptomundo by Cryptomundian stewie as a comment to Loren’s post Cowichan Lake Monster, 1885 about a historical lake monster sighting in the same body of water.

I saw this Lake creature today with my son while fishing from the shore. I have in the past noticed disturbances in the water which seemed odd, but have always chalked it up to minor tremors or wind, which both are common here. Today though I actually saw an object moving in the water. It was about 10:45 am or so on Sunday October 7th, 2012. My son and I had been fishing with friends who had just left to go back to the house for breakfast. We were planning to return shortly ourselves. A motor boat had just taken a water skier across the lake and had disappeared around the point a few minutes minutes prior to the sighting. I noticed a disturbance in the middle of the lake and a large dark object surfaced, it began to move east to west at a fast rate. There was a huge wake behind it and white water at the front and moving away from the front leaving a large wake. I yelled at my son to look, he had already seen it from his position on the beach. I fumbled for my camera and tried to change the setting from photo to video and began shooting. Unfortunately, I did not catch much more than the wake and my own voice… Very disappointing. I was in shock afterwards as I could not rationalize what it could have been. It was very large and although 500m or so away I could make out it was an animal and alive. It was not a log or bird. Searching on the internet I found a name for the creature, Stin-Qua, so named by the local natives. I found this site and am grateful for two things, one my son saw it with me and two others have seen it too. I will be ready the next time… Something is out there.stewie

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One Response to “Vancouver Island Lake Monster Sighted!”

  1. John Kirk responds:

    Randy sent me a video of the sighting and while no creature is seen, it did make a heck of a wake. The remnants of which can be seen on the surface of the lake.

    Cowichan Lake has had quite a few sightings in the past including one where a fisherman in 1960 held onto the catch on his line while it dragged him around the lake for about an hour.

    It seems like Stin-qua is back with a vengeance.

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