Kultus a Bigfoot Novel Written by Accomplished Author Kirk Sigurdson

Posted by: Guy Edwards on December 21st, 2013

Kultus: Kirk Sigurdson’s 5th Novel

You can buy Kultus at Amazon.com or get signed copies of Kultus at KultusBook.com.

As editor of BigfootLunchClub.com, I have read about every Bigfoot book out there (fiction and non-fiction). With the exception of  Shady Neighbors and Eve, many times the fiction novels can fall a little short. Kultus stands right besidxe these exceptional novels and definitely sets the bar for Bigfoot literature.

Kirk Sigurdson is a professional novelist and it shows with every line, page, and chapter. The overall story arc is riveting, relying on many Sasquatch scenarios familiar to the Bigfoot community. The strength of this novel is it will appeal to anybody who loves a mystery and is willing to meet interesting characters. This novel stands on its own as great fiction, it just happens to have a Bigfoot–and this Bigfoot is like no other.
Read a synopsis about the book below:

Kultus is the fifth novel written by Kirk. It touches upon the universal nature of love, sentience, and the sustainability of resources in a world burdened with an ever-growing human population. A surprising amount of research from the fields of anthropology and cryptozoology helps to enrich the story with realistic details. Like Upton Sinclair’s, The Jungle, Kultus has the power to transform society for the better. Its social commentary about non-human intelligence is at once captivating, and also chilling.

You can buy Kultus at Amazon.com or get signed copies of Kultus at KultusBook.com.

Guy Edwards About Guy Edwards
Psychology reduces to biology, all biology to chemistry, chemistry to physics, and finally physics to mathematical logic. Guy Edwards is host of the Portland, OR event HopsSquatch.com.

2 Responses to “Kultus a Bigfoot Novel Written by Accomplished Author Kirk Sigurdson”

  1. Matt Bille via Facebook responds:

    Looks intriguing. I’m still wondering why Eric Penz never followed up what I consider the best sasquatch novel, Cryptid.

  2. Saruotoko85 responds:

    I’ll be buying this.

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