Button Bay Bobber: New Champ Video?

Posted by: Loren Coleman on December 24th, 2011

A map of southern Vermont, dated to 1783.

I’ve been alerted to another YouTube video of an allegedly unidentified lake cryptid seen in Lake Champlain.

It reportedly was shot by a teenaged individual at Button Bay in Lake Champlain, near Vergennes, Vermont, on July 30, 2011 (although it was only recently uploaded in November).

While the southwestern Floridan who saw this online and passed it on to me states that I can view “2 Elasmosaurus(?) swimming” and observe “their extremely long necks and humps, and at 0:22 seconds what looks like a paddle stroking and splashing,” I’ll reserve if that’s what I’m seeing.

Since this footage was freely posted on YouTube by this alleged “amature (sic) videophotographer (sic),” who says he’s “16 year old (sic),” I share it with you for your insights, during this holiday weekend.

As noted in comments below by wuffing: “On YouTube it is attributed to a young lady who is clearly the daughter of Ruby Anderson, leader of several Champ searches over recent years. It is unfortunate that a tripod was not used, and that the video hasn’t been published as a team achievement.”

Button Bay State Park is a 253-acre park, on the Vermont side, located on a bluff in Ferrisburgh along the 130-mile long Lake Champlain. Historically, the area has been visited by such notables as Samuel De Champlain (1609), Ethan Allen (1776), Ben Franklin (1776), and Benedict Arnold (1777). What once operated as a farm, opened as a state park in 1964. The park is so named for the button-like concretions formed by clay deposits found along the shoreline. It is seven miles from Vergennes, not far from Crown Point, as well.

So, here you go. Have a look:

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23 Responses to “Button Bay Bobber: New Champ Video?”

  1. Lorenzo Rossi responds:

    Now I’m waiting that Kirk and LeBlond will say “it’s a cadborosaurus! it’s possibile to see the head of the animal and it’s the same of the Naden Harbor’s carcass”.

    It’s a CryptoCircus.

  2. John Thompson via Facebook responds:

    Look like waves to me also the boat in the background doesn’t react

  3. Peter Von Berg responds:

    Here we go again.

  4. Enigmania responds:

    Looks like a boat wake with sunlight reflecting off it, I really can’t see anything solid in there…

  5. Scott C. responds:

    Can somebody please stabilize this nauseating clip? I can’t make heads nor tails (nor necks nor flippers) of this roller-coaster.

  6. etheral responds:

    I see nothing more than a boat wake.

  7. Zilla responds:

    Wake. I’ve seen identical ones at my cottage.

  8. airgunner responds:

    It’s a cardboardosaurus.

  9. wuffing responds:

    On YouTube it is attributed to a young lady who is clearly the daughter of Ruby Anderson, leader of several Champ searches over recent years. It is unfortunate that a tripod was not used, and that the video hasn’t been published as a team achievement.

  10. Richard888 responds:

    I am not saying that they are not wakes, which is the most sensible interpretation. But I’m a little curious. How many of you ‘boat wake’ advocates would be willing to prove your point by swimming in that area if you were given that opportunity?

  11. Survivor16 responds:

    Okay. First off, whoever took this video needs to learn HOW TO HOLD A CAMERA. My two year old cousin could keep a camera more still than this.

    I downloaded the video and threw it into Final Cut, added some color correction and viewed each frame carefully. I’m no expert, but to me, it looks like there are two or three long animate objects moving through the water.

    I also see no dorsal fins, or any fins for that matter. Furthermore, in several spots in this video, it appears that there are multiple (as in up to 6) different creatures, but that is then ruled out as more of the object rises in the water to show that the parts are connected.

    At part 00:00:14:05 you can see that there appears to be three individual figures in the water.

    At 00:00:15:17, a fourth object appears to the right.

    At 00:00:19:03, you can see the figure then appears to submerge a bit, then reappear with larger portions of the body coming up.

    I can’t confirm that all the figures are connected as one, or as two large objects, but they certainly appear to be alive. I can’t see any dorsal fins either. So who knows. It could be fish, or an eel.

    Or maybe it’s really the Champosaurus.

  12. scosmo451 responds:

    I’d swim there no problem. Well, actually, bob around in my PFD as I can’t swim. I’ve seen many, many wakes like this.

  13. Zilla responds:

    I’d swim there too, I have seen wakes that seem to “bob” up and down, seeming to appear and disappear. I highly doubt this is anything but a wake.

  14. PhotoExpert responds:

    Well, the water surface looks extremely calm. With that being said, how is it impossible to get a steady video. Really! I have taken more steady videos in 20-30 foot swells, out in the Atlantic Ocean.

    Anyway, with the video I am able to see in half second intervals, looks to be merely wake from a boat over calmer waters. We can clearly see that the water surface is pretty calm and we can see other boats in the vicinity. To my physicist friends out there who are into wave theory, it looks to be constructive antinodal interference. To my layman friends, it looks to be boat wake.

    So yes Richard888, as a boat wake advocate, I would be willing to take a swim in those waters. Not a problem at all, as long the water is not too cold and I am not at risk of being in a channel where boaters have the right of way. Not a problem to swim in boat wake!

    Survivor16-Definitely in agreement with you on the camera operator’s skills. I too know of children who can hold a camera more steady than that. Any chance of you being able to put up your finished work? I see no animate objects in the water, unless you consider cresting boat wake an animate object.

  15. stevedoug0 responds:

    Just waves people. Go back to bed!

  16. DarlaKnD responds:

    I watched a special on Champ. They were listening for new sounds. They say they know every sound that everything in the lake made including the mussels. They did detect a new unknown sound. They said it sounded like sonar clicks. My first thought was fresh water dolphins…??

  17. DWA responds:

    What was that at 1:03? Don’t they know that the Bigfoot Shake doesn’t work with lake monster video?

    Could be waves. That would be my bet. I wouldn’t try to cash any Champ coupons on this one.

  18. springheeledjack responds:

    While the darker spots look solid, with the camera gyrating as it is, we can’t get a substantial look at those dark spots to see if it is indeed a wave effect or an object cutting through the water. I agree, that is some of the worst camera handling, and as such, it makes the entire thing suspect. You can’t tell anything for certain…and definitely cannot say with any confidence that it’s anything other than waves.

    Sad. She may be sincere and may have actually seen something, but from the shifting camera I wouldn’t be willing to put any money on it….having said that, I wouldn’t be swimming in those waters just the same…there’s enough other evidence to make me think Champ is alive and well…

  19. BunniesLair responds:

    To me it looks like waves or boat wake. At 00.39 you can see what looks like a wave cresting.

    But I too, would be interested in seeing Survivor16’s “final cut” version.

  20. westo responds:

    I’m surprised I haven’t heard more on fortean sites about the new testing that would allow scientists to identify every creature living in a lake environment by analyzing a glass of water:

    “A glass of water has DNA traces of EVERY living thing in a whole lake – and it could change the way we monitor animals forever
    Lets biologists ‘count’ animals – not just number of species
    Works on anything from an otter to a dragonfly
    Biologists still currently use ‘manual’ head counts
    DNA method is as reliable as manual
    In future, could even be used for fish quotas”

    Read more.

  21. jerrywayne responds:

    Exciting! —- With necessary imagination.

  22. Aitkincountysasquatch responds:

    Just rolling waves from a boat wake.

  23. mijbil9 responds:

    chupacabras! two of them….probably.

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