New Klamath River Bigfoot Video

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on March 8th, 2008

This video showed up on youtube a few hours ago.

I sent a message to the person who posted it, asking for additional details.

It is tagged under entertainment on youtube, so that raises suspicions.

If I get a reply, I will share it here on Cryptomundo.

Camera was strapped to a branch about 10 feet above feeder pointing down when this was caught, location near the Klamath River, Oregon/California borderFCastle6969

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25 Responses to “New Klamath River Bigfoot Video”

  1. Kimble responds:

    Does the ground looks raked in the upper right corner? I don’t see any footy-prints left as it walks off. The ground does looks pretty smooth. If the video is recent, would the ground be frozen and those “rake marks” be due to frost?

  2. Starbright responds:

    Certainly an interesting video. It seems like this may be the year of the trail camera. The gentleman who posted this also has another video on his site where Janos Prohaska talks about the Patterson/Gimlin Bigfoot Film and the possibility of “if that was a costume…it was the best one I’ve ever seen”. A suspicious coincidence? Probably not, but still fun to watch.

  3. dogu4 responds:

    Looks like an old home movie of the alleged humanzee Oliver. Look forward to finding out what you might learn from the source, never the less.

  4. jayhsee responds:

    Oliver was my first thought as well. I’ll be curious to see what else we learn from this footage.

  5. SurlyT responds:

    dogu4 is right thats Oliver, I think its footage from the documentary they did a few years back. I remember the right eye with the milky appearance. There are a bunch of Oliver videos on you tube you can check out to compare.

  6. drjon responds:

    @dogu4 I must say, it does look a hell of a lot like Oliver!

    (Not sure if Loren’s covered it here or not, but when they tested Oliver’s chromosome count he was proved a pureblood chimp, I believe.)

  7. mark1 responds:

    Hello all, I’ve also seen this footage before, it’s Oliver.

  8. stompy responds:

    This looks more “real” than most . May fall between P/G and the rest.

  9. Randlet responds:

    Was just looking at some videos of Oliver, it does look a little like him, especially in his older age. Oliver’s right eye is pretty similar to the one in the video above as well.

  10. Ferret responds:

    Something about the mouth just looks wrong to me, the fact that it doesn’t really move at all the whole time. I think it’s fake, someone in a suit.

  11. Cryptid Hunt21 responds:

    When I see it it has more of a ape-like face then human. And most reports of encounters with bigfoot eye to eye contact says that it has a human face.

  12. mystery_man responds:

    I don’t know. The similarity to Oliver is there, but it could just be a coincidence. It does look an awful lot like a chimpanzees face, but something looks wrong to me about this video. Although it is highly realistic, the face just looks very static to me. The mouth stays in the same position, there is no sniffing or flaring of the nostrils, and the eyes don’t move at all. They seem almost like plastic eyes to me, dead doll eyes. I could be imagining it, but it seems they don’t even move from their position when it moves away. I think a curious or agitated animal would show more movement in its mouth, nose, and eyes.

    In my opinion we are either looking at a freaky little piece of footage of Oliver (the resemblance certainly is there), or it is a pretty good attempt at a hoax. Whatever it is, this clip gives me the creeps for some reason.

  13. mystery_man responds:

    drjon- Yes, that’s right. Oliver was all chimp and not the “humanzee” he was claimed by some to be. And yes, it has been covered here before.

    The more I watch this clip, the more I’m starting to think it sure does look like Oliver. I’d be interesting if someone could provide a good clip of Oliver (if not this same clip) for comparison.

    Still, that face still doesn’t look quite right.

  14. bill green responds:

    hey craig & everyone wow this definitely a very interesting new filmfootage of possible sasquatch indeed. but more research etc needs to done to it, yes the the eyewitness definitely needs be contacted by certain researchers here for a interview about this filmfootage. thanks bill green 🙂

  15. Paul V responds:

    The guy who posted this to YouTube, posted a short video about Janos Prohaska two months ago.

    Coincidence? I doubt it.

    It’s a suit.

  16. fallofrain responds:

    The area around the Klamath River on the Oregon-Washington border is semi-arid. There are generally only two types of tree there that you could put a trailcam on…live oak or ponderosa pine. The pine would be the better choice for a vertical shot. But I don’t see leaf or needle/pinecone litter on the ground at all. In those types of forest there’s tree litter everywhere. It’s one reason we get such monster fires. Maybe the photographer DID pack in a rake to clear the space for a shot…but why?

  17. Craig Woolheater responds:

    Two Cryptomundo readers have already ferreted out the truth behind this video. See Update: New Klamath River Bigfoot Video for the real story here.

  18. twiley responds:

    This is my first post on this blog. This video got me to post. I am not a skeptic. I am however skeptical of this video.

    The eyes (from what I can see) do not blink. Maybe someone can find a frame where the subject blinks? The mouth never moves. The mouth appears to move but the camera is moving which makes it appear the mouth moves. Also the ground does looked raked as Kimble mentioned. What would cause that? I also noticed something on the subject’s right leg. A blade of grass/stick?

    Also what is on the subjects left waist? Bald spot or more grass/stick?

    I can not see any muscle movement on the subjects face. The head portion appears to be lighter colored hair/fur/mask then the body portion (Is that normal for primates?). Hard to conclude anything for only being able to see 9 seconds of video…

  19. Ole Bub responds:

    Sorry folks…it’s looks like a hoax to my old beady eyes…no facial feature movement, or blinking….you’d think they would close their mouth when the camera is rolling…where is squatch etiquette when ya need it….LOL

    live and let live…

    ole bub and the dawgs

  20. Maine Crypto responds:

    This looks very much like a mountain gorilla to me…. I am interested to hear more.

  21. cryptozoologyshop responds:

    Comments on youtube suggest that this is an excerpt from a film of Oliver the chimp.

  22. Digger44 responds:

    I find it so hilarious that so many of you are adamant that this is a suit and a hoax when it is a proven chimpanzee. And you wonder why there are so many skeptics against bigfoot believers? So many people have crowned themselves experts of analysis when you actually do not have a clue.

    Thanks to Loren for always being level headed and letting the facts speak for themselves instead of making foolish conclusions based upon some doll eye, facial expressions, mouth, and lips that are all from a suit, but are actually a live chimpanzee.

    The truth is that if we actually got an authentic bigfoot video, most couldn’t tell it from their elbow.

  23. Holmes responds:

    Do those cameras have automatic zoom capability?

  24. apebait responds:

    I knew it was Oliver the second I saw it. C’mon Hoaxers! You gotta do better than that! Sheesh!

  25. Lyndon responds:

    “C’mon Hoaxers! You gotta do better than that!”

    Time and time again, they prove that they can’t. You’d think there would have been a good ‘hoax’ perpetrated by now. But there still isn’t one.

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