Vampire Sheep Killer or Arabian Chupacabras?

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on November 25th, 2005

News reports from Dubai, United Arab Emirates tell of a blood-sucking creature killing the sheep in Sakmakam, a suburb of Fujairah.
The creature takes the sheep by the neck, sucking their blood and leaving them dead.

‘Blood-sucking creature’ killing sheep in Fujairah

The Return of the Vampire

Authorities believe the creature is likely an Arabian leopard or wolves attacking the sheep.

Description of the creature varied, with some residents saying it was a small animal, probably a fox or wolf, while others said it was more likely the Arabian leopard. Incidentally, a series of similar incidents took place in the area five years ago, but the mystery was solved when a national shot dead the creature. And it turned out to be an Arabian leopard which was preying on the sheep. 

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