The Woodpile Sasquatch: East Texas Habituation Site

Posted by: Christopher Noël on December 17th, 2013

Christopher Noël discusses his thermal footage of a purported Sasquatch that was investigated on the lastest episode of Animal Planet’s Finding Bigfoot, Lonestar Squatch.

This footage was taken on the property of a habituator in East Texas. Over five years and many visits, I have learned a great deal about the local Sasquatch, their nature, their methods of communication, and the sort of mischief they engage in when making contact with the woman who lives here by herself. Some of what I’ve learned appears in the videos linked here; all of what I’ve learned appears in my book SASQUATCH RISING 2013.

SASQUATCH RISING 2013 is the only available source to not only delve into the scientific revolution unfolding before us today but also to fill in the rest of the story, conducting readers behind the scenes at multiple habituation sites—in Iowa, New York State, North Carolina, Oklahoma, two in Texas, and Vermont. These first-person testimonials and the author’s own field notes show the subtle, surprising ways of our ancient living kin.

Christopher Noël

A Sasquatch “habituation site” is a place with which members of this primate species have become familiar, and return to repeatedly. Throughout North America, certain people have been able to establish a relationship with these visitors, often exchanging food and gifts. But the Sasquatch always maintain their distance; extreme stealth has allowed them to survive, alongside human beings, for hundreds of thousands of years.

Christopher Noël About Christopher Noël
Christopher Noël is the author of Sasquatch Rising 2013 and editor of the newly released anthology How Sasquatch Matters: Writers Respond to the New Natural Order. Christopher Noël holds a Master’s degree in Philosophy from Yale. Noël is a freelance editor ( and lives with his daughter in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom.

8 Responses to “The Woodpile Sasquatch: East Texas Habituation Site”

  1. Amado Sagasta via Facebook responds:

    Is this the thermal Sasquatch that didn’t move the entire time…..yeah I’m gonna say fake

  2. alanrb responds:

    Anyone who has ever owned a ferret would recognize the movement in this video. I would suspect it’s some kind of Mustela. Mink or Long tailed Weasel. It is peeking over the edge.

  3. DWA responds:

    AmoebaSquatch; WeaselSquatch; and LiquidMercurySquatch are the possibilities from where I’m sitting.

  4. dconstrukt responds:

    i cant look at those videos and say bigfoot.

    sure, if you’re out looking for something, you want to hope it is and will do whatever you can do prove you’re right.

    but i just don’t see it.

    i can’t take that to a scientist, or even a normal person and say this is a bigfoot and have them believe it.

  5. Goodfoot responds:

    A white blob, about which I can say nothing else.

    But when he speaks of the “head” being the coolest spot – which I cannot see – an alarm went off. The top of the head would be the WARMEST, not coolest, because of body heat escaping through the top of the head. It’s why your mom always said to wear a hat when you go outside and play in cold weather.

  6. sasquatch responds:

    The head being cool comments by Matt are silly, but the one part does look like a hand with fingers flexing to me.

    Now, of course if Sasquatch looks like the cover of Noel’s book, then I know why he so fiercely stays hidden… cause if he didn’t he’d be laughed out of existence. Wilfred Brimleysquatch.

  7. DWA responds:

    Wilfred Rising 2013.

    Brimley Rising 2013.

    Not seeing it.

    Dead Giants Grow No Cool ‘Staches.

  8. NMRNG responds:

    I checked out that video months ago when I read Noel’s Sasquatch Rising 2013. I always thought it looked more like the tail of a cat curling around than a hand. The weasel suggestion is equally plausible. I have a hard time accepting that a 300, 400, 700? pound creature can sneak to 30′ in the woods, not stepping on sticks or dead leaves, without anyone hearing it, even with the fire crackling in the background.

    Chris, I see you have pulled your Shooting Bigfoot Kindle publication from Amazon. Is that an admission that you now acknowledge that Rick Dyer perpetrated a hoax and he never shot a bigfoot in Texas back in September of 2012? Wouldn’t it feel good just to publish an admission that you got fooled by a pathological liar and admit you were wrong? I’d certainly respect you more for admitting that you made a mistake than to stubbornly try to defend an erroneous position; I suspect almost everyone else on this site would feel the same way.

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