Hunt TV Bigfoot (?) Video

Posted by: Loren Coleman on March 8th, 2008

What do you think? Clear video of a Sasquatch caught for the “Easton Bowhunting TV with Fred Eichler” program? Or an elaborate publicity stunt with a very good serious-sounding actor?

This issues from Hunt TV.

Apparently, this video shows nine frames of a Bigfoot or a fake Bigfoot caught on their “stealth cam.”

Where? When?


Is this a reality television network trying for a ratings hike?

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Loren Coleman is one of the world’s leading cryptozoologists, some say “the” leading living cryptozoologist. Certainly, he is acknowledged as the current living American researcher and writer who has most popularized cryptozoology in the late 20th and early 21st centuries. Starting his fieldwork and investigations in 1960, after traveling and trekking extensively in pursuit of cryptozoological mysteries, Coleman began writing to share his experiences in 1969. An honorary member of Ivan T. Sanderson’s Society for the Investigation of the Unexplained in the 1970s, Coleman has been bestowed with similar honorary memberships of the North Idaho College Cryptozoology Club in 1983, and in subsequent years, that of the British Columbia Scientific Cryptozoology Club, CryptoSafari International, and other international organizations. He was also a Life Member and Benefactor of the International Society of Cryptozoology (now-defunct). Loren Coleman’s daily blog, as a member of the Cryptomundo Team, served as an ongoing avenue of communication for the ever-growing body of cryptozoo news from 2005 through 2013. He returned as an infrequent contributor beginning Halloween week of 2015. Coleman is the founder in 2003, and current director of the International Cryptozoology Museum in Portland, Maine.

23 Responses to “Hunt TV Bigfoot (?) Video”

  1. Kainan responds:

    Well, I’ve watched the video several times since this morning, and my first impression is a man in a suit. Really though there isn’t a whole lot to judge from in the short partial body shot. If in fact it isn’t a human, then it would have to be a sasquatch. There would be no possibility of this being a bear or any other creature. I’m sure of that. If this gets half the media attention that the “mangy bear” photos got, then it is likely that it will eventually be revealed as a hoax, if in fact it is.
    I expect that if ever sasquatch is proven to exist it will begin with a very convincing video or series of photos from a game cam. There are more and more in use all of the time, and the odds will catch up with the big guys eventually. Unfortunately I would say this isn’t going to be it. The head seems to lack a nuchal crest which could indicate a young animal … or a suit. Always fun to ponder.

  2. SOCALcryptid responds:

    Looking at this frame by frame looks to me like a person in full camo. with a arrow holder on its back. The last frame you can see the strap. This is what I see.
    Thanks for the post Loren.

  3. Gratton responds:

    It sure looks intriguing, but as usual, not enough to prove anything whatsoever. It’s humanoid, could easily be a hoax, and isn’t a bear.

    My first thought is that it seems smallish, even though you can’t really ascertain the size of the surrounding vegetation, nor the distance of It from the camera. Maybe it seems smaller than you’d imagine a bigfoot would be, because of the apparent fluidity of its movement? Non-lumbering?

    Having a TV show of an unrelated topic behind it makes it feel a little more legit, but we all know you can’t trust anything… ever.

    Hey, it’s still exciting though.

    Bring on the trail cams!

  4. Hawkeye responds:

    I think it’ll be a man in a suit. Something just doesnt seem right about it to me.

  5. planettom responds:

    I agree with SOCALcryptid.

  6. CryptoHaus_Press responds:

    if it weren’t the package of beef jerky the supposed Bigfoot has in hand AND the crossbow bearing (no pun intended!) the show’s sponsor product logo slung across its furry back? i’d be a lot less skeptical! 😉

    seriously, though: to me, the gait is ‘wrong’ — at least if the Patterson/Gimlin footage is to be The Standard from which one judges. while this is in and of itself a potential mistake (what if the P/G footage is faked, after all, or shows a diseased cryptid with locomotive problems?), this ‘cryptid’ seems to be remarkably humanlike in its walking motion.

    in fact, it seems to nearly glide forward AS IF the ‘cryptid’ were feeling along for its next step. one could of course argue this means it was walking with great care, tentatively searching out each step. but why? the more logical conclusion: the actor inside the costume wasn’t wearing a very friendly ‘visibility’ eyehole on the mask and was afraid of tripping!

    another observation: the depicted cryptid seems rather small in stature. while of course orang pendek and/or younger ‘squatches could explain this observation, it seems the proportions are SUSPICIOUSLY human-like in this 9-frame capture. again, imho.

