New Bigfoot Video?

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on April 13th, 2012

I don’t know anything about this other than what is available on youtube.

While Filming in the woods behind our campsite, we find someone or something wacthing us.Published on Apr 10, 2012 by gusdog369

What do the Cryptomundians think?

About Craig Woolheater
Co-founder of Cryptomundo in 2005. I have appeared in or contributed to the following TV programs, documentaries and films: OLN's Mysterious Encounters: "Caddo Critter", Southern Fried Bigfoot, Travel Channel's Weird Travels: "Bigfoot", History Channel's MonsterQuest: "Swamp Stalker", The Wild Man of the Navidad, Destination America's Monsters and Mysteries in America: Texas Terror - Lake Worth Monster, Animal Planet's Finding Bigfoot: Return to Boggy Creek and Beast of the Bayou.

47 Responses to “New Bigfoot Video?”

  1. texasbeliever responds:


    Supposed to be filming the kids “dinner” yet manages to miss that but somehow manages to keep the dude in a suit perfectly framed. Then once the rented bigfoot is gone, now let’s show “dinner”? And the girls even glances that way a couple of times?

    I can see teenagers doing a clip like this for fun, but when they use small children as part of the ruse, that irks me. Like a homeless dude on a corner holding a sign for money while he keeps a puppy on a rope out in the hot sun.

  2. Peter Von Berg responds:

    Here we go again. Don’t these idiot hoaxers realize we don’t believe their stupid hoaxes anymore? What will make them stop? What is it about “We don’t believe this amateur fakery any more” that they don’t understand?

  3. Tim Dodson via Facebook responds:

    This just looks beyond fake. Why does the girl keeping looking over there? And it was way too quick, IMO.

  4. Tash Hayles via Facebook responds:

    yep, fake.

  5. WinterIsComing responds:

    yeah it’s fake, next

  6. gridbug responds:


  7. size 13 responds:

    If these people who post here ever saw a real bigfoot,they would claim it to be FAKE.That’s all they know. Have they ever seen one of these creatures for them selves? This video shows a purported Bigfoot with LONGER ARMS as what you would see in a real live specimen. It would be way too much trouble to fake that.That is the first thing to look for in determining if it is real or fake.The real animals have longer forearms.That would be next to impossible to fake.How does one fake that,I would really like to know.I’m not disregarding this video so quickly.Easier to be on all fours with longer forearms,Something that a Hoaxer would probably not do as it does not fit in human anatomy.Take a close look ,a real close look.

  8. Chalupacabra responds:

    This video is as bogus as the suit. There’s also a second guy (not in a suit) who moves out behind a tree just before the clip is over. He’s on the far right side of the frame.

  9. ScaryTrue responds:

    Fake! There’s no way that’s real food. It looks like sticks and rocks or a guy in a suit!

  10. wuffing responds:

    Bigfoot is in the same category as the Loch Ness monster story and most people take them both as a joke. The failure in this video is in not framing [snip]… no, why tell them ?

  11. fooks responds:


  12. adrianaitken responds:

    At 30 seconds-ish you see a human move into the screen over the girls left shoulder at the same distance as the monkey suit. Should have edited that bit out 😉

  13. RedLandsBigfoot responds:

    not to mention the que “you never know what can happen out here”…..I would like that recipe though…

  14. PoeticsOfBigfoot responds:

    I don’t think these are “idiot hoaxers,” they seem more like a family having fun on a camping trip, making silly videos. Why all the rancor towards anyone who makes a video and posts it on YouTube? Isn’t that the main use of that website?

  15. mandors responds:

    Unless it’s someone like Tibergiant, when I see semi-professional looking captions, my first reaction is HOAX. I agree with everybody else’s comments so far. You’re filming the girl, and she’s not in the center of the picture? The little boy comes in, camera doesn’t move? But you keep the guy in the bad gorilla suit in the frame.


