Giant Insects, Scorpions, Sharks, Why Not Giant Hominids?

Posted by: Guy Edwards on March 1st, 2011

Giant Hominids

JD Adams of writes an article titled, “The Enigma of the Giants” Although, Gigantopithecus is mentioned, Adams goes beyond the familiar Giganto-theory and speaks about Giant Humans from all over the world.

Every form of life has had its giant stage in evolution. During the Carboniferous period, the Meganeura, resembling a dragonfly, grew to have a wingspan of 30 inches. The Pulmonoscorpius, an early scorpion, were one meter in length. A giant crocodile, the Sarcosuchus, lived during the Cretaceous period, and were 40 ft. in length and weighed over 8 tons. The Titanoboa, the largest snake that ever lived, reigned during the Paleocene epoch, and was up to 50 ft. long and 2,500 lbs in weight.JD Adams

Its no coincidence we are finding the term “Giant” used lately, in greater frequency, Loren Coleman has been ahead of this curve. We are looking forward to reading his new book True Giants: Is Gigantopithecus Still Alive?

Read an excerpt from the JD Adams article and a link to the rest at

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One Response to “Giant Insects, Scorpions, Sharks, Why Not Giant Hominids?”

  1. DWA responds:

    I use a similar argument against those who use diet (not enough to eat, based on gorillas and orangs) and climate (all known apes are tropical) against the sasquatch.

    There are bears that eat nothing but flesh and bears that eat mostly vegetation. What says apes need to be any different? All the sasquatch is, really, is the polar (or grizzly) bear to the gorilla’s sun bear or giant panda. Even the chimpanzee has a similar diet, in terms of broad kinds of foods, to the sasquatch. (Then, of course, look at us. Is there anything we don’t eat?)

    Most kinds of animals have tropical, temperate and polar representatives. Why would apes be any different? Particularly given that they’re supposed to be the smartest?

    (Plug in “hominoid” or even “hominid” where you see “ape” if that makes you more comfortable.)

    Gigantism may be more prevalent among sasquatch than among humans. Now as to the Really True Giants, well, I’ll leave off here.

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