Fouke Monster Photo

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on August 30th, 2006

Monster Mart

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The photo shown below was left at the Monster Mart in Fouke, Arkansas. There is a small display at the store of newspaper articles on a bulletin board, along with a display case of Fouke Monster t-shirts, Fouke Monster stuffed dolls, postcards and other items.

There is even a footprint cast on display. It’s not a Fouke Monster footprint cast however. It’s a copy of a PNW footprint cast. In the above photo, you can see our esteemed Cryptomundo correspondent holding said cast during our trip to Fouke in October of 2002. You can also see the above mentioned newspaper articles tacked to the board behind the case.

The photo below was tacked to the board and was found by M. K. Davis on one of his trips to Fouke. Store owner Rickie Roberts allowed M. K. to make a copy of the photo, shown below.

Fouke Monster Photo

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Fouke Monster Photo

Closeup of the subject in above photo. Is this a photo of the Fouke Monster?

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Co-founder of Cryptomundo in 2005. I have appeared in or contributed to the following TV programs, documentaries and films: OLN's Mysterious Encounters: "Caddo Critter", Southern Fried Bigfoot, Travel Channel's Weird Travels: "Bigfoot", History Channel's MonsterQuest: "Swamp Stalker", The Wild Man of the Navidad, Destination America's Monsters and Mysteries in America: Texas Terror - Lake Worth Monster, Animal Planet's Finding Bigfoot: Return to Boggy Creek and Beast of the Bayou.

24 Responses to “Fouke Monster Photo”

  1. fredfacker responds:

    Looks like a guy in jacket with the hood up — nothing too montstrous about those bodily proportions.

  2. Dragonheart responds:

    could be anything…

  3. madstone responds:

    that’s a man. The arms are way too short and look at the stance in the closeup. Weight shifted on one leg with the opposite knee slightly bent; that’s just some dude standing around thinking, “hurry up and take the picture”.

    By the way, i’m assuming that the Fouke monster is/was/is related to the creature in the film, “The Legend of Boggy Creek”. Right?

  4. Ole Bub responds:

    Good morning Craig….

    Yup looks like the Monster Mart to me…I’ve got a photo around here of ole bub’s mug in the cutout of the Fouke Monster in the park north of the Monster Mart…the grub at the local squat and gobble used to be passable…

    That’s a blobsquatch for sure…I see them frequently especially without my bi-focalled spectacles…

    seeing is believing….

    No Bucks…No bigfoot…

    ole bub and the dawgs

  5. bukko responds:

    Hello everybody. I’m new here.

    Yeah, that’s a pretty weak photo. No way around it.

    But, I lived in Mena, Arkansas for about five years and crazy as it may seem, all that country is Bigfoot country.

    Over to Oklahoma and down to Texas is ‘Foot country’, crazy as that may sound.

    The people are good people. Honest people.

  6. mystery_man responds:

    Is there any more information as to the circumstances surrounding this photo? It says in the above article that it was “found” by M.K. Davis. What exactly does this mean?

    Right now, it looks very much like a man in a winter jacket to me, but if I knew more about who took it, under what situations, I might think differently.

    I mean is somebody going to see this photo and think “Hey that’s a picture of my uncle Ralph I took! How’d it get up there?”.

    Need more info for this one, I think.

  7. aaha responds:

    Wow – never knew there ever was a photo of the Fouke monster. Interesting!! As usual, another first from Cryptomundo.

  8. twblack responds:

    The arms look a little short but it is a blobsquatch for sure. Need more background info on this one.

  9. planettom responds:

    My initial reaction is also that of a man or person in winter clothing/jacket with hood, etc.

  10. Dan responds:

    Be nice guys, the Fouke Monster is going through depression and he’s wondering what it all means. It’s obvious from the picture that he’s also very lonely.

  11. Sky King responds:

    Yeah, some dude in a parka w/hood.

  12. jayman responds:

    Fake Monster Photo. 😉

  13. caddo21 responds:

    Amazing how these creatures only come across people with cheap cameras and not hunters with high-powered scopes.

  14. ilexoak responds:

    Doesn’t appear to have that classic linebacker body shape. So many reports tell of shoulders nearly half the animal’s height across. That’s the rule of thumb is use for photos and videos anyway.


  15. Ray Soliday responds:

    As Miss Swan always says, It look-a, like-a man.

  16. sasquatch responds:

    Couch potatosquatch…..I’ve got broader shoulders than that guy!

  17. skunkape_hunter responds:

    I agree, nothing Earth shattering there. But I really agree with caddo21, if I knew for sure it were a BF, skunkape,etc.. and I had it in my scope there would be no more unexplained BF sightings !

  18. longrifle48 responds:

    Excellent point from caddo! The pics are always a blob, out of focus. Ole skunker never picks a tourist with a digital camera with a working auto focus and zoom lens. But before shooting one? Make sure it’s not brother jack in his monkey suit!

  19. talthar responds:

    The picture is just way too vague to tell anything. Could be Bigfoot, IMHO though, this is a photo of someone in a parka.

  20. cor2879 responds:

    Looks like a guy decked out in winter gear – heavy winter coat with hood, snow pants and boots. The proportions look more man like than bigfoot-like (using the proportions seen in the Patterson/Gimlin film)

  21. arktrav responds:

    By the way, I’m assuming that the Fouke monster is/was related to the creature in the film, “The Legend of Boggy Creek”. Right?

  22. TNSwampApe responds:

    Wouldn’t it be funny if this actually turns out to be a real photograph. I mean, nobody for sure knows what one looks like, and from all the reports 9ft tall yada yada. It’s all about the elements of fear and surprise.

    For example, last week a corn snake dropped out of my ceiling rafter. When I caught a glimpse of it coming down, that sucker looked like it was 10 ft plus. Finally, I worked up enough gut to go back in there and it was only 3 feet. Go figure.

  23. Me...You responds:

    ok. im new here. i was searching the fouke monster and i ended up here! so here’s the thing, I am from Fouke. Actually i am from a near microscopic town outside of fouke but i go to school in fouke. so anyways, honestly, i never really realized that the fouke monster was so widely known. i find that interesting. but it is my personal opinion that it is all a hoax. the reason i say this is one) fouke is a boring town, i would not be surprised if someone got bored, made themselves a monkey costume, and tried to become a legend. two) the thing hasnt been seen in over 30 years. this would only be conclusive if the person that was impersonating the monster either got bored or unfortunately passed away. here, too, is my opinion though: i dont really care if the thing is fake. He gives our town something to be known for (even if it is obsurd). It gives us something to laugh about orselves for!

  24. gollumses responds:

    @Me…You: Thanks for joining in. Actually, because of the movie “Legend of Boggy Creek”, the town of Fouke is known worldwide. I recommend doing a little more reading before saying something like “it hasn’t been seen in 30 years”. Its just not true. If you look at, there is even a 2016 sighting reported. Its a lot more than something someone made up. Its known history goes back to “at least” 1908.

    While it could be the Fouke Monster, it could just as well be a man in winter gear.

    One thing is 100% evident from the picture: Whomever took that pic had a VERY good view of whatever they were photographing. Pic looks like about 100 feet. So, like the PG Film, it is either real or a fake. No misidentification.

    …..and for all the erstwhile Bigfoot Hunters, many people have said EXACTLY what y’all have posted “It better not let me get a scope on it!” Almost everybody that has had a Bigfoot in their scope refused to shoot because it was too human looking.

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