Sasquatch Illustrated: Sasquatch Tracks and Track Casts

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on April 12th, 2017

Dr. John Bindernagel, a professional wildlife biologist, uses a series of photographs and casts of sasquatch tracks to illustrate a number of unique features of the sasquatch foot. He also uses photographs of lines of sasquatch tracks in snow to illustrate several unique aspects of the sasquatch gait. Crudely-fabricated “sasquatch feet,” widely-accepted as an explanation for actual sasquatch tracks, are illustrated. The inhibiting effect of such hoaxes on serious sasquatch research is acknowledged.

Credits for slides used in Part 2 of Sasquatch illustrated lecture. (Names in parentheses provided or assisted with providing images)

Anonymous deer hunter
Associated press (AP Images)
Penny Dewar (and Joe Ziner)
Joe Dunn (and John Green)
Bob France (and Eric Altman)
Alex Hearn
Denis Herryford (and Rick Noll)
Don Keating
Jeff Meldrum
Dave Rubert (and Rick Noll)
Bob Titmus (and John Green)

Speaking of Dr. Bindernagel

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