Is The Government Hiding Evidence Of Bigfoot?

Posted by: Loren Coleman on July 12th, 2011

Every now and then one does hear rumors that the “government” is hiding a carcass of Bigfoot, or a Sasquatch was taken from the ruins of the eruption of Mt. St. Helens.

John Green has a standard response to these kinds of rumors. Here’s his latest version of it given on July 11, 2011:

“I’m a pretty seasoned researcher, half a century of it, and I have never encountered the slightest evidence suggesting that any level of government knows anything about Sasquatch, let alone having whisked corpses away by helicopter. Nonsense. ~ John Green”

Why do people feel the need to keep repeating such silliness?

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35 Responses to “Is The Government Hiding Evidence Of Bigfoot?”

  1. Opalman responds:

    Government hiding evidence of bigfoot…I don’t know. I’ve never been much of a believer in conspiracy theories.
    I will add this though; I find it very strange that with the Government hiding evidence of bigfoot…I don’t know. I’ve never been much of a believer in conspiracy theories.
    I will add this though; I find it very strange that with the incredible amount of wildlife carcasses removed in the aftermath of Mt. St. Helens, and all the helicopter traffic overflying the site (specifically looking for human (read human-like) remains, that not one sasquatch was found. I absolutely believe that the Mt St. Helens area was richly populated by the sasquatch, perhaps (or more than likely) it was even THE population center. That’s a true mystery in itself.
    I have thought on this long and hard though and offer two possible scenarios:

    (1) Wildlife and particularly socially evolved wildlife seem to sense impending natural disasters and sometimes relocate. This is a well documented phenomenon. I personally witnessed a video which showed extreme anxiety in pandas prior to a major earthquake in China. Unlike the activity that usually precedes earthquakes the volcanoes seismic activity gave months of prior notice, thereby warning the ever woodswise creature. [Google animal behavior and seismic activity]

    (2) Maybe sasquatch bodies were actually found. I remember seeing helicopters slinging relatively large objects shrouded in canvas on two occasions. Yet I also saw many elk carcasses openly hung from the same slings (without shrouds). If sasquatch bodies were found I think the eventuality was considered long before the immanent volcano’s eruption by those company executives within the timber industry and timber lobby in Washington, DC. In other words; if sasquatch bodies were found then that fact would result in billions of dollars in lost timber revenues, since the sasquatch would surely make the Endangered Species List. (FTM) Follow The Money. One phone call to then Secretary of the Interior*, Thomas J. Kleppe would have been quite sufficient.

    There is precedent for this kind of government activity isn’t there?? (please note sarcasm)

  2. Kopite responds:

    “Why do people feel the need to keep repeating such silliness?”

    Well because the conspiracy theorists are alive and well in this day and age.

    Not saying I agree with the conspiracy theory but it’s not as far fetched a conspiracy as many other conspiracies that people believe (9/11 for example). The idea that the government is hiding proof of bigfoot for the sake of the logging industry or other such reasons is less ‘whackjob’ than many other wild conspiracies.

  3. eireman responds:

    You’d have to ask yourself: Why WOULD the government be interested in such a creature to the degree that it would thwart the efforts of others? Sounds like a convenient scapegoat. Or it’s the paranoid delusional mind’s version of punch-buggy: It’s the government! And it’s always “THE GOVERNMENT”–never a specific agency is named. It’s like when people say “Hollywood,” as if the city itself were somehow alive and to be blamed for the ills of the world. “It’s Hollywood’s fault!” “I blame the government!” Who? WHO??? The Department of Sasquatch Airlifting In Big Canvas Bags? It’s ridiculous, patently and risibly ridiculous.

  4. lumbarjack03 responds:

    i have too say that I am one too believe that the government has and will continue to cover things up, its well documented and even acknowledged by our government. now back to bigfoot, its not unreasonable that they would do this, my siter lievd in upstate new york a small town called margeritsville(i spelled it wrong i know), well she was located near one of the resevoirs in that area, there was a rash of sightings of mountain lions, a neighbor of hers had taken pictures of these lions or what she believed were mountain lions and contacted the fish and wildlife service, they came and confiscated her camera and basically told her that she misidentified these so called lions. just a story and why ould you say they would cover up bigfoot, i think they like the fact (if they have discovered the primate) that most people ridicule the subject and dont take it seriously, if more people did then it would prompyt more people to enter these areas and actually disrupt the already fragile eco systems. an example is when quads were popular and people were riding ll over the place harming the environment.

