Indrid and Mothman

Posted by: Nick Redfern on September 13th, 2012

Over at Who Forted? Mike McKay has a new article on our old friend Mothman and its many and varied associations: Indrid Cold, the TNT Plant, a collapsing bridge and much more…

As Mike notes:

“…if you ever find yourself driving through Wild, Wonderful West Virginia and you see a sign that reads “Welcome to Point Pleasant”, stop in and have a look around. But always keep a keen eye open. Because some say that The Mothman is still around somewhere, hiding and watching from the thick wooded areas that surround this little town.”

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3 Responses to “Indrid and Mothman”

  1. Alaric Bragg via Facebook responds:

    It’s a surviving Giant Burrowing Owl. Seriously it fits the bill for a bird whose remains were found in Cuba.

  2. D2K4 responds:

    I’m with Alaric Bragg on this one. It all fits, right down to the eye shine color. (You’ll notice, in nearly every case mentioned there was something that would cause eye shine-headlights, a flashlight, etc.) The only thing that makes no sense is the way it flew, which could have been exaggerated by the fear of the witnesses.

    As for the MIB connection and the paranormal stuff, there’s little to really link all of that together. This Indrid Cold person was most likely the figment of one man’s imagination and this second individual mentioned in the article likely some UFO enthusiast with a lot of issues.

  3. Goodfoot responds:

    Giant Burrowing Owl. Just a short-hopper from Havana to Point Pleasant! ARE THEY EIGHT FEET TALL?

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