  16. sasquatch responds:

    Didn’t look fake to me…It IS convenient that the “Bigfoot” is just inside the frame border… but, the actual movements and behavior seemed believable to me. Like, uh-oh there’s folks over there I’m outa here. And the little girl doesn’t “KEEP LOOKOING OVER THERE” she looks slightly to her right but downward too -not up and way back in the woods…Jury’s out…Now I didn’t watch with sound on-I’ll have to see it later again with sound -sometimes that’s a dead give-away.

  17. RandyS responds:

    Seeing is doubting.

  18. Old Dog responds:

    Please. The camera stays on the object in back rather than the subject of the video ( the girls dinner). The girl keeps clancing back in the direction of the supposed BF, and she says “You never know what will happen”. Not even a good effort, but more likely something for the ids to show family and friends.

  19. windigo responds:

    Not very compelling, and not very well hoaxed. It is pieces of footage like this that reminds of how authentic the P&G footage truly had to be to survive the test of time.

  20. Opalman responds:

    I’ve carefully watched this clip approximately 40 times. How many times…? I’ve accidently memorized the little girls monolog…that’s how many times. At precisely 0:24 I see the deliberate focusing of her gaze and attention to the exact area at which the unknown disappears. Just prior to that the little boy indicates a restrained tension reflex in the same direction. There’s either an audible or visual event at that time mark (from the subject locale) or the whole thing is a collaborated and rehearsed hoax…IMO.

  21. etheral responds:

    I can almost see the sneakers on the Bigfoot.

  22. bigyeti responds:

    @ Chalupacabra and adrianaitken

    For you folks seeing “a human move into the screen over the girls left shoulder at the same distance as the monkey suit” …well you’re absolutely right. However, if you bother to watch the entire video, you would realize that it is just the boy who walks back to that spot. There is not another unknown figure in the background. I repeat, it is a boy and you can watch him walk from foreground to background. It was 30 seconds of footage; at least make the effort to watch the thing before throwing out conspiracy theories about a second hoaxer in the background.

    That being said, fake.

  23. crypto-samurai responds:

    Best post in regards to this video 🙂

    But yeah… this is really fake hah!
    If you were really JUST filming your daughter/niece/loved one of any kind, why would you not center the camera’s view on her? Also, I noticed a comment up there about Bigfoot’s actual anatomy, and how hoaxers won’t think to fake that. We really have no idea what the “creature’s” actual anatomy is, since we can’t prove it exists at all, and sightings have only a few common traits reported. Also, with Finding Bigfoot, and a ridiculous number of specials regarding this topic hitting the air waves everyday, it isn’t very tough to see a group of hoaxers saying “HEY! Some of those research guys say that Bigfoot’s arms are really long…” and then they go and get some gloves with handles in them. Just saying, there isn’t a single thing in this video that differentiates it from any other blob-squatch… except maybe that it isn’t blurry, and thus is even easier to debunk out right.

  24. Ragnar responds:

    Seeing is Believing.

    Yes, and I see a guy in a suit and a little girl who can’t keep from looking over to see if he’s there.

  25. sasquatch responds:

    Although the “out here, You don’t know what could happen” line is odd and may be a giveaway…I challenge all you guys to JUST look at the “bigfoot”-it’s way better than most hoaxes. The movements seem very understated and nothing like a lot of these hams that do fake videos. It doesn’t look like a baggy suit and terrible as most hoaxes either… The movement is quite smooth and quick. Also, one thing I’ve noticed about the PG bigfoot is the way the buttocks seem very high in the anatomy-this one looks the same in that dept. even tho’ it’s far away and there could be some foliage causing the effect…the left arm looks real long too if you freeze frame right after the turn…I’m not convinced it’s a hoax yet.
    Maybe I’m not as cool as all you skeptics.

  26. sasquatch responds:

    Oh, and the little girl glances to her left (away from the figure) too.
    Maybe there was a person in a costume to her left as well?

  27. darkhb responds:

    If it’s posted on Youtube with professional looking captions, it’s 99.9% guaranteed to be fake. That’s more likely to be the neighborhood pedophile than Bigfoot.

    “Seeing is believing”, please.

