Evidence of Megalodon?

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on August 3rd, 2013

Photographic evidence that the monster shark escaped extinction and is still alive today?

Do you believe that Megalodon still roams the oceans? Let us know! | Visit http://megalodonevidence.com to cast your vote!Discovery Channel

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19 Responses to “Evidence of Megalodon?”

  1. redneckcelt responds:

    Wow nice digital effects on the “dead whale” on Hawaii.. and other photo shopped stuff.

  2. semillama responds:

    I find this super hard to believe that it’s anything apart from a marketing stunt for Shark Week. I think that the footage in the video would have come to the attention of the cryptozoological community long before this.

  3. Robert_Dutch responds:

    It’s obviously a fake documentary in the vein of their succesful mermaid ‘documentaries’. Looks like it might be fun, though.

  4. cryptokellie responds:

    This “Evidence of Megalodon” is a lunch meat video…baloney.
    Also the size and weight given in this video do not reflect current, more accurate reconstructions which put the totals from 50 – 60 feet in length and estimated weight at around 58 tons.
    The measurements given in the clip reflect the older and more sensational estimates.
    The images and clips in this video are photo-shopped and CGI. The video of the Humpback Whale carcass lying on the beach has completely different markings and wound sizes/positions than the still image of what is supposed to be the same whale. Both are enhanced images.
    As they are saying…”It’s a bad week to be a seal” or a gullible viewer.

  5. Caddyfan responds:

    Shark Week promo.
    This reminds me of Animal Planet’s mermaid stuff.

  6. Ragnar responds:

    I’ve just about given up on Craig as a serious poster. Mermaids, giant CGI sharks, obvious Bigfoot hoax videos, the list goes on. Its not helping.

  7. Craig Woolheater responds:

    I’ve just about given up on Ragnar as a serious commenter. Complaints, gripes, obvious negativity, the list goes on. Its not helping.

    Shoot the messenger much?

  8. corrick responds:

    Hey people, get a reality check, please.
    The FCC wouldn’t allow this on television unless it was true.

  9. Goodfoot responds:

    Ragnar: So am I to take it you’re leaving?


    ANOTHER Farcebook-only clip. Not that I needed one more reason to despise Farcebook, a data-gathering arm of the National Security Agency. Like Google. Look it up!

  10. sasquatch responds:

    I hate these mock-umentaries.

    I’ve just about given up on “Discovery Channel”.

    I’d rather watch NOT Finding Bigfoot than these stupid shows.

    At least they are really trying to find something.

    Not purposefully doing a “put on”. (I hope).

    Now, Ragnar; In the show there were a few allusions to real cryptozoological discoverys-Ceolecanth, giant squid etc…

    The rest WAS BS…but hey, maybe Craig thinks we’re all smart enough here to figure that out, and separate the accurate from make believe content.

    Craig; Don’t give up on Ragnar…I share some of his frustrations but hope this makes him understand better why you post stuff; personally I never laugh at the cartoons on here…but I guess some like them…so, quit I reading them, but At least this page has new posts daily… some crypto sites are in suspended animation…spider webs, dust… crickets…

  11. Cryptidcrazy responds:

    Discovery is getting really good at making completely hoaxed shows. First, was the mermaid fake documentary and now this.

  12. Ragnar responds:

    The difference, Craig, is that when I see hoax or BS I call it out. You, on the other hand, post it without calling it out and then rationalize afterwards when people call you on it.

  13. ShayannNicole responds:

    Before I begin I just want to justify that I only created this account to bestow upon you the knowledge of

    a.) Making a valid point.
    b.) the megalodon. &
    c.) learning how to not sound like a Jackass when you stretch your minds to sound the least bit of intelligent when stating your opinions on something you clearly know nothing about. So lets begin!

    Only 5% of the ocean has been discovered…That leaves 95% still open to any and everything including, Megalodons.

    semillama, Robert_Dutch, & Caddyfan: Obviously every kind of Marine Scientist are on the case of a Megalodon, its discovery channel, not Si-Fi. its based upon facts and reports made by none other than…MARINE SCIENTIST!!!! whoa!!! :D… and honestly how do you know Mermaids don’t exists? Do you have any evidence that they don’t? Many mammals/reptiles/any living thing really, has adapted to its habitat or evolved if you prefer. So who is to say humans didn’t evolve/adapt to be capable of living in and under water.

    cryptokellie: You acting so intelligent with your “Google found facts” if you would of looked a little harder you would have found that Sharks vary in size and length, the size you’re referring too is merely an average, The biggest great white recorded until last year was 20 ft…However they found one nearly 30 ft long just last year, so with the evidence you’re providing are you stating that the shark they measured last year couldn’t of been a great white, because it was simply bigger than the largest recorded? That there is no way they could of discovered a bigger, great white shark.?? That the shark they measured being 30 ft long has to be a different species of shark because of its size.? you couldn’t be stating something so ignorant and simple minded, correct?

