The Creature of the Castle

Posted by: Nick Redfern on April 6th, 2012

Late one evening in September 1986, an English truck-driver named Mick Dodds was driving his mother-in-law back to her place of abode, which was a small but picturesque cottage in the Staffordshire, England village of Stowe-by-Chartley.

All was completely and utterly normal until Dodds passed by the ancient and ruined Chartley Castle, that overlooks the A518 road, when something terrible and terrifying put in an unearthly appearance.

That “something” turned out to be hairy, ape-like and most definitely hostile: a definitive British Bigfoot?

And why am I mentioning all this now? Well, new and important data has recently surfaced on this curious affair. And, as a result, I’ll be embarking on a brand new investigation shortly – the results of which I will post here when complete. Stay tuned!

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8 Responses to “The Creature of the Castle”

  1. Kopite responds:

    Might have been nothing more than what they already said it looked like….a large chimpanzee. An escapee??

  2. AreWeThereYeti responds:

    Are we sure the mother-in-law was still in the car…? 😉

  3. parksie responds:

    I live around 5-10 miles from their and its very interesting to hear this story as not heard before. Have heard about sightings and strange noises in a place called cannock chase (large wooded nature reserve) only a few miles from stowe-by-chartley so maybe there could be a link there. Would be interested to hear more on this.

  4. parksie responds:

    Just done a quick google (bigfoot cannock chase) a few interesting articles came up. Here’s the first.

  5. Hapa responds:

    Normally I steer away from paranormal explanations for Cryptids, but this one does fit the paranormal, when looking further into the history of the region, i.e. other big ape sightings there, some of them describing a phantom. The above encounter with the chimp like animal above could have been an escapee animal, could have been the ghostly Monkey-man, but either way it would be hard to prove. With ghosts, impossible to prove.

    If some believe that this is a ghost of a hominoid, or a more traditional quadraped ape, then fossils of the region need to be carefully researched. Heidelbergs once lived in Britain (they were around 6 feet tall to taller, lived before Neanderthals, unknown as to whether they were hairy or not, though most likely not, some populations saw individuals of 6 feet for or above), but I can’t recall if monkey or nonhuman ape fossils have been found there.

    Another theory might hold that this is the ghost of a exotic primate brought to the region centuries ago and died, haunting the place ever since. Don’t really believe in ghosts myself, but it’s something for paranormal researchers to consider.

  6. Kopite responds:


    Yeah seems more supernatural after reading that link. Thanks parksie. Definitely not enough remote rugged land to be the home of a bigfoot like creature hehe. Either there or anywhere in Britain.

    On the other hand, Britain is positively swarming with ‘ghostly’ activity, or ‘alleged’ ghostly activity.

  7. Nick Redfern responds:

    Interestingly, at the very site where the sighting of 1986 occurred, twenty years later – 2006 – a huge crop circle appeared right next to the castle. I went out to see it and if anyone would like a copy of one of the photos, let me know.

  8. Kopite responds:


    I wouldn’t mind seeing the picture Nick.

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