  28. springheeledjack responds:

    The little girl looks back in the direction of where the “Bigfoot” is at least twice. She also makes a comment about “never knowing what can happen” which may be incidental, but with the way she’s acting, it’s a cue to me that she knows what’s going on in the background.

  29. springheeledjack responds:

    And yeah, there was a guy on the right…

  30. Hapa responds:

    One major reason people believe Bigfoot is a myth; a vast horde of junk film and footage, no body.

    Useless. Rediculous. A waste of everyone’s time.

    Anymore we can lampoon here, until (if ever) a body is produced?

  31. Richard888 responds:

    This is before having read any of the comments.

    Most likely a hoax due to the positioning and movements of the camera.

  32. Richard888 responds:

    @ Chalupacabra
    The second guy is the “little brother” who has walked to that spot.

  33. DWA responds:

    Seeing is indeed believing.

    Having seen, I believe that

    1) when one is videotaping a little girl doing something it makes sense to videotape what she is doing, rather than keeping the vidcam above the task and on the spot in the woods you don’t know you aren’t supposed to be focusing on yet.

    2) the little girl should stop saying “you are about to see a bigfoot” in so many endearing ways.

    3) the figure shouldn’t be pasted into the clip quite so clumsily.

    4) the figure should look like something more than a blob.

    That’s what I believe when I see this, anyway.

  34. chadgatlin responds:

    Definitely a hoax. The girl keeps looking back.

  35. red_pill_junkie responds:

    I don’t want to be rude because children are involved.

    However, one of the things that annoy me the most about these videos is a complete lack of info about the alleged encounter.

    WHERE was the video taken? WHAT year, day and hour?

    If I had a video in which I honestly felt something anomalous had been captured, I would bother to provide as much helpful information as possible, that would show I seek something more than providing a few seconds of entertainment on Youtube.

    Only then would I ask people to believe what they are seeing.

  36. mcw2112 responds:

    Yeah, oh, yeah. FAKE! Yes, the little girl does look in that exact direction, just as you’d expect a kid to do if they’re part of a hoax. I didn’t buy the little girl’s “acting” for a second. I think that the person filming would have seen that obvious shape in the background and followed it. Fake as fake can be!

  37. WinterIsComing responds:

    “Maybe I’m not as cool as all you skeptics.”

    Oh for crying out loud, we aren’t saying it’s fake to be cool…we are saying it’s fake cause its f#$&^%@ fake! What idiot decides to make a video of their kids and thinks the best angle is to have them in the bottom right of the screen where you can’t see what they are doing but happens to put Bigfoot in the top left corner just long enough for you to see something there before it walks off frame. Come on please tell me you are joking.

  38. sasquatch responds:

    Doesn’t look like a blob. The fact that she looks (sort of) in the direction of creature, makes it MORE believable to me because it shows that she was not coached to look only toward the camera. The little brother seems oblivious and totally normal-not easy to pull off when directing child “actors”. Even though this may be a fake, I don’t think there is a lot of detective material on this blog.

  39. Mïk responds:

    I’m with ya, Sasquatch. It’s just too easy to cry, “Fake”. There’s too many variables to put it in one camp or another.

    WinterIsComing -in a discussion about the validity of the facts, name-calling does not add to the discussion. If you have reservations about Sasquatch’s posts, address the reservations, not the poster. I really dislike people who think shouting over another will make their stance more valid.

    The camera work is questionable, but not damning. The girl’s glances are a bit odd, and the guy in a suit looks like a guy in a suit. But that’s not to say it isn’t a Bigfoot, possibly a ‘tweener as it’s not as big as an adult is postulated to be, and is skinny as a rail.

  40. DWA responds:

    red_pill: exactly.

    Here is the one question I ask myself on every one of these. OK, sometimes I do, right after I go, um, fake.

    It’s this.

    Would I, were I a bigfooter, go there myself to follow up? Would I make an effort to find out more about this video? Would I try to recruit a team to go there?

    If the answer is no…it doesn’t matter whether the video is faked or not. It’s meaningless.