    I am in disbelief of the amount of ignorance i have experienced on this page right now. I truly am. I for one believe the Megalodon could still exist. I believe the sightings, I believe the ocean has enough food supply for Megalodons to feed and survive, and when it gets proven and all of you have seen it, I hope you realize that you wasted your time being oblivious to the marvelous things in our world.

    That is all!

  14. MR JOSHUA responds:

    Wow, you guys really need to lighten up. It’s a fun show that raises some interest in the “possibility” of Megalodon existing. I will say this at least there is a fossil record for Megalodon and most of the ocean remains unexplored. Megamouth Shark collectively blew the science communities minds in the 1970’s when it popped out of the depths. So what if Discovery wants to have a little fun with the subject. If you don’t like it, don’t watch it. Personally I enjoyed the show and I am glad Craig posted.

  15. cryptokellie responds:

    First… I agree with Mr. Joshua that this is a probably a fun show and I don’t have a problem with a little fact twisting and extrapolation for rating’s sake. All in good fun. It was the phony video and images that I was commenting about.

    Second…ShayAnnNichole, I’m not spouting Wikipedia facts…I happen to be a professional sculptor and have sculpted several models of Megalodon, one of which can be bought “over the counter” so to speak. These models are as accurate in scale as current scientific data provides.

    One of which had to be scaled to be representative along with whales and other sea-life models.

    When you have done as much wildlife sculpting as I have – hundreds of models over 35 years – and had to amass all the natural facts about these animals from reputable scientific sources, of which Wikipedia is not since anyone can edit it’s content, then you can chastise me about scientific data and whether or not I know that any animal has a size range.

    Believe me, I am not “you acting so intelligent…”. I have to know what I’m doing when it comes to scientific information regarding the sculpting of animal models…it’s my job.

    What’s yours?

  16. cryptokellie responds:

    Also to ShayAnnNichol,

    Where do you find news that a 30 foot long Great White Shark was factually recorded in 2012 or any other time? I can find no reference to that story. Please give me some information on that shark incident and a link if possible…I would be very interested. As far as I can find, the largest Great White caught and released was a 17.9 foot long male 2009 off Guadalupe Island, Mexico. This via national Geographic News.

    According to the Canadian Shark Research Centre, the largest reliably recorded Great White Shark was 20.3 foot specimen in 1983. Do larger specimens exist? Probably, but until they are caught – these are the largest. Also realize that the Megalodon (two possible species) is known only from fossil teeth and some fragmentary vertebrae. Since Megalodon had a cartilaginous skeleton, almost no skeletal material exists in fossil form. All estimates are a product of putting Megalodon fossil teeth in a reconstructed Great White type jaw model and using the Great White proportions as a guide. Not a very accurate or reliable way to size an extinct animal. The best that can be said is that the Megalodon – if possessing a similar body form to a modern Great White would be in this projected size range. Tooth spacing played a significant role in the reconstruction of Megalodon and the early restorations had the spacing wider than usual in the natural over-lap that occur in sharks as they are always losing and replacing teeth. This is where the sensational size estimates come from. Modern more accurate dental measurements have reduced the overall size somewhat…the point of my earlier post.

    Now, as to me being so ignorant and simple-minded…

    I graduated Summa Cum Laude with a 3.96 grade point average. I have been sculpting accurate models of animals both extant and extinct for over 35 years.

    What was your GPA, if any? From your poor writing skills present in your post, I guess a little lower…but I digress.

  17. ShayannNicole responds:

    My job is to call out the ignorance of others and show them that their wrong and prove to them why. Which is exactly what I did.

  18. cryptokellie responds:

    to ShayAnnNichole;
    Exactly what you did? You probably wouldn’t want to put that to a vote…
    You did not prove anything or provide sources for any of your facts. I sincerely hope that you don’t get paid for this “job” because all you did was expose your own ignorance.
    Also, the correct word usage is “they’re” as in “they are”, not “their” as in the plural possessive.
    My third major was English after my second major which was Biological Illustration.
    But, I don’t like being unpleasant, so I invite you to visit my website…click this link
    http://wmbsculptor.tripod.com or just Google wmbsculptor and you’ll get there. It’s a fun site,
    full of the many and sometimes wacky sculpted models I’ve done over 35 years. I’m sure that you’ll recognize a few things here and there.
    PS…Nothing on this site is for sale. The images are all of my varied client’s products. I have no retail sales or stock of any kind.

  19. Pookanator responds:

    Makes you wonder if anything on TV is real. I had to go to the Discovery Channel site to find out if the Megalodon show was straight up. It was fiction wrapped with a string of truth. While writing this, I’m watching “The Wolf Pack” episode of Paranormal Witness and thinking this wasn’t ‘based on true events.’ Makes you wonder about other shows, like Finding Bigfoot or Mountain Monsters. When is based on fact just that ?

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