Intriguing Johor Casts

Posted by: Loren Coleman on December 16th, 2007

johor casts

Raymond Goh of the Malaysian API has passed along his translation of the as yet undiscussed (in the West) discovery of good “Bigfoot” tracks in Johor early in 2007. The photos and details are shared here with his permission.

johor news item

The media in Johor took note of the sightings.


The hairy hominoid seen was said to be taller than this fence.

Feb 6, 2007 Bigfoot prints at Semenchu

It was two days before the Chinese New Year. Semenchu was a developed area with about 700 people. It was about 40 km drive from Kota Tinggi towards Desaru

61 year old Haji Sid bin Impah son Mohammad Farid (20) has said he saw some big foot prints on Feb 6 afternoon. The Haji did not believe his son, how can Bigfoot come to a developed place like Semenchu?

But he saw the pictures on his son mobile phone, so he went to take a look. There were 2 bigfoot prints, length about 45 cm and width about 22.5 cm. You can even see 5 toes. There was a distance of 1.5 m between the 2 footprints. The foot depth into the mud was 7.5 cm.

2007 Jan 29. Sighting by Saharu (telecom tower watchman)

Saharu was the telecom tower watchman in an area near Kota Tinggi. On Jan 29, he drove his company van back to the watch tower and was taking a rest in the van near the tower. It was a drk night and all was quiet. Suddenly he saw and heard a Bigfoot standing near the fence at the telecoms tower, panting. Saharu can see that the Bigfoot was even taller than the fence. The fence was about 2.4 metres tall, hence he estimated the bigfoot height to be about 3 metres, or even 3.6 metres since he is at a distance of 9 metres away and looking at an angle.

The creature has black rough hair, and make deep low noises. He started to recite the Koran for protection. After 20 mins, when he opened his eyes, the Bigfoot was gone. He said that he did not mention this matter openly as he thought he would not be believed.

2007 Feb 21 Sighting by Two Shepherds

Azhar Rais (20) and Azlan Jamil (23) were at a plantation about 2 km away from the telecom tower. They were shepherds. Azhar father has a sheep farm near that area. Recently some sheep died, as if attacked by some beasts. So his father ask the two to look for the culprit and also for some sheep. On Jan 31, they were looking for their sheep when using their torchlight, they shine on a Bigfoot.

Bigfoot was squatting at that time, and both of them saw his face. It was like an ape, with red eyes. When the torch shine on it, its eyes reflect the light.

Although they were only 2 – 3 metres away, both of them were so afraid that they escaped immediately and did not take a closer look at the Bigfoot.

Sean Ang was there at that time as he has came to Semanchu after the Bigfoot print sights for investigation. He said the Semanchu bigfoot pints were the clearest Bigfoot prints he has ever seen. He also said that both Azhar and Azlan and also Saharu description, ie 3 events in a space of 9 days would make the existence of Bigfoot undoubtable. Haji Impah said 2 illegal workers also saw the Bigfoot at Semanchu, but due to their illegal working status, they did not want to be interviewed. ~ Raymond Goh, API.

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8 Responses to “Intriguing Johor Casts”

  1. mystery_man responds:

    I think this is a very interesting account and the footprints are intriguing for what it’s worth. But I don’t think “3 occurrences in 9 days” makes Bigfoot’s existence “undoubtable”. Is an increase in sightings and footprints irrefutable evidence? Uh, no.

  2. Cryptid Hunt responds:

    It seems kinda weird that the sightings all happend in the middle of the winter around January and February.

  3. Loren Coleman responds:

    The months of January and February in Malaysia have average temperatures in the high 80s and low 90s.

    One should not judge other nation’s “winters” based on one’s own experiences of what “winter” means in their own country, of course.

  4. red_pill_junkie responds:

    Maybe these creatures feel attracted to the tower because they may be more sensitive to radio frequencies?

  5. squatch-toba responds:

    I’ve always found it a bit odd that these things are being called “bigfoot” over there. Not a huge deal, but it seems that it would have some sort of more “local” sort of tag on it…i.e. yeti, yeren,etc…

  6. Strick responds:

    I don’t find it strange these creatures are referred to as ‘Bigfoot’ in Malaysia. After all, this country is almost the original multicultural nation with roughly equal populations of: Malays, Chinese and Indians. English is the language that binds them all together and is often perceived as a neutral tongue amongst competing ethnic groups. Added to this is an insatiable desire to modernise a and westernise. Everyone wants a Bigfoot!!

  7. sschaper responds:

    Toes look real. Any explanation for the pointiness of the heals?

  8. DARHOP responds:

    Loren is right about temperatures. I work with a gal from the Philippines. She said a cold winter there is around 74 degrees.

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