  5. aaronlife responds:

    I remember a number of years back when I was living in Western Massachusetts there were a number of large black cat sightings; a very large cat or cats, like a panther, or mountain lion, not a bobcat.

    I recall the State wildlife official(s) interviewed said something to the effect that if they had any knowledge of them they weren’t going to say anything, that it was better that way.

    To some extent, the woods would be pandemonium if the government admitted there was an 800lb primate living in the woods of North America. Of course I have no idea if the government knows about sasquatch and is hiding evidence; I suspect individual park rangers, and wildlife officials, have heard stories and maybe had encounters themselves, of tracks, or actual bigfoots.

    Whether they admit these publicly, to their superiors, or colleagues is another question. We have certainly seen, in recent years, former high ranking military officals come forward and discuss UFO sightings that even shut down a nuclear facility in the 1960s.

    But as long as the government doesn’t officially admit to UFOs, whatever they might be, the American state of mind and “worldview” isn’t turned upside down, with unknown consequences.

    Shaking the prevailing public belief system is tricky, and to a large extent the government controls the public belief system: if they say they shot osama bin laden and buried his body at sea, maybe 95% of the people will believe that, 3% will believe they kept his body, 2% will believe he’s still alive, and 1% will continue to believe that osama and obama are the same person.

    It’s the 95% of the people that the government counts on to maintain a status quo, and should the government immediately convince 95% of the people that sasquatch exists, what would happen? I doubt the government is prepared to find out, especially with the logging industry, and other industries, so reliant on our wild lands for their profits.

  6. Ulysses responds:

    Ask yourself: Japanese / American Internment, Air America, Iran/ Contra Affair, The Tuskeegee Experiment, Watergate, Whitewater, over 1 million Native Americans killed by the US Troops after the civil war and the list goes on. These were all TRUE and many others i didn’t mention and that’s why there is conspiracy because so many things are done behind cover of our goverment. Still the greatest country in the world and my home but there are things going on that bring shame to us all as with every government. Bigfoot conspiracy: Plausible in many senses. Perhaps there is a gap between them and us so profound that the DNA evidence is scary . Darwin may have been wrong . It could be many things but it is plausible.

  7. shownuff responds:

    Perfect to flush out the nut jobs huh? This is funny. With all do respect to John Green. I do not even know the guy. Just read stuff about him here. Just cause Mr. Green says it is silly to believe in conspiracy theories, and also to relate it to Bigfoot. I wrote before how I felt that keeping Napes under wraps was good for the Country. Because It would do more harm then good in my opinion. Protection of the Napes would have to go up. Napes live pretty much all over the country. So Lumber Jacks would lose jobs as well as there companies closing due to protection. Religious people would not like it.In religious books not all talk about the Giants. But the stories are never about a Walking ape. And Darwinism would be thrown out. Because we did not evolve from Napes. Is a Nape the missing link? I do not think so. It would not surprise me if alot of things were kept from the public. People are to sensitive. And can not cope with such matters.

  8. mandors responds:

    Conspiracies? Well, let’s see.

    Way, way back there was this little lie called the “Missile Gap” told by JFK to help him get elected, he later lied about the escalation of a little thing called the Vietnam War, then there’s Watergate, Iran Contra, WMD’s given to Iraq, North Korean payouts to the DMC, Whitewater, the murder of White House counsel, TWA 800… Now we have Operation Fast and Furious which our current President tried to cover up by giving speeches this April blaming violence in Mexico on gun shops–the very same shops his DOJ told to sell guns to GOVERNMENT gun runners and not ask any questions.

    Conclusion: regardless of party, the “Government” lies. That’s why most people don’t, and shouldn’t, trust it.

  9. sschaper responds:

    The government which planted Lynx in order to seize private property under the ESA, covering up the existence of an even rarer creature that could be protected by taking vast swaths? I don’t think so.

  10. SanFran responds:

    I for one, have NO trouble thinking elements (more than one) have knowledge.. perhaps quite extensive on these creatures. Specifically Military and or other national Intelligence agencies.

