More on the Malaysian Bigfoot

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on December 25th, 2005

More on the Malaysian Bigfoot situation.

Sightings of hairy creatures said to be about three metres tall have trickled in over the years, especially from along the forest spine connecting Endau Rompin, Kota Tinggi and Tanjung Piai.

Villagers claimed they were usually seen during the monsoon and fruiting seasons, sometimes raiding orchards but not harming anyone.

Malaysian Bigfoot

EVIDENCE: A footprint reportedly left by ‘Bigfoot’ at a swamp in Kampung Mawai near Kota Tinggi recently.

…sightings of the creatures were reported in Tanjung Piai last year and at Kahang, near Kluang, about five months ago, with similar footprints found at all three sites.

In 1995 a massive search was organised by the authorities of the dense jungle at Tanjung Piai following reports by villagers of a sighting there, but they found nothing.

In 2001, at the 40,197ha Endau-Rompin National Park, several Forestry Department officials, Rela members and campers reported seeing the creature.

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3 Responses to “More on the Malaysian Bigfoot”

  1. lilfeet responds:

    Wow, finally something closer to home! I’ve been following this excellent site and am so excited to read a report from my country Malaysia.

    Here’s more over the years:
    Site 1
    Site 2

    Couple of other links seem to be down at the moment. I plan to (someday) do my own research on it.. Maybe I’ll get in touch with the MNS person in the news report above…

  2. jonas_beah responds:

    hi lilfeet, i just accidentally discovered this excellent site and i enjoy reading it. I am also so exited reading the news about “bigfoot” from my country Malaysia. friend, if someday u really made up your mind to start your own research, please do not hesitate to invite me to join as part of your team member…..i am waiting the arrival of this day…..

  3. lilfeet responds:


    i spoke to Vincent Chow and we have been in discussion about something like that. Here’s a temp email address you can reach me at:

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