Can You Id The Vehicle?

Posted by: Loren Coleman on June 18th, 2012

During the summer of 1965, 17-year-old Christine Van Acker was given a black-eye by a Michigan Bigfoot. I previously wrote about the incident here. I am doing research to create a display about Eastern Bigfoot, and wanted to use the expertise of my Cryptomundian readers.

Can anyone identify, from the side mirror shown on this photograph, what probable brand of car Van Acker would have been driving? What is your best guess for the make/model of the automobile? Obviously, it has to be from the year of 1965 or before. There is no information about Van Acker’s socioeconomical status to know if her family would own a new or old car.

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11 Responses to “Can You Id The Vehicle?”

  1. dylan responds:


  2. gen81465 responds:

    1965 Pontiac GTO ?

  3. Chalupacabra responds:

    My guess is a Chevy Impala. They had that style of side mirror from 1959 to 1960.

  4. Chalupacabra responds:

    Blow this up (Impala photo) a bit and you can see the mirror looks like a match:

  5. mandors responds:

    Based on mirror design and placement, I’m thinking ’63 or ’64 Buick LeSabre, maybe a Wildcat.

  6. gollumses responds:

    Yes. Late 1950s full size GM.

  7. Desert Dave responds:

    I posted photo of 59-60it chevy mirror (fb). It looks like the same mirror. It is possible that it was also used on Buick and Pontiac of the same years?

  8. Xlowtek responds:

    Looks like 1959 chevy biscayne with how the mirror lines up with the glass.

  9. Ponderous responds:

    That looks like a Chevy Impala to me as well. I was born in ’68 and the car we had during my childhood was a convertable light blue Impala. 1963 is in my head but that’s fuzzy. I will check with the family to see if someone recalls the exact year.

  10. Ponderous responds:

    After some poking around I’d say it was a second gen Impala, either 1959 or 1960. I’ve found pictures for those two years where the edge of the window frame is perfectly vertical and lines up near the mirror, as it does in this photo. In the 1958 models the window frame is angled, in 1959-1960 it’s straight up and down, and from 1961 on it’s angled again. It seems that there were some variations within the same model year so this might not be universal, but there you go.

  11. wanderer responds:

    It looks to me like a 1960+ Corvair with the vertical window frame, placement of rear view mirror at the base of it and the shape of the mirror. There also is a station wagon.

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