Lizard Man Video Surfaces

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on August 4th, 2015

After hearing about the recent Lizard Man camera phone photo, an eyewitness submits a purported Lizard Man video taken three months ago.

A man who asked not to be identified submitted a short video of what he thought was the Lizard Man Monday morning. He said he took the video in May while coon hunting but kept its existence quiet — until he saw the reports of Lizard Man outside a church.

“I saw your lizard man story and it’s given me the courage to send you a video I took in early May,” the man wrote. “Though my wife believes me that it’s real, she said she would be embarrassed that everyone would think I was a loon so I kept it a secret.”

The man said he took the video in Scape Ore Swamp just off Camden Highway in Bishopville.

The highlighted area shows a dark figure with what appears to be a tail.

In the 20-second video, the photographer ducks behind a tree as a dark figure with what appears to be a long tail walks by some 30 or 40 yards away.

lizardman1a (2)
The circled area shows a humanoid figure as it turned toward the man recording it.

The video stops as the figure appears to turn towards the camera.

“If you’re wondering I absolutely believe it’s real. I also don’t know if it’s the same thing you posted,” he added. “When it noticed me I high tailed it out.”

Scape Ore Swamp is the area where most of the Lizard Man sightings over the last 30 years have been focused.

Yes, there is quite a lot of local lore surrounding the reptilian humanoid, including the first sighting in the summer of 1988.

Known as the Davis sighting for the witness Christopher Davis, it starts with then-17-year-old Davis stopping on a road bordering the Scape Ore Swamp to change a flat tire at 2 a.m.

He heard noises, turned to see a 7-foot beast charging at him, so he ran for the safety of his car. The Lizard Man jumped on the roof as Davis tried to drive away.

There were scratch marks on the roof and one of the side mirror had been damaged.

And the legend was born.

There have been plaster casts of the mythical beast’s claw. There have been million-dollar rewards to capture the Lizard Man alive.

Since the first sightings in the late 1980s, the Lizard Man sightings have trailed off.

But the creature has not been seen in more than a decade — until now, possibly creating yet another ripple in the swampy waters around Bishopville.


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For more about the Lizard Man, read Lyle Blackburn’s book: Lizard Man: The True Story of the Bishopville Monster


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6 Responses to “Lizard Man Video Surfaces”

  1. cryptokellie responds:

    This is a video of the lizard man? Oh well, goodnight Mrs. Calabash, wherever you are.

  2. springheeledjack responds:

    Ah, like all of these headlines, I was both excited yet hesitant to look at it–all of these vids are at range, out of focus, give you a vague view and any number of other things that prevent me from buying in.

    Such is the buyer beware of monster videos…

  3. ScottAR responds:

    Compared to the tree trunks and cypress knees, that thing looks about 2-3 feet tall.

  4. PhotoExpert responds:

    So the videographer was out “coon hunting”? Then what would stop other people from being out coon hunting? Appears to be one coon hunter spotting another. That’s all!

  5. springheeledjack responds:

    And don’t people usually “coon hunt” with dogs? I didn’t see any…

  6. Goodfoot responds:

    springheeledjack: BINGO!

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