Exploring American Monsters: Alaska

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on April 1st, 2015

From Mysterious Universe:

Alaska is big. At 663,300 square miles, it’s about the size of Germany, Poland, and France. To put its size into perspective, if Alaska were a sovereign nation, it would be the 18th largest country on the planet. This picturesque state is filled with scenic (if not cold) ocean views, thick forests, the highest mountains in the United States, 100,000 glaciers, and abundant wildlife, but with a population of 737,259 (about the size of Detroit, Michigan, half being in the Anchorage metropolitan area) the one thing it’s not filled with is people; just 1.2 per square mile. Alaska also has 6,640 miles of coastline, which is greater than all the other states combined. That’s a lot of open area for bear, moose, and killer whales, but it’s also a haven for monsters.

Kodiak Dinosaur

Kodiak Island lies just 176 miles from Iliamna Lake, and is the scene of another sighting of a water monster. The shrimp boat Mylark, equipped with state-of-the-art sonar equipment, spotted something in the waters off Kodiak the people aboard could only describe as a dinosaur.

The boat coasted past the island in 1969 attempting to map the sea floor when the equipment detected an object swimming about 330 feet below the Mylark – the object was 200 feet long. The largest living sea creature, the blue whale, only reaches 100 feet in length, and doesn’t fit the description of what the crew of the Mylark saw that day – a creature with a long, thin neck topped with a small square head, two pairs of flippers, and a long, slender tail.

The crew thought they’d seen a dinosaur.

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