South Park Takes On BFRO & Cryptozoology

Posted by: Loren Coleman on April 6th, 2012

South Park made fun of the BFRO this week, but the Finding Bigfoot folks are loving it.

“Legends tell of a horrific four-legged creature from Mexico that sucks the blood of goats, and it might have just been spotted in South Park.” – Cartman
“What does that have to do with Passover?” – Kyle
“All that I can promise you is: that this is going to be the most memorable Passover ever.” – Cartman

“If someone says that they saw a Sasquatch, they’re either lying or they are stupid! Now stop lying about the Jewpacabra before stupid people start believing you!” – Kyle

This week the comedy series South Park took on Fortean frog falls, cryptozoology, Chupacabras, the BFRO, and Finding Bigfoot in their parodies. The episode was entitled “Jewpacabra.” You can tell where they were going with that title.

“Jewpacabra” is the fourth episode of the sixteenth season of the American animated sitcom South Park, and the 227th episode of the series overall. It premiered on Comedy Central in the United States on April 4, 2012, and is being repeated routinely throughout this week.

Here’s a summary of what occurred: Kyle awakes to find Cartman in his home listening to Mrs. Brofloski talk about Passover and other Jewish traditions. Kyle screams for Cartman to get out and then asks him what he is doing. Cartman just says he is interested in Jewish culture–something Kyle does not believe for a second. Later on, the children of the town are all standing in line to sign up for the Easter egg hunt and Cartman tells everyone else of the “Jewpacabra.” Kyle arrives to angrily discredit Cartman, explaining that Cartman is just spreading antisemitism as usual. When Cartman compares Jewpacabra sightings to those of creatures like the Sasquatch, Kyle says anyone who claims to have seen a Sasquatch is either a liar or a idiot. “Now stop lying before stupid people start believing you!” But it is unfortunately too late for that as Butters lies in his bed terrified that the dreaded “Jewpacabra” will strike him. Cartman arrives and tells Butters to come with him and help him hunt “Jewpacabra.”

Cartman and Butters head out to the woods nearby with their camcorders and get a shot of what seems to be a dog or cat jumping around the rocks. Cartman tries to prove the fact that “Jewpacabra” is real by meeting the “Sooper Foods” team by showing them the video of what they took last night. The team does not want to take a chance against the “Jewpacabra” and seeks help of Cartman to find where it is. Cartman takes advantage over this and uses it to get a free water slide ride in The Bahamas.

South Park very realistically illustrates the next section with cartoon images of the four individuals from Animal Planet’s Finding Bigfoot. The only name that is heard often is “Bobo.”

The next scenes have Cartman and friends heading back to Colorado where they give the video evidence to a team of experts at the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization (who are parodied as stupid people).

The researchers say that the Jewpacabra is real by taking an infrared image and comparing that with a picture of a dog. The BFRO characters are heard definitely claiming these are Squatch and other things. The BFRO members tell that the Jewpacabra will be after Cartman because it was he who captured the video of it. This scares Cartman and therefore seeks Kyle’s advice but Kyle refuses to help him by throwing down his phone. Cartman then hides himself in a church where he continuously prays to Jesus to help him. He also employs his friends to protect him by giving them 20 dollars and a shotgun. After a few minutes, a howl is heard which scares away the boys and there is a continuous door slam on the church. Cartman hides himself under a table and calls Butters where they are. Butters replies that they went and hid themselves in Wingstreet, and Cartman gives a funny reply that he also wants a wing.

Soon, the door is slammed and it is found to be the Sooper Foods team who are in search of Cartman. They capture him and dress him in a bunny suit in the park as they wish to sacrifice him to Jewpacabra so that they can conduct the Easter egg hunt next day without fear. They also splash a stain of blood over him so that the Jewpacabra can find him easily. After a few minutes, Kyle shows up in the park which delights Cartman. Cartman asks Kyle to help him escape but Kyle refuses to do so, since Cartman does not accept that he is been lying.

