Igor Burtsev and the Inter Society of Forest Peoples’ Friends

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on July 11th, 2011

Famed Russian hominologist Igor Burtsev had been touring the states and visiting with Bigfooters in the field after having attended and spoke at the John Green Summit earlier in the year.

I met Igor on his whirlwind tour of the states when he attended the Ohio Bigfoot Conference in May.

Below is a post he made on his facebook page this past weekend.

When I visited NA (North America) for previous three month, I understood, that there are a lot of people in NA, who get up close to Forest Peoples. They don’t like to say openly about it, bcs they are afraid that tomorrow other humans will come and harm the Forest Peoples and even could harm the eyewitnesses and contactors themselves… And they have reason to think so and not to open their info…

After my trip to NA I also changed my mind. Now I’m sure that there is no more problem TO PROOVE. The problem is TO COMMUNICATE to Forest Peoples and to BEFRIEND with them. There is a lot of proves, but there is nobody to WHOM is necessary to prove, no judges. They don’t want to hear the proves… And now this is more SOCIAL problem, NOT A SCIENTIFIC… We should establish the Sosiety of Forest Peoples’ Friends, and require of the Governments to recognize the Forest Peoples as reality and protect their environments. And I shall put my efforts to establish the International Society of Forest Peoples’ Friends.

In this September the International Scientific-Practical Conference on Hominology is scheduled in the Kemerovo Region, Siberia, Russia. Invited to participate are researchers from the USA, Canada, China, Mongolia, Australia, Great Britain, France, Germany and Russia, as well as officials of the State authorities.

The Program envisages reports by the participants, adoption of appeals to Governments of some countries and to International organizations, as well as to all friends of the mysterious forest inhabitants. I suppose to start with that Conference to setting up such an International Society of Forest Peoples’ Friends.

~Igor Burtsev,
Saturday, July 9, 2011

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2 Responses to “Igor Burtsev and the Inter Society of Forest Peoples’ Friends”

  1. aaronlife responds:

    Well said. It isn’t necessary to change the mind of every doubting “Professor” Thomas; there is no need to convert everyone to “believers”. Just protect bigfoot, and search on your own, and if you are fortunate, may you see one.

  2. norman-uk responds:

    This is an absolutly great idea! It comes out of a change that seems to be taking place in the world where sasquatch is becoming more mainstream and less a cranky pursuit, especially among the young.
    I do wonder what opposition there is if any, from such as those other forest people, of the timber industry.

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