Norwegian ‘Nessie’ Spotted?

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on August 14th, 2012

Norwegian ‘Nessie’ spotted in western Norway?

Three men sighted what they believe to be a sea serpent in a Hornindal lake in Sogn og Fjordane county, reports say.

The sea serpent can just be seen in the middle of the picture slightly left of centre
The sea serpent, Hornindalsvatnet
Photo: Andreas Solvik

Andreas Solvik said he was in “no doubt about it. We saw what we saw,” he told broadcaster NRK, Friday.

There has been much talk over the years about whether there is a monster in the lake. At 514 metres (approximately 1,686 feet), Hornindalsvatnet is the deepest in Europe.

The men claimed they spotted the creature at 21:30 after seeing ripples in the water and do not believe a boat passing at the time caused the ripples.

They took their boat to that area of the lake after allegedly seeing the serpent in the water the men took, but the creature was gone by the time they arrived, according to Mr Solvik.

“However, there was nothing more to see when we got there, just ripples on the lake. There was nothing in the water then”.

The men contacted the local newspaper, Fjordingen, and showed them the pictures they had taken of the creature.

Its editor, Bengt Flaten, did not doubt the story the men gave. He said that the pictures clearly show something in the water and vouched for the man as he knows them.

Describing the pictures, Mr Flaten declared, “We can see two arches, then the tail section at the back, and one can see what is probably the head at the other end.”

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7 Responses to “Norwegian ‘Nessie’ Spotted?”

  1. Tara Taylor via Facebook responds:

    Is this the only pic? Would love to see some more pics taken before/after to see if it changed position/disappeared/etc. rather than just having to assume they are branches. I have dreadful depth perception, but to me it doesn’t look that big, either. Can it just be a normal water snake or some kind of eel?

  2. John Kirk responds:

    I was advised of this photograph last week and began to investigate the background of the gentlemen who were involved in the taking of the picture. I can tell you that Andreas Solvik is an impeccable guy and is one of Norway’s top marksmen and the manager of a local gun club. He has a very good reputation and is very unlikely to do anything untoward.

    During the past week I have watched the photo evolve on a number of sites and believe that some copies of the image have been Photshopped to improve clarity. I don’t think the image has been altered too much from the original which can be found here.

    This is the local paper at Hornindalsvatnet where the sighting took place. I continue to investigate this remarkable photo and will be happy to share any other findings here with the readership of Cryptomundo if and when I discover anything new. For now I cautiously state that this looks like it is genuine..

  3. awrvb responds:

    Just swimming soldiers (army men).

  4. PhotoExpert responds:

    Well, there does seem to be dark colored arches in the water. It reminds me and looks like part of a inner tube on an old tire. I am not sure what I am looking at. Unfortunately, when you enlarge the phototgraph for photographic analysis, that portion of the photo is such a small part of the entire photo, that all you get are blurred pixels.

    I am not sure what they saw. However, if it is indeed some kind of animal, it reminds me of a snake or eel in body shape. There is water disturbance around the object in question. But an inanimate object could give the same water disturbance in a mediocre current or if there was a bit of wind blowing the object.

    The photo is inconclusive. I am not sure what they saw or what they think they saw. A very interesting photo. And unlike blobsquatches, at least you can see something in the photo. It is definitely not waves or shadow play, like so many other photos we see.

    Interesting but also inconclusive.

  5. graybear responds:

    Again, only one photo. Just exactly what is it about cryptoanimals that paralyzes so many peoples’ shutter finger? In the days of film that was perhaps understandable, when a roll of film was at most 36 exposures. But today’s digital cameras often have storage capacity for a thousand photos or more, and often with video tossed in for good measure. Click that shutter release! We want multiple photos where the odds of a really great photo are increased.

  6. dconstrukt responds:

    haha…. cmon….its so ambiguous.

    You’d think when you’re releasing these types of photos you’d want to show something BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT.

    otherwise it just ruins your credibility.

    It just takes 1 lousy photo (like this one) to ruin any shred of a persons credibility in the eyes of the public. (which it does).

    i don’t buy the “story” about the guy and his reputation, I’m looking at the proof, which is a photo that shows next to nothing yet “claims” to show norways nessie.


    I can’t take a guy seriously who’s willing to stake his reputation on something that is so inconclusive.

    If this was a trial, the evidence would be very weak at best.

  7. awrvb responds:

    I used Irfanview: Size (500,375) of the photo on point (444,248) swims someone with a helmet on his head! I believe that that large thing is a submarine with persons on it.

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