After sometime, what appears to be a view from a dangerous creature but later it turns out to be a “stupid person” (the Bobo character) from the BFRO seeing through a binocular. They think that Cartman is a real life Bunny-man, and so they shoot him with a tranquilizer. Later, the BFRO team head out to do a show on Animal Planet about the Bunny-man, taking the gun (as “evidence”) they tranquilized Cartman with but neglecting to take the actual Cartman/Bunny-man.

Cartman then has a tranquilizer-induced nightmare about the Plagues of Egypt, where he is found to be the son of the Pharaoh in Egypt. It is found that the God is angry over the people where there is a Plague of Locusts flying around and raining frogs. The Pharaoh is wrong and the first sons of the family in Egypt die (by their heads exploding) due to God’s anger. Meanwhile, Kyle breaks the chain of a knocked out Cartman and takes him to his house where he puts him onto his bed for sleep. After this harrowing nightmare, Cartman wakes, seemingly convinced he is of Jewish faith now.

Next day, he returns to the Easter Egg hunt and explains to the people but they do not seem to believe him. Finally, he says sorry to Kyle and says he now knows how it feels when one’s faith is mocked. It seems as if Cartman has become a believer in Judaism and feels friendlier to Kyle. The story ends with the Sun shining with the Star of David in it.


The cast of Finding BigfootMatt, Cliff, Bobo and Ranae did not do their own voices to for the episode, but the South Park animators captured their likeness extremely well.

“As a huge fan of South Park, I couldn’t be more thrilled to have our series and fantastic Bigfoot team skewered by their genius minds. I’ve always thought parody was the sincerest form of flattery,” Finding Bigfoot Executive Producer Keith Hoffman said. “Now maybe I can get tickets to their hit Broadway show [Book of Mormon]?”


Here is one site’s top quotations from the show:

Season 16, Episode 4
Airdate: April 4, 2012

South Park “Jewpacabra” Quotes

Cartman: So God makes it rain frogs? That just seems kind of mean to frogs, Kyle!

Mr. Billings: Hello young man. Let me off start off by saying Sooper Foods is absolutely not an anti-Semitic company. But, if your people do have a monster creature that feeds on Easter children, we just wanted to let you know that there’s a sacrifice for it in the park that is totally fun and safe to eat. Thank you.

Mr. Billings: Our entire business is based on fun and safety!
Cartman: This isn’t safe or fun!

Cartman: Those cryptozoologists don’t know what they’re talking about. They just gave me a case of the Hebrew-jeebies, that’s all

Cartman: What you’re looking at there is a Jewpacabra. It’s like a sasquatch, only more elusive, more ferocious, and a little more greedy.

Mr. Billings: What are the chances that Jewpacabra is real?
Peters: I’m estimating around .000000001%.
Mr. Billings: I can’t afford to take that chance.

Cartman: You can’t scare a Jewpacabra! Don’t forget Butters, we’re dealing with a creature that drinks blood, hides in the night, and has no belief in the divinity of Christ.

Source for lower quotes.

Loren Coleman About Loren Coleman
Loren Coleman is one of the world’s leading cryptozoologists, some say “the” leading living cryptozoologist. Certainly, he is acknowledged as the current living American researcher and writer who has most popularized cryptozoology in the late 20th and early 21st centuries. Starting his fieldwork and investigations in 1960, after traveling and trekking extensively in pursuit of cryptozoological mysteries, Coleman began writing to share his experiences in 1969. An honorary member of Ivan T. Sanderson’s Society for the Investigation of the Unexplained in the 1970s, Coleman has been bestowed with similar honorary memberships of the North Idaho College Cryptozoology Club in 1983, and in subsequent years, that of the British Columbia Scientific Cryptozoology Club, CryptoSafari International, and other international organizations. He was also a Life Member and Benefactor of the International Society of Cryptozoology (now-defunct). Loren Coleman’s daily blog, as a member of the Cryptomundo Team, served as an ongoing avenue of communication for the ever-growing body of cryptozoo news from 2005 through 2013. He returned as an infrequent contributor beginning Halloween week of 2015. Coleman is the founder in 2003, and current director of the International Cryptozoology Museum in Portland, Maine.