    finally, one wonders: without casting any doubt on the show’s star (though notice he goes to great lengths to never label the footage as Bigfoot and constantly looks away when discussing it — an FBI profiler might suggest that implies deceit as a classic ‘tell’), how difficult would it be for ANY of the crew to simply pull a hoax on the show’s host himself?

    in other words, knowing the locations of the cams themselves, double-back and/or arrange to have an accomplice show up a few hours later and don the suit, walk past, etc. perhaps even deliberately ‘click’ a remote to ONLY capture a few latter frames to insure less scrutiny?

    all very easily accomplished.

    the video offers too few frames to be very credible for analysis, finally. that’s no one’s “fault,” per se, but does argue against this footage ever being considered anything more than anecdotal in nature. unlike the P/G footage, which is considerable in direct comparison however brief, there’s isimply very little to go on herein.

    a final note: this MAY BE a technical geek point, but: perhaps it’s time that these nature cams were set up to actually ‘rotate’ with captured subjects? while i know this would add costs, it’s not outrageously that much more. you know, i’ve looked at such cams in security video catalogs and most are less than 30% more than a stationary cam.

    they basically pivot on a rotary pan head using fluid hydrolic-liquid, so there shouldn’t be any issue if they’re properly deployed for blurring of frames, etc. just a thought; i know it’s easy to critique from the comfort of my PC when someone ELSE has to set ’em up to work in the wilds!

    thanks Loren for posting it, though. very intriguing if — as all footage lately seems to be — disappointing at core.

  7. Spinach Village responds:

    To me this is a classic!
    I love seeing good solid video evidence, however this is one of those frustrating videos that gives one very little to go on.

    I’m not familiar with the trail/critter cam technology … but I wonder how fast they trigger (the alleged bigfoot is not running) …. I would really love to see the full context and not just the edited clip.

  8. Maine Crypto responds:

    Thanks for the post, I don’t know what to make of this one……MORE INFO!!!!!

  9. things-in-the-woods responds:

    oh, come on.. if we’re going to get rubbish videos, at least make them funny.

    Looks like a man in a suit, but who knows – the fact is, even if it were BF, this video gets us absolutely nowhere.

  10. Fayble responds:

    Why do they only get a shot of him walking out of the view of the camera? Shouldn’t there be a few of him walking into the cameras view from the right hand side?

  11. Cryptid Hunt21 responds:

    I read on sightings posted on other sites that Sasquacth have cone shape heads like gorillas. I remember the Clarence Bigfoot sighting that happened a couple of years ago. The photo had a round shape head like a human. So I’m not sure.

  12. crgintx responds:

    It could be a man in a ghillie suit but bow hunting in bear country isn’t exactly smart. After much consideration, I think I’ve figured out the increase in both bear and NA ape sightings: pigs or more precisely wild and feral pigs. Their numbers have exploded to epidemic proportions around the country. They prefer to be close to human settlements which are relatively predatory free. With the exceptions of bears (and of course the NA ape), healthy adults have no other natural predators. Hog hunters through out the Southern US have found strange pig kills and places where their usually fearless boar hounds won’t enter or scent trails they won’t follow. I’ll trust a boar hound’s nose over the word of the most experienced wildlife biologist. A boarhound doesn’t have a reputation that he’s afraid of tarnishing.

  13. Skepticalbeliever responds:

    I believe this is a fake, probably intentional. Maybe a set-up for a beef jerky commercial.

    As a hunter and trail cam user, several things stand out.

    1: if it’s a trail cam, where is the trail? This camera is aiming at a low scrub bush. It can be argued that it is set this way to check for bucks making scrapes under the bush BUT, most scrapes are done in the dark and early morning. If it’s there to catch a morning scrape, the sun is hitting the camera and nearly washing out the bush.

    2: Hard to say for certain from the video, but if one zooms in on the head area, there is a noticeable “rim” near the top as a knit hat would leave. Also, there is another halfway down the forearm which appears to me to be the end part of a gauntlet style glove tucked inside a coat sleeve.

    Note to camera guy for next time: aim camera better to avoid washout from sunlight!!

  14. escAPEe responds:

    The Squatchdetective organization contacted Fred Eichler’s show to investigate the stealth camera video clip and received the following short reply from its producer.

    “I have to say that there have been a lot of ‘antics’ and practical joke(s) around hunting camps in the past. Before you get too excited let us check into it a little more and then we’ll get back to you.

