Do Truck Drivers Have a Secret Pact Regarding Bigfoot Sightings?

Posted by: Guy Edwards on June 13th, 2013

Bigfoot Lunch Club

Trucker Billy Joe McKay and his pet chimp Bear

“In trucking, there’s a secret pact that you simply do not report the bizarre events that the “regular” public will not understand.” –Username Trucker Bug on the trucker forum, The Truckers Report

The above quote from The Truckers Report was somewhat in jest and was a response to a conversation thread started by a trucker who was asking if other truckers have witnessed Bigfoot while driving. In fact, he asks what his chances of shooting a Sasquatch are and asks, “Have any of you seen a skunk ape / rock ape / sasquatch / yeti / bigfoot? What do you think my chances are of bagging one these creatures for the long haul home?”

As you can imagine some of the other responses were also less than serious. Another reply was, “First you have to put in your magical 1 year. Then you’ll learn the super secret handshake and take the sacred trucker oath. Then and only then you will receive super secret maps of all the super secret places that only WE know. On page 23 of the aforementioned maps you’ll find the exact location of Bigfoot, with descriptions on what to use as bait.”

All joking aside, some of the most interesting sightings have been witnessed by truckers. A quick search on John Green’s Sasquatch Database reveals over a dozen reports. Read the top 10 sightings by truck drivers at Bigfoot Lunch Club.

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4 Responses to “Do Truck Drivers Have a Secret Pact Regarding Bigfoot Sightings?”

  1. Alan Clark Huffines via Facebook responds:

    Great stuff. Loved the BJ AND THE BEAR pic.

  2. DWA responds:

    This is my personal favorite. Points for giving another name for the unique locomotor adaptation described, which is why:

    Not a Tractor-Trailer Trasher or a Maryland Mud Beast (two from MD! Wow!), but I like it.

  3. springheeledjack responds:

    My brother’s a trucker and he has never been part of a secret society of Bigfoot truckers. Incidentally he has had an encounter with a large (8ft tall plus) bipedal something crossing in front of his truck at 3am…and he told me about it. So, either: there’s no secret code or he violated it and I’ve just sealed his fate…

  4. David-Australia responds:

    To be a “Bigfoot trucker” wouldn’t you need an extra large cabin?

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