26 Responses to “South Park Takes On BFRO & Cryptozoology”

  1. Jonathan Poulsen responds:

    I just saw this earlier today, at first I was expecting an offensive and disrespectful farce such as the cryptozoology episode of Penn and Teller’s Bullshit. However, it actually managed to be comedic. Two thumbs up to South Park.

  2. Nny responds:

    I guess I’ve ‘been waiting’ for Cryptomundo to run this.

    It was awesome.

    BFRO was displayed as what they really are in the worst light possible

    Finding Bigfoot was plugged…….not at all (‘Hey everyone, let’s the this evidence and get our own show on the Animal Planet’ is NOT a plug) and it made me very very very happy.

    The most gratifying/worst part of the show was the BFRO being a complete sideshow and not the focus of the show. That being said, if it WAS the focus, then cryptozoology itself would have been the focus and that was not the case.

    So hats off to South Park.

    Let me join in the millions (and millions) who are currently laughing at Matt Moneymaker(who’s name was NOT mentioned but his likeness was COMPLETELY shown) and the BFRO. Sorry folks, but if you want to be SCIENTIFIC, then act like. Jackasses.

    One of my favorite South Park episodes ever.

  3. Nny responds:

    Let me reiterate…..


    ….without knowing his name.

    No one in the ‘finding bigfoot’ can ever take that from him.

  4. CDC responds:

    Yeah I watched the show on Wed and posted it on other sites that night so folks could watch the replay Thurs

    It pretty much went right in line with what most folks see Finding Bigfoot as, in general.

    I felt a little bad for BoBo as he was made to look very simple minded, when in reality he is a smart guy.

    The fans who watch South Park are just another sample of society that looks at Cryptozoology as a joke. It seems that only the gulible and stupid believe in Cryptids, when again in reality, science has a presence but is never acknowleged.

    The writers on that show, write shows week to week during the season to keep the new shows as current as possible. The popularity of Finding Bigfoot made it a target. They have done the same thing with Ancient Aliens, Ghost Hunters, and a few other shows…mocking each time

    As insulting and over the top as the characters are made…they come close enough to make good people look stupid.

    I don’t care much for Matt Moneymaker, but even I felt kinda bad at how insulting and personal these attacks can be, and shown to millions of viewers.

  5. CDC responds:


    Every show on television has it’s target audience. Desperate Housewives, Dancing With the Stars, Famliy Guy, etc, that’s what TV does, reaches out to a group so sponsors can sell motor oil or tampons.

    The viewer profile of this show is 18 to 49 year old adults, mostly male, income below $75k. This is the demographic of a South Park audience

    Different groups of people watch different shows, NASCAR viewers may not watch The Kardashians…they can, but The Kardashians is not targeted at the same demographic audience as NASCAR

    My point is “Stoosh”, Cryptozoology is just a hobby for me. There is some valid science to it which respect, but I hate the wild claims and stupid stories that get in the way of possible actual evidence. We who share this hobby or interest can debate with each other, challenge each other, even laugh at each other, because we share the common interest of Cryptozoology.

    Those who watched this South Park episode laughed at Cryptozoology, just like they have laughed at Mormons, Jews, Scientology, the elderly, and many other groups in society that have been made fun of by South Park. Each group is portrayed the way South Park views them…in our case, as stupid or liars for following Cryptozoology.

    Matt Moneymaker and I have very different opinions on Finding Bigfoot. A year ago we went back and forth on this and other sites, name calling and challenging each other.

    Anyone in America can feel any way they want about anything, what bothers me is when those who know nothing about a subject, mock or laugh at it, which is their right to do, but I also have a right to say screw South Park.