    Consider the supposed attributes of bigfoot, then try to think why they would NOT Classify the knowledge.
    all terrain
    effective at night

    the above as military asset is LESS fancifull, than Men Who Stare At Goats.. which after all did happen

  11. Nominay responds:

    It’s in our government’s nature to cover up controversial things. They do it to a fault. It becomes a mentality, a built in arrogance, a disdain for public consumption, a knee-jerk impulse for power and control … a fear of potential problems and fallout. Our government is easily intimidated by forces that shake up the status quo or that affect the systematic order of things. Bigfoot would change everything. Next to aliens, it’d be the biggest discovery of mankind in millennias, since, I dunno, agriculture?

    Possible Government Conspiracy to Cover Up Bigfoot’s Existence

    And yeah, I’ve been a fan of Lindsay’s long before all this recent drama broke out. He’s a bit offbeat, and gets off on stirring the pot, shaking people up, watching the controversy it generates then mocks the sensationalism of it all, but I like that about him. It couldn’t happen unless he was on to something and intelligent, which he is. He’s been networking behind the scenes with Bigfoot related stuff as an investigative journalist for decades …

  12. Hapa responds:

    Bigfoot under wraps by secret government baddies…Sounds a little like the Plot to the movie Troll Hunter. Might as well say that Great Britain is hiding Nessie from the world in order to protect the fishing industry or to use them in anti-submarine warfare, or that Chupacabras are genetically modified Democrats used to scare right wingers from the polls during elections. I think there would be a whole, W-H-O-L-E lot more stories of mean secret agents and or military guys threatening Bigfoot eyewitnesses about keeping their traps shut/Men In Black phenomenas (other than reports that happened around the same time or at the same time UFOs were likewise sighted in same area.)

  13. Red Earth White Lies responds:

    It’s instructive to view the “Bigfoot” phenomena, as previous posters already alluded, as being a parallel of the UFO phenomena.

    So if one wants to believe in these days of Patriot Act-surveillance society, advanced Military airborne night vision technology, corporate patent secrets, levels of security clearance, black hole black budget NSA alphabet agency programs & investigations of “alledged” close encounters of the third kind crash sites…..

    That New Age channels communicating with Space Brothers, individuals taking speaking honorariums claiming reverse engineering work who knows how far below Area 51 at some ridiculously named level of security & UFO “coverup” paperback authors pumping the presses know far more what’s goin’ down compared to the “know nothing” Government for the past 50+ years, well…

    Be my guest.

  14. Craig Woolheater responds:

    Don’t forget to read the following post at Cryptomundo: Department of the Interior, Fish and Wildlife Service Recognize Bigfoot?

    Here is the link to the document from the Fish and Wildlife Service document archives.

    Undisputed proof of a Bigfoot might cause an immediate, short-term problem no law could handle. Word of its discovery would be flashed around the world within hours, Hysteria, fear, or panic might accompany the news in the area where the creature was located. The throngs of curiosity seekers, would-be captors, and others wishing to find Bigfoot would not only create a serious threat to the animal itself, but to public safety as well. Some officials doubt whether any State or Federal action short of calling out the National Guard could keep order in the area within the first few hours or days of the creature’s discovery. This could be essential until a team of scientists could do the necessary things to ensure the creature’s survival.

    The key law in preservation of a species is the Endangered Species Act, which pledges the United States to conserve species of plants and animals facing extinction. This broad, complex law protects endangered species from killing, harassment, and other forms of exploitation. The Act prohibits the import and export of, and interstate commerce in, endangered species. American citizens cannot engage in commercial traffic in endangered species between nations, even when the United States is not involved. Scientists wishing to study endangered species are required to have a permit issued by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

    But before a creature can receive protection under the Endangered Species Act, a number of actions normally must occur which involve recommendations from the public, scientists, and State and foreign governments where the species exists.

    The first of these would he the species’ formal description and naming in a recognized scientific publication. In addition, if it were a U.S. species, the Governor of the State where it was found would be contacted, as would the officials of foreign governments if it were found outside the United States. Only after much information was collected could the Service make a formal determination as to whether the species should be afforded endangered or threatened status.Department of the Interior, Fish and Wildlife Service

    Kathy Strain, Heritage Resource and Tribal Relations Programs Manager for the Stanislaus National Forest in Sonora, California, commented the following to the original post.

    From what I have found out about this memo, it is legit. It was written in response to a bunch of sightings in 1977, and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service was worried they wouldn’t be prepared.

    I have referred to this document over the years. US Fish and Wildlife also has an Action Plan, