What Do You Think Of Finding Bigfoot: “Caught on Tape”

Posted by: Loren Coleman on June 13th, 2011

On June 12, at 10:00 pm Eastern, on Animal Planet, the first broadcast of Finding Bigfoot: “Caught on Tape” was screened. What did you think of it?

Finding Bigfoot

Bigfoot footprint photos

The Animal Planet promo describes it this way: “From deep inside the North Carolina Uhwarrie National forest comes one of the most convincing pieces of Bigfoot footage from the past 40 years. The team of BFRO investigators use decades worth of experiences to determine if this footage is the real deal.”

This episode contained an alleged crawling “Bigfoot” stealing a candy bar thermal imagery being matched with a human, which Cliff and Matt still see as a Bigfoot. Also Matt chases off into the night for something that due to the editing we are suppose to think is Bigfoot (see MM’s comment below) and then the team members having a yelling argument over it with Matt noting his knowledge and prominence in the field.

The program was also rebroadcast also tonight Sunday night on the 12th at 11:00 pm (Eastern), plus on Jun 13, at 5:00 am, and Jun 18, at 12:00 am.

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56 Responses to “What Do You Think Of Finding Bigfoot: “Caught on Tape””

  1. Dr Kaco responds:

    VERY interesting string here again!
    Be nice fellow Cryptomundians! But keep up the good opinions and insight! ;p

  2. flame821 responds:

    @ korollocke

    I agree with you wholeheartedly about River Monsters, and I think Jeremy Wade is the sort of host that others should live up to. He is informative, engaging and respectful of the viewers and of the native populations that he mines for information and assistance. As he stands there fishing, which tends to be boring, we get to hear about other aspects of the trip. How they got there, where they are, local fauna, ecological impacts, the local population, their ideas, insights and other such nuggets that take it from dry documentary to educational entertainment.

    Now I know from listening to Cliff they only get to spend 7-8 days filming each episode, I don’t know how much time they give Mr. Wade (I assume it varies due to difficult travels and how the fish are biting). That may be a key factor right there.

    As for Mr. Wade always finding his fish, it honestly wouldn’t bother me if he didn’t. In the Japanese special he was searching for a giant catfish and a kappa. While I disagree with the giant salamander being the kappa, (I was raised on the hairy version of the kappa with the bowl-like head, not the scaly version) it was still an enlightening and entertaining show. And I would watch River Monsters and especially the ‘unhooked’ versions any night of the week. Not because he always delivers his fish (as I believe in 1 or 2 episodes he didn’t) but because as a host and as a show it is entertaining, educational and quite simply a pleasant experience to watch it.

  3. Redrose999 responds:

    @ Flame821, korollocke, CDC.

    Great points about River Monsters. It is one of my favorite shows too, pity the production staff at Finding Bigfoot didn’t follow the formula and production value of Wade’s show. Finding Bigfoot would have been worlds better.

    I keep recalling the episode about the Alaskan Lake monster, I was very impressed by his detective work.

  4. kittalia responds:

    I think that one point to be made is that we weren’t there. We don’t know what happened. If someone gets frustrated, we don’t always know the whole story. Also, remember that there can be many versions of the truth. Not many people are willing to take the blame, so they remember it differently. Please don’t be rude and say you hate how someone acts unless you were there to see the whole story.

  5. CrytpobelieverinIdaho responds:

    Bobo seems to fall over what he is saying quite a bit. Ranae is a good balance. I just wish the show would not discredit most of the witnesses, sorry i mean the HOSTS.

    They keep saying that a Bigfoot would not do this or that. How do you know? Animals change with environment, and circumstances. Cows don’t always provide milk, same as a bigfoot, they don’t always act the same in every situation. The reports i find credible are the ones with families or groups involved who had something happen to them and they can not explain it.

    River Monsters is by far the best show on Animal Planet and Jeremy Wade is a great host.

  6. Ghostrider1174 responds:

    The person who said snap out of it bigfoot dont exist. There dead wrong saw one while hunting in Northern Ontario. As for Matt moneymaker i dont hate the guy i just hate what he says. He makes a mockery of the bigfoot subject with saying real dumb things. After 25 years youd think he be more professional.

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