    Reality is, I have seen every South Park episode, some were very funny in my opinion, this one was not. I have laughed out loud at many of their shows, this one wasn’t that funny

    If the spoiled brat writers at South Park want to make fun of Tom Cruise, Jennifer Lopez, Barbara Streisand, or other multi millionaires out there, that’s one thing. When they make guys like BoBo look like an idiot, then I claim cheap shot.

    This is just a hobby for me, and folks can laugh all they want at it. But when they laugh at me or others who share my hobby, then I have a right to feel as I want.

    If I could make a show about the pale, sissy boy, writers from South Park who couldn’t walk up a flight of stairs without stopping for a Starbuck Coffee rest, then I would. These soft, flabby, out of shape, guys sit around all day writing sarcastic dribble that hasn’t been funny since the Jennifer Lopez episode years ago, and take home tons of money for that dribble. Good for them.

    They can do what they want, and millions will watch, I can say what I want and only you will reply “Stoosh”.

    To me, Matt Moneymaker is like a brother that I punch with back and forth all the time. We can punch each other all we want, but when some one else takes a punch at him, I’ll knock that person on their flabby ass.

    I may not like Matt…but I’m in the same boat as he is on the subject of Cryptozoology…most of us here are

  6. lancemoody responds:

    The South Park episode was DEAD ON, CDC. It was exactly on target and nailed the all too visible faults of the Finding Bigfoot. To say that South Park knows nothing about your hobby may comfort you but they zeroed in with laser-like precision on the fatal shortcomings of the BFRO. Namely, that Finding Bigfoot is to science as kindergarten is to graduate school.

    Just to be clear, when you say:

    “These soft, flabby, out of shape, guys sit around all day..”

    You aren’t talking about Moneymaker, right?

  7. evilangusyeti responds:

    I have to go with Stoosh. I have followed crypto since the late 60s. I have enjoyed South Park since it came out. Like CDC said, sometimes I think the show misses, but it is still funny and I thought this one was very funny. CDC, don’t get me wrong. I am an avid reader of comments here and enjoy yours. I really like the way DWA and Loren can have a civil disagreement and not get nasty. I hope we have the same debate here. To anyone that does not follow crytpo news like us we all may seem like liars or stupid people. We know different. But if you can’t laugh at yourself, you take yourself way to seriously. Anyway, I do so enjoy reading all yall’s comments so much. TY Cryptomundians and Loren and Craig for providing a great forum for this.

  8. Nny responds:

    I guess I’d like to add a little something else.

    I did *not* like the portrayal of Bobo either. When I watched the show(FB), he was one of my favorite characters. South Park really went over the top with him, which did make me laugh, and also feel bad.

    @ CDC …. about the pale, sissy boy, flabby, soft, out of shape, writers….. uh, since reality is you’ve seen every episode, shouldn’t you know that the show has one writer for 99% of the the episodes?

    Don’t know if the link worked or not… but that’s supposed to be the pale, sissy boy, flabby, soft, out of shape writer. He is….. pale….. I guess.

    Anyway, I love Cryptomundo, I love cryptozoology, I loved the BS episode from P&T about cryptozoology and I loved the South Park episode. They’ve all got their flaws. Though not as many as FB/MM. IMO.

  9. gridbug responds:

    The Finding Bigfoot SuperSquatchers put themselves on public display. They may claim to have the best intentions, but when you get in bed with the Reality TV Devil, you have no one to blame but yourself. From start to finish, they have proven to be their own worst enemies. Did they deserve the South Park treatment? Absolutely. Will it work for them or against them? At this point it remains to be seen.

  10. CDC responds:


    Trey Parker is the lead writer, but there are several writers on staff to help with every episode

    I guess you are right, I should have added frail, skinny, boney, to include everyone on staff.

    That writing staff lacks diversity. Except for two women, my description of all the other writers is correct.

    I would say that to each of their faces, it wouldn’t matter to them…they wouldn’t care or couldn’t do anything about it they did.

