Knobby Goes Viral

Posted by: Guy Edwards on March 25th, 2011

The search for Bigfoot has gone viral–online. Not since the Georgian Bigfoot hoax of 2008 has “bigfoot” been such a hot search term. You can see the graph below where “bigfoot” peaks in August of 2008.

You can see the keyword “bigfoot” peaking yesterday at 9:00am PST in the screen shot below.

Bigfoot Google Trends

What is causing the stir? Most likely North Carolina’s new Knobby video. Loren Coleman was one of the first to report the video here at Cryptomundo.

Since then we also reported the return of North Carolina’s Knobby Bigfoot, with a little history of the Knobby name at Bigfoot Lunch Club.

More recently MSNBC and NBC affiliates have covered the story with differing opinions. You can read more about the Google Search trends for “bigfoot” or read about NBC Journalist infighting at

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3 Responses to “Knobby Goes Viral”

  1. DWA responds:

    Can I just note for a moment how much I hate mainstream media?

    If they gave this kind of attention to the evidence, the search might get somewhere.

    Vicious cycle. Mainstream scoffs, then gives the most coverage to the stuff at which there’s the most reason to scoff. Then the whole topic utterly disappears – until the next scoff-fest.

    No wonder.

  2. red_pill_junkie responds:

    It is so annoying, that I’m almost beginning to suspect Bigfoot has actually learned how to mimic the gait of a guy wearing a gorilla suit, as a (very effective) camouflage measure. :-/

  3. Richard888 responds:

    I see something positive out of this, at least here in Cryptomundo.

    That being, that the more experienced viewers have a strong sense of what (real) Bigfoot is supposed to look and behave like to the extent that if something does not exhibit those patterns, it is reflexively dismissed.

    I don’t want to speak for everybody here but I suspect that some of (real) Bigfoot’s trademarks are agreed to be the coned head, the arched forward back and the big stride among others.

    This is bad news for hoaxers because if they want to go far, they have to be extra crafty.

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