    Best regards,

    Gary Cornum

    Marketing Manager, Easton Technical Products
    Producer, Easton Bowhunting TV

    xxxx xxxxx xxxx xxxxx
    Salt Lake City, UT 84xxx

    So the “official” statement concerning this video clip is an admission that it could be a prank, a caution not to get too excited about what appears to be seen, and a promise that they are looking into the matter.

    If they had scheduled the air date of this episode for April 1, we wouldn’t even be discussing it. By airing the show a month earlier, they at least get a short term bump in web traffic.

    Lets wait until April 2nd to see what happens.

  15. Medieval responds:

    I talked to a salesman at Easton Technical Products on Friday and he told me that they were a ‘bit surprised’ at the response. What?! Seriously, what did they expect by posting this video on the internet? There was no further information given other than they had received many calls and that all further inquiries would be dealt with at a future time.

  16. CryptoHaus_Press responds:

    that’s really reprehensible, the producer STILL trying to ‘milk’ even more from this lame-arse video footage?? >:(

    at least the beef jerky folks made: a) an entertaining series of ads b) a good albeit ‘hollywood’ looking BF suit and c) MOST IMPORTANTLY, no claims as to authenticity.

    these clowns are lucky they didn’t wind up having their very ratty costume-wearing BF with one of those Steve Martin ‘arrows through the head’ only FOR REAL!

    naturally, they’ll now attempt to make fun of any one whom they’ll deem “dumb enough” to believe their idiotic p.r. mistake, you’ll see. anything to deflect attention from themselves.

    hey, eastern tech prods, ya shoulda learned from carl denham: don’t monkey around with forces bigger than yourself!

    and next time you’re moronic enough to ‘hoax’ folks? rent a decent costume! really! if your products are as cheezy as this carnival gorilla gag, i sure wouldn’t want to have to rely on your arrows for my life if a bear is ‘bearing down’ on me!

    yeesh. to quote your show’s host: “now, i’m not saying what it is…” but it smells like what a bear does in the woods to me! 😉

  17. shdwmnkyX responds:

    There is not enough evidence at this time to go either way. Though I believe the host is sincere it still could go either way.

  18. silvereagle responds:

    Suspicious points
    1. Professional speaker
    2. Professional editing
    3. Professional editing may also have edited out 100 frames as the subject walked across the full field of view.
    4. There is a visible neck unlike Patty
    5. The arms are no longer than a man’s arm would be, unlike Patty
    6. The height is not particularly tall unlike Patty
    7. The fur has no sheen like Patty’s
    8. The fur has no growth direction like Patty’s
    9. Hoaxes tend to have some element that makes it difficult to get a clear view of the subject, like shaky video, or in this case, all except the last 9 frames were edited out.
    10. A bigfoot is not likely to know exactly where the field of view is, and perform a direction change in order to avoid it. Consequently, the perpetrators likely edited out a bunch of frames as the subject strode across the full field of view.
    11. No obvious reasons for setting up a camera at this particular location pointing in the one direction that a supposed bigfoot would cross the field of view.

    The clip’s authenticity seems to be obvious.

  19. Lyndon responds:

    Pretty poor attempt at a hoax in my view. I don’t know who is doing the hoaxing however.

  20. CryptoHaus_Press responds:

    i suspect hoaxing is being done by company to drum up business. i can see the meeting that happ’d in my mind’s eye:

    AD EXEC: sales are down!

    EASTERN OWNER: holy… we’re going under! ;(

    AD EXEC: er, uh,… i got it, boss!

    Ad Exec points at the Beef Jerky Sasquatch ad on t.v.

    EASTERN OWNER: sell beef jerky!!?

    AD EXEC (sighs): no, boss! Bigfoot!

    * * *

    apologies to Eastern folks if they’re not responsible for the hoax, but apologies reserved until they investigate and/or admit the hoax.

  21. whiteriverfisherman responds:

    It is either a guy (or gal) in a full leafy camo suite or it is a guy(or gal) in a monkey suite. First time I looked at it I said “it is another hunter”. It could very well be a deliberate fake. I find it very odd that there is only nine frames on the camera. The odds of a random animal walking just inside the view of the camera and then back out of frame are a million to 1. The narrator might very well be sincere, he could have been duped.

  22. batman4428 responds:

    Looks like Bigfoot to me! I would say its a bigfoot.

  23. jakersHD responds:

    I think that it is just either a dude in a suit or a seriously messed up bear, its just weird how you only see like a half second of it.

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