    I wonder of they would have the courage to be in the same room with BoBo when they aired the episode with him in it? Nah, these guys are cheap shot artists, and they do it from the safety of an office

  11. CDC responds:


    I was talking about Matt Stone, and a few others on the South Park staff.

    I watched a special on Comedy Central that showed how a South Park episode was made from concept/idea to cartoon. Everyone connected with the show was seen and interviewed…that whole staff couldn’t do 5 sit-ups in one day

    “DEAD ON”? Do you get all your information from South Park episodes Lance? This isn’t a news show or a educational program…it’s toilet humor that tries more and more popular subjects because they have lost their edge

    They used Finding Bigfoot because like it or not, Finding Bigfoot has an audience growing at a faster rate then South Park. Cable shows like Ghost Hunters, Ancient Aliens, Dog Whisperer, etc, all find their way on to South Park episodes…these flabby boys just want ratings and viewers

    Matt Moneymaker is a big guy, Matt Stone is a soft guy. In the wilds of the woods, in my opinion, Matt Moneymaker would eat Matt Stone if he was hungry

  12. CDC responds:


    You are entitled to your opinion and I respect that

    But could you please tell me the parts of the show that you thought were funny? I might have missed it because in my opinion this episode was pretty lame.

    The last South Park episode I truly laughed out loud at was when Butters became a pimp. Can you please tell me where in last night’s episode you laughed out loud?

    Many times folks think something is funny because the “cool” people think it’s funny. They jump on the band wagon and succumb to peer pressure. Honestly, I think I only smiled a bit when Cartman went to Atlantis to use the water slide…other than that, I watched but didn’t laugh.

    I will admit it was a clever concept, tying religion and Cryptozoology together as if both were not real. Trey Parker is Jewish and Matt Stone doesn’t affiliate with a religion so I can see where they were trying to go…but I still don’t see where they did anything funny

    I don’t laugh at Bill Maher, Rita Rudner, or Rosie O’Donnell either, so my humor may be different than yours. But really, cutting the throats of baby lambs? Really?

    You may think Matt Stone and Trey parker are “way” cool, but I think they are just a couple of smart assed yuppy types that hit a home run with a funny show 10 years ago, and now that show strikes out each time at bat.

    Show me where I’m wrong

  13. slick1ru2 responds:

    I thought the episode was hilarious. Every time Bobo opened his mouth, I LOL. Do I think Bobo is an idiot? Nope. Do I take what South Park does serious? Nope. Do I live in a trailer and make less than $75k a year? Nope. Am I a college student? Nope.

    South Park’s audience is huge and supports a network. It took 20 years to get that big. Is everything they do hilarious? Nope. But that is true of all forms of entertainment. And I’ve thought Trey and Matt have had a huge pair since their episodes with Tom Cruise and his cult of Scientology. Tom is a huge player in the industry and Scientology is just plain scary. Read the Time article on them by Richard Behar.

  14. Nny responds:

    @ CDC, I guess

    I know you didn’t ask me….. but I thought the Cash For Gold episode from this season was amazing. I laughed harder in that episode than I did this one.

    And I think my favorite parts where when Stan was telling the home shopping guy that he should just kill himself. Since I admitted that, and you have a problem with lambs getting killed, we most likely do have a very different sense of humor.

    And with that being said…. yeah, I think there’s been four episodes this season? And I’ve really enjoyed only half of them.

  15. gridbug responds:

    I remember when they totally nailed Dog the Bounty Hunter on South Park… there were some pretty good laffs to be had. I’ve never really been a fan of South Park at all and only tune in once in a very great while, and while they usually aim for the lowbrow humor demographic they sometimes hit it right on target. Case in point: when George Lucas and Steven Spielberg violated Indiana Jones. So wrong, but so true.

    Wonder how long it’ll take before Finding Bigfoot gets the Saturday Night Live spoof treatment?

