Family of Sasquatch Campaigns for Discover Pass

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on August 15th, 2013

Sasquatch sightings are old news. But I bet you’ve never seen a Sasquatch family hula-hoop before.

Meet the family. Standing at 9 feet 2 inches, Papa Squatch likes fishing, spending time with his family and cutoff shorts. Mama Squatch aspired to have her own show about “found foods” on HGTV and enjoys cleaning up the trails. And Lil’ Squatch likes to eat road-kill burgers and hopes to someday meet Smokey Bear.

The family is part of the state’s campaign for the Discover Pass. The Washington Department of Natural Resources received a $5,000 state grant to educate people on state recreation rules. That money went toward TV ads that show Sasquatch family buying a Discover Pass.

Since state DNR no longer receives tax revenue, it now relies on money from the pass. It costs $30 for the annual and $10 for the one-day pass, which allows access to more than 100 state parks and 2,000 miles of trails. Diana Lofflin, DNR communications manager, said the campaign is specifically targeting out-of-state visitors, often from Oregon.

Lofflin said her team came up with the idea of using Sasquatch “as a friendly Northwest figure that people in Portland could relate to and that people in Washington could relate to.”

“We had a really tight budget to try to make a really big impact,” she said. “We’re trying to do something innovative that grabs people’s attention.”

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