Mystery Creature Attack

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on June 18th, 2012

An amazing historical piece from Providence’s WPRI Channel 12 news – circa 2007.

What could this have been?

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4 Responses to “Mystery Creature Attack”

  1. flame821 responds:

    Well, the witnesses are certainly sincere. And the dark on top, light on bottom is standard coloring for marine predators. Anything I search with the description they gave only brings up deep sea creatures like Gulper Eels or Fangtooth. To be honest the Fangtooth does seem very close to the description only they live several thousand feet down and only grow to a few inches in length, not feet. I know fear tends to exaggerate size but not 10 inches to 15 feet.

    BTW as I was searching I found a strange animal that is documented to exist and looks a LOT like the description of many lake monsters. The scientific name is Rhinochimaeridae, but it is commonly known as long-nosed chimaeras, supposedly they only grown to 4 1/2 feet but a few larger sized specimens would explain a lot of lake monster sightings if they mistook the nose for the head.

  2. corrick responds:

    Not about to do a lot of research, but my initial guess would be an American conger eel (Conger oceanicus) . It is perhaps the largest shallow water fish along the New England coast and is rarely seen even by dedicated fishermen. An adult conger can reach a length of nine feet and weigh over a hundred pounds.

    Large teeth, countershaded and its dorsal fin reaches its head which the witness may have mistaken for “scales.” And there are documented records of congers breaking the surface though almost always when stressed or dying.

    Just a guess.

  3. SugarCreekDevil responds:

    Well, you can tell she saw something. You can tell she’s scared to death. God bless her. I can’t begin to guess what she saw. Maybe an oarfish? They get very long. But they live in deep ocean. But one could’ve gotton on that beach.

  4. Krimeg responds:

    It may have been that mysterious Long-necked Seal mentioned by Parsons, slenderer and larger than any other kind of Atlantic seals. A mottled coloration or wet fur could have been mistaken for scales. The hissing sound make me think it was most likely mammalian.

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