  16. CDC responds:


    Yeah when they did the Tom Cruise episode Tom was being fired by Viacom, and Paramount ended it’s 14 year relationship with Tom so he wasn’t the player he may be now or even before 2006

    Before you credit Trey and Matt for having a “huge pair”, look at what they did with the Muhammed episode…that “pair” shrank a ton

    If you vision folks can live in trailer parks making up to 75k a year, then maybe you might be out of touch with society just like Trey and Matt…or the economy is worse than I thought

  17. jewpunxxx responds:

    My god, from its inception the creators of SP have said that nothing is sacred when it comes to the show. They poke fun at everu aspect of society. And what does their physical fitness have to do with anything. For godsake SP has even made fun of itself. I cannot see what upset you so much about this episode as you really should have expected it. When i read your opinion cdc the only thing i read into it is arrogance, envy, generalizing classsism. Who are you to sit in judgement of the audience of southpark, because im sure that it is a wider range the unintellegent poor people as you claim. Ecspeciallu in recent yeats as the show tends to lean more towards intelligent racy comedy and is much more smart comedy than the competition on fox. It is just a show. Let them have your fun and you have your fun, thrre are mucj bigger problems than SP having a rib at your hobby. Mountaons out of molehills my friends thats all this comment thread has been. Lets moveon to more important issues than SPs portrayl of bobo, causr im sure it did not hurt his feelings. Its a shame it hurt yours. For the record matt and trey ate actually really cool people if you ever get the chance to meet them

  18. slick1ru2 responds:

    Yeah, when you are on SNL, you’ve truly arrived, lol. Or the Daily Show.

  19. CDC responds:


    Yeah the Cash for Gold had a few moments, it mostly showed the stupidity of buying and selling junk jewlery

    Killing the baby lambs was just not funny. I don’t mind the offensive act, but the set up was predictable, big sad cute eyes on a cartoon lamb, then repeatably slitting their throats for a laugh. I guess when I knew what was coming, it lost it’s shock value…big, sad, or cute eyes = murder, rape, or death on South Park

    South Park has pretty much done everything shocking, maybe that’s the problem…nothing is as funny when you are expecting what will be seen, and then they show it

  20. CDC responds:


    The good thing about the freedom South Park has, to do what they please on their shows, is we as viewers are entitled to our opinions of them

    We could list a 1000 times where South Park crossed the line and offended some one, example would be, they used the “n” word over 40 times in different episodes.

    The problem in my opinion is when folks like you turn your head at every offensive act because you see it as “just a show”, and “let them have their fun”.

    With this show as you claim, “nothing is scared”. Episodes with subjects such as child molestation, beastiality, murder, rape, incest, racism, child abuse, and other terrible ideas have found their way onto South Park…no juwpun…this is NOT “just a show”.

    There is a man serving 25 years in prison for death threats against the writers of South Park The lines they cross upset a ton of people a million times more than me.

    This was a simple nothing episode about religion and crypotozoology that in my opinion, was not that funny. I didn’t like the way they made the folks look, so what.

    Cryptozoology is not a subject to get upset about, yet look at every Cryptozoology site and see how many arguments go back and forth, Believer vs Skeptic.

    And for your record, in my opinion Matt and Trey are not “really cool people”. I believe they are creative guys who came up with a brilliant concept, but became cheap shot artists and bullies when they found success.

    This show is just their platform to express what they choose…they are exactly like rap stars, saying whatever they want about whoever they want

    “Intelligent racy comedy”? I claim BS, it’s the same toilet humor that made them famous. They are two men in their 40’s who act like teenage boys. As long as they have followers like you, their success will continue

  21. slick1ru2 responds:


    The South Park episode Trapped In The Closet came out at the same time of Paramount’s War of The Worlds, the 4th highest grossing movie of 2005. 2006 he starred in the even higher grossing Paramount movie MI III. He was being paid $75 million in 2006, that means be definition, he is a major Hollywood player. And while he has been making movies at Warner and Universal since MI Ghost Protocol, he is slated to be in Top Gun 2, a Paramount movie, in 2013.

