Something Ate This Shark…But What?

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on December 8th, 2014

You know, there’s a reason I have a shark theory

The film crew tags a number of great white sharks to study their movement patterns along Australia’s coast. When one of the devices washes ashore, could a killer whale be to blame?

Killer whale? How about Megalodon?

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6 Responses to “Something Ate This Shark…But What?”

  1. cryptokellie responds:

    If an attack and predation of this shark is accepted as the cause of it’s presumed demise, these options come to mind. An attack by a Killer Whale, known to prey on sharks. An attack by a bull Sperm Whale, also known to eat sharks on occasion. A saltwater crocodile which have been documented attacking and eating sharks and a giant squid are lesser but possible options before we get to unknown sea animals.

    I would go with one or the other of the whales. The data points toward that conclusion. Remember that this shark was 13 feet long – large but not Jaws size and well within the whale prey size scenario.

  2. chewbaccalacca responds:


  3. chewbaccalacca responds:

    cryptokellie: possible–but I wonder why wouldn’t that scenario have occurred to the marine biologist? He seemed genuinely clueless as to what could explain it.

  4. Scopi responds:

    Geez, this is from a documentary over six months old. And what killed the white shark was another white shark. It’s not that hard to find the whole documentary, assuming you missed the whole news hubbub back in June.

  5. cryptokellie responds:

    The television program promoted the unknown angle for tantalizing viewing in that portion of the program. As pointed out by Scopi, the whole incident was covered and shown to have been an attack and predation by another Great White. A good case of sensational editing…I did not see this program and was going to suggest another Great White as the culprit but how many negative responses do I actually want to read? I felt the whales, croc and squid – perhaps the least probable reason not counting unknown sea monsters – were sensational enough.

  6. chewbaccalacca responds:

    Thanks, Scopi–I’ll check that out. (I didn’t realize sharks dove that deep?)

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