When Nessie Met Darwin…

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on December 19th, 2013

In books and on screen, lots of famous names have had run-ins with Nessie, from Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Who to, most recently Asterix the Gaul.

Now former NASA engineer turned top-selling thriller writer Boyd Morrison brings Nessie face to face with one of the greatest names in science, Charles Darwin, in his latest novel The Loch Ness Legacy.

The novel, which received its UK release this week, is the latest in Morrison’s series starring engineer Tyler Locke, a one-man combination of Q and James Bond.

So far Locke’s adventures have involved him with mysteries from the Bible, Greek myth and the supposed UFO crash at Roswell in New Mexico.

The Seattle based writer revealed why Loch Ness deserved a visit from Tyler Locke.

So far you have tackled Noah’s Ark, King Midas and Roswell in your Tyler Locke books. What made Loch Ness stand out as a potential subject for the latest in the series?

As you can see, I like taking well-known legends and turning the explanations for them on their heads. The Loch Ness monster has always been fascinating to me because I love exotic creatures, which we are still finding to this day in remote jungles and ocean depths. I’m an engineer and scientist by education, so I thought it would be fun to see if I could come up with a scientific, non-supernatural reason for this legend to exist.



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