    If you think taking on Scientology is no big deal, you need to do some reading. Start with the Time magazine article by Richard Behar. Then you can move on to the attacks, personal and legal, made against those who speak out against that “religion”.

    If you think people living in trailer parks make over $75k a year, it explains some of your posts on this article..

  22. gridbug responds:

    It should also be said (understatement, really) that when one of us crypto-enthusiasts (both professional and non) is ridiculed, we all suffer the same fate. Sadly, the Finding Bigfoot circus has done and is doing more damage than good to our overall reputation. Getting skewered on South Park certainly doesn’t help. And unfortunately, it’s increasingly difficult to distance ourselves from the negative influences that skirt our edges.

  23. CDC responds:


    This episode the thread is about is entitled “jewbacabra” which is a “Cryptozoology” subject…an unknown animal. The side story was the religious angle.

    The episode you keep going on about was called “Trapped in the Closet” which was about famous people who may be gay, but won’t come out of “the closet”, Tom Cruise, John Travolta, R Kelly…the scientology that you keep going on and on about was the side story.

    South Park was mocking Tom Cruise for being gay and used scientology to get him in “the closet” in the episode. The slurs they used to describe Tom Cruise in that episode I cannot repeat here…but those slurs all were references to him being gay, and not about him being a scientologist.

    The show did go out of their way to attack scientology in that epsiode, which lead to Isaac Hayes leaving the show a year later.

    You claim Matt and Trey are such great guys, well, Hayes who knew them better than you, made the statement, “There is a place in this world for satire, but there is a time when satire ends and intolerance and bigotry towards religious beliefs of others begin”.

    You can love or hate the show, it makes no difference to anyone. If you are one of it’s 3 million weekly viewers, then good for you.

    My issue was how they depicted those who have Cryptozoology as a hobby. Like others who didn’t like how their lifestyles were dipicted on South Park, we are allowed to make are feeling known, not sit quietly and let two spoiled brat punks write shows however they wish…in my opinion.

    I never mentioned “trailers” you did, I only replied to YOUR response. In my opinion up to 75k puts you somewhere in the middle class, so I was commenting on how you could equate that to “trailers”.

    As for Tom Cruise, he was fired in 2006, that’s a fact. If you want to claim him as a “major player” in 2005, you are entitled to your opinion

    I think the problem you have is with scientology, and since South Park attacked scientology, you support South Park…the enemy of your enemy is your friend.

    I could care less about either, I only care about Cryptozoology at this site and others. If you want a relious debate, you are in the wrong place.

    South Park is what it is, and in this case, I didn’t like it. My opinion of spoiled punk brat writers still stands, and I, like everyone, is entitled to an opinion.

  24. slick1ru2 responds:

    CDC, I only brought up Scientology and Tom Cruise as a well known example. I thought it hilarious you were saying that Trey and Matt can’t do 5 push ups, they would be afraid to watch the episode with Bobo in the room, etc. when by the vary nature of their job they have obviously shown they AREN’T afraid of physical or financial injury because the vast majority of the world realizes its SATRE and doesn’t mean anything in the grand scheme of things other than a source for a laugh. You’ve bashed and mischaracterized that example and misconstrued my reasoning, which I am sure isn’t the first or last time you’ve done that here and on other forums. Perhaps you think you are here to tell us all what we think and all the facts. You want to know what I have a problem with, its with cyber bullies who turn and twist posts, make up facts and who seem to get off on displaying how much smarter they are, more money they make and how many more pushups they can do than the rest of us. You’re right, if you are here, I probably am at the wrong website.

  25. coelacanth1938 responds:

    I’d say the Animal Planet show is doing a thousand times more damage than anything South Park can do.

  26. TheForthcoming responds:

    SP is a rip off of The Simpsons.

    But still some episodes are quite funny.

    I wonder what the writers smoke (as well as drink) when writing these episodes lol.

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