Bigfoot on Display?

Posted by: Nick Redfern on June 29th, 2012

In a post written yesterday at his Gralien Report blog, good friend Micah Hanks (pictured) reveals something that has a bearing upon today:

“The popular crypto-website Bigfoot Evidence may have come across some interesting and very exclusive data for the cryptozoology community regarding Bigfoot. According to an inside source, tomorrow at noon (presumably Mountain Time), there will allegedly be a press release held regarding the capture of a ‘Bigfoot’ creature, which had been injured in a Colorado wildfire.

“According to a comment placed on the site earlier today, a creature alleged to resemble the legendary Sasquatch was captured ‘near an area where one of the [Colorado wildfires] had recently passed through.’ The creature was then taken ‘to one of their houses’ and kept in a garage, where it has been described as being in critical condition.

“Most of us are familiar with the way rumors like this can begin, and much to the chagrin of the serious researcher, the hoaxes that are typically underlying such claims. During the Dyer-Whitton Bigfoot Hoax of 2008 that made national headlines, more than just a few in the cryptozoology community had gotten their hopes up about the potential for discovery, once and for all, of a creature like Bigfoot. Time has shown how that circumstance ended… but are we being set up for another likely fall again here?”

And here’s the link to Micah’s full post.


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14 Responses to “Bigfoot on Display?”

  1. Vpanoptes responds:

    “…but are we being set up for another likely fall again here?”

    Umm, does a Bigfoot poop in the woods?

  2. DWA responds:

    ‘taken to one of their houses’ and ‘kept in a garage’.

    Not saying this sort of occurrence is impossible or anything.

    But it sure doesn’t sound like something a press release would describe.

    I detect a familiar smell.

  3. Miles_Martin responds:

    Conference has “been moved” to 3pm Mountain Time.

  4. Stadtusquo responds:

    Yawn! I am not holding my breath on this, but if there is anything here, it will be hitting all of the news outlets, no need to look for it.

  5. Miles_Martin responds:

    And now it looks like the University of Colorado knows absolutely nothing about their supposed involvement.

  6. diogenes responds:

    What “set up?” An anon comment on a tabloid blog was reposted, that’s all the set up there. It seems to me , well I have suspisions even about the why of it…but, Obama is in Colorado Springs right now, so who knows? It would be a rather dignified way to unviel the “discovery” of BIgfoot before the English do it for us? Who knows, but anticipation? Maybe it is all just pent up from the build up of The Ketchum study and the EP footage….now that is a set-up remaing to be realized… But I must admit, it would be a better way for proof to come forward, rather than at the hands of a trophy hunter, innocent hunter, or even profit seeking researchers.

  7. Loren Coleman responds:

    Is Tom Biscardi behind this? Humm?

  8. rickg13 responds:

    “creature alleged to resemble the legendary Sasquatch”

    I love this line. Vague enough so that they could probably unveil some shirtless guy with a lot of body hair and say “Ta da!”

    Safe to say I won’t be holding my breath for this one.

  9. trapper9990 responds:

    Actually this post is a day old. The press conference was scheduled for today, if it wouldve been real, which it wasnt. So this is definetly a fake as the supposed conference day and time have already come and gone. Maybe their was an animal but if people were claiming to have a bigfoot in their garage,, which is what this story said, and was announcing it. Youd have every bigfoot group and government agency their to say hello. So i guess the story could have happened, a similar story actually did happen. So its hard to say if this is a copy cat story or just what. But their is no animal that we will see, thats for sure.

    And as an aside, bigfootevidence.blogspot is one of the worst sites i have ever seen. You cant believe anything you read their and i mean anything. Its owner, Shawn, promotes Tim Fasano, Rick Dyer, and several other people constantly. Its well known that in service for this publicity, he gets a portion of the youtube subsccriber/hit count money. The site rarely has any real stories up and most of it is purely propaganda, or videos of people making fun of actual researchers. Its basically just a garbage dump that is only their to try and generate hits for its owner by publishing trashy sleeze tabloid ads and pot shots at others. Its very sad as people post under the anonymous name and then will act like they represent the majority by pretending to be others. Tim Fasano and Rick Dyer do this all the time. Please people dont pay the time of day to that site. Cryptomundo is a million times better and keeps its feet out of the mud. That site is just for gossip and name calling. Its owner needs to realize what hes doing to this field.

  10. naus responds:

    Garage? What they didn’t have an extra room!!

    how the heck waits to reveal there find? If I found a sasquatch I would be like- Hey everybody come and see what I found, I wouldn’t say- hey everybody I found a sasquatch! why don’t you come by in a couple days and check it out. or maybe you should come by next week.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if they postponed it.

  11. CDC responds:

    If Justin Smerja is envolved there will soon be BBQ Bigfoot steaks on sale

  12. mrdark responds:

    I’ve said it before and, unfortunately, I’ll likely say it again: when a Bigfoot, dead or alive, comes into the custody of a human, we will all know about it in less than 24 hours via some worldwide news organization. Either the individual will release the information in the interest of science, or they’ll sell the reveal rights for MILLIONS and sit back and let Shepard Smith stand next to it and roll live.

  13. marcodufour responds:

    More like 3p.m. Moonshine time! ; )

  14. alegler responds:

    Oh no – here comes the “bigfoot in a meat freezer” again.

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