New Loch Ness Monster Photo

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on April 13th, 2007

Published today in the Highland News is a photo that is claimed to be of the Loch Ness Monster.

New Loch Ness Monster Photo

Bird, plane, monster? Sidney believes he has captured the elusive Nessie in this picture.

Is this Nessie?

AN English holidaymaker thinks he may have taken the first picture of the season of the elusive Loch Ness Monster.

Sidney Wilson was in the city with his wife Janet when they decided on a cruise down the loch to take in the sights.

And it was as they approached Urquhart Castle that he ended up taking this intriguing photograph.

Sidney, who comes from Nottingham, said: “I was just taking pictures of everything as we sailed down the loch.

“As we approached the castle, two power boats appeared and circled us at speed, leaving a large wash in their wake.

“Thinking that it would make a good photograph, I fired off two quick shots and on the second, there appeared to be something in the water.”

After enlarging the image, Sidney could swear he could see a head and fin in the boat’s wash.

“After showing the image to staff at the National Hotel in Dingwall, they advised us to contact the Highland News,” he added.

The sighting took place on Tuesday, March 27.

The earliest claimed reference to Nessie is taken from the history of St Columba in which it is said he saved the life of a Pict who was being attacked by the monster.

The first modern sighting occurred on May 2, 1933. A report in a local newspaper claimed a Mr and Mrs John Mackay saw “an enormous animal rolling and plunging on the surface”.

Most sightings take place between March and September – a coincidence cynics claim coincides with the tourist season.Ian Barron
The Highland News

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23 Responses to “New Loch Ness Monster Photo”

  1. Scarfe responds:

    Hard to tell from that small image, but could be interesting

  2. vaughan responds:

    ‘Sidney Wilson from Nottingham’

    nice one Highland News 😉


  3. ShefZ28 responds:

    Not to be too critical…buuuut…

    “Sidney, who comes from Nottingham, said: “I was just taking pictures of everything as we sailed down the loch.

    “As we approached the castle, two power boats appeared and circled us at speed, leaving a large wash in their wake.”


    “Thinking that it would make a good photograph, I fired off two quick shots and on the second, there appeared to be something in the water.”

    So we have a ‘monster’ plus a boat wake? If he fired off two quick shots.. WOULDNT the creature be in the first shot?

    I’ll be the first to cast doubt by calling the moster a boat wake, but the picture is too small for me to see anything clearly.

  4. joppa responds:

    I see the boat wake…….I see a wave…..I see a white dot…..I see…o nevermind…I don’t see Jack.

  5. showme responds:

    The lack of any land on the horizon suggests to me that this photo was taken at a larger body of water than the Loch. Perhaps it’s a log rolling in a boat’s wake somewhere on the Atlantic coast?

  6. scaryeyes responds:

    I think there is land on the horizon, it’s just a bit hazy and out of focus. Not unusual in Scotland (the haziness, that is). I think this is the loch.

    As for the beastie… hmm… if you squint, you can see something that looks like the nose and fin of a porpoise or dolphin. But more likely it’s flotsam, or else a shadow. Wakes can be incredibly deceptive.

  7. swnoel responds:

    I agree with showme… does appear to be in open water and could possibly be a whale or dolphin.

  8. size 13 responds:

    wait a minuite…
    i see a… a…. hump in the water.and white dot or something.
    anyone got some beef jerky?

  9. aastra responds:

    Zoom in on those clouds in the distance and they look much less like clouds and much more like trees and other vegetation on a sloping hillside.

  10. RockerEm responds:

    well i see something in the water but the photo isnt big enough to really reveal any detail.

  11. Remus responds:


  12. springheeledjack responds:

    I see a couple of somethings that could be solid objects, BUT it could be a log, a big fish, or even a boater that fell out of the speed boat on the way by…another one of those who knows, we never will photos…

  13. Carlfoot responds:

    “Blobnessie!” I second that!

  14. JackSparrow responds:

    As a long time surfer it looks to me as this photo was taken at a river mouth with the tide forming pressure waves in the fore-ground and a small ocean swell rolling-in in the background. Does Loch Ness have a beastie and a secret surfing spot? As for the photo showing something mysterious I took a photo in a dark cave and the flash didn’t work and it showed more evidence of a mystery animal than this.

  15. Robsquatch responds:


  16. wildmanmarty responds:

    For all I can see, it could be an extra large fish head??? Next….

  17. Ranatemporaria responds:

    Is it not just the sun reflecting on the curved surface of cresent shape wake?

    Not so much a “blob-nessie” as a “messy nessie” a “M-essie!” if you will 🙂

  18. fallofrain responds:

    I’ve been to Loch Ness…what looks like clouds in the background looks to me like the type of vegetation found there, seen on a hazy day. There’s also a small dot that could be a building near the right side. I’ll take the photographer’s word for it that the photo was taken at the loch. As to what it is…one person’s imagination is as good as the next person’s.

  19. mystery_man responds:

    There is nothing in this photo to make me think this is something other than the hundred other mundane things it could be. I don’t see why if something like this is photographed in Loch Ness, then it must be the monster, whereas if this was photographed in the pond near my house, it would be just a nondescript pic of something floating in the water. I think with these photos, we should not consider where it was taken and let that get us to reading into the photos. Yes, if you look long and hard enough, keeping in mind that this is Loch Ness, you might find yourself seeing fins and a head. I just feel these pictures should be looked at for what they show, and this photo shows nothing to lead to the conclusion that this is a lake monster.

  20. Bob Michaels responds:

    Still no Nessie, the mystery remains unsolved.
    Wait till I go with my camera.

  21. ANDY3770 responds:

    I have been to loch ness lots of times and just came back today from a weeks holiday there and i can confirm that the photo was taken at loch ness.

    My own opinion is that the photo is not a whale or dolphin-but an unusual creature-possibly of the prehistoric period

  22. DARHOP responds:

    Almost looks like a couple tuna….

  23. giantchaser responds:

    Well, truthfully, I believe its true. They were near the castle, which, if i remember correctly is deeper than the other parts of the loch. Leading me to believe the monster lives/hides there. And random pictures can capture images of creatures living in the area you are photographing. I’ve seen legit pictures of a kid water skiing and a shark’s dorsal fin (bull shark,I think) in the background. The picture was just a random one taken during his family vacation.

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