  41. WinterIsComing responds:

    “WinterIsComing -in a discussion about the validity of the facts, name-calling does not add to the discussion. If you have reservations about Sasquatch’s posts, address the reservations, not the poster. I really dislike people who think shouting over another will make their stance more valid.”

    I didn’t call anyone on here a name, I said that if this video is real and not as fake as it obviously seems then the person shooting it doesn’t know how to hold a camera.

    No two people are going to see this the exact same way. The people who really really want bigfoot to be real are going to see this and think, eh sure it could be fake but I think it’s real because (long arms, moves nice. insert reason here) and the people who think it’s fake think it’s fake because (obvious use of camera angle to get “creature” in frame, kid looking behind her, insert reason here)

    So we aren’t talking about validity of facts we are giving our opinions. The only fact is this video exists. What exactly is in the video isn’t going to be proven on this forum. Even if bigfoot was discovered today it wouldn’t mean this video in particular wasn’t a hoax. Unless the person who made the film comes out and says “yeah I faked it, look at my monkey suit.” we will probably never know the facts behind this video.

    I think some people may want this a little too much, they may see “proof” a little too easily, but that is my opinion. Someone will probably say that I want to throw away proof too easily, and that’s their opinion. Anyway, I didn’t mean to offend anyone. Just sharing my opinion like the rest of you.

  42. gridbug responds:

    It’s been mentioned in here already, but I think the point needs to be stressed that this feels like a family just out having fun with the Bigfoot video idea. I don’t think it’s a malicious attempt to smear the community or to try and pass this off as authentic in order to get some attention. Just some silly play acting, probably more for their own benefit than anything else. Taken as such, it’s pretty harmless. Fake, but harmless.


  43. Nny responds:

    After reading all…. 40 odd comments… I’m just going to agree with what gridbug said in the last one.

    It’s fake.

    It’s not trying to ‘hoax’.

    It’s fake.

    It’s not trying to be malicious.

    It’s fake.

    It’s made by a family/kids for other families/kids to enjoy.

    It’s fake.

    I’m positive this video was 100% inspired by Finding Bigfoot.

    That show’s fake.

    Reap what you sow.

    Honest bigfoots, I’m sorry, but I do believe your time is ending.

    So begins the age of the finding bigfooters.

    And this is a video made for them.

  44. springheeledjack responds:

    If the girl looked at “Bigfoot” and actually saw something, then she didn’t react to it, which makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. It’s her lack of reaction and continuous blabber (not to mention the camera only partially on her) that screams fake.

    Fake and moving on…

  45. sasquatch responds:


    If someone does have a real bigfoot video where the beast is in the background and at a distance, we will undoubtedly have people saying “FAKE, FAKE, Fake!” right off the bat.

    Well, we even have people saying that about the P/G film still…but I think when folks watch it more closely, and compare it to KNOWN fakes, the differences really show up like crazy.

    My main point about THIS video is that the posture, movements, reactions and anatomy all look quite good compared to most fakes.

    As far as the little girls behavior-well little girls act squirrely a lot, especially when they are being slathered with attention. The cute button gets pushed, and this could be what some are mistaking for someone who knows they are in on a “production”…which it still could be.- But I still disagree that the girls eyeline goes to the exact spot-I think the creature is at 10 O: clock and she looks to about 8 or 9…Maybe. Then later she looks to her left; No-one has addressed this observation either.

    BUT, the distance of the “bigfoot” and some bits of foliage could be fooling my eye…err maybe not. If nothing else, I give the “bigfoot” credit for not hamming it up too much.

  46. sasquatch responds:

    Oh, and another thing-the cryptomundo version of the video gets about 25% of the right side of the screen cut off. (at least on my computer) So it does appear to be; bigfoot in upper left and girl bottm right…but in the original video she is almost centered.
    Hopefully this excercise makes us all better interpreters of this kind of thing, and forces people to think with open minds as well as having the skeptics hat nearby.

  47. Jocko Wainwright responds:

    I’m more disturbed by the fact that all of you see someone in a suit, when I see no evidence of a suit. It’s not clear enough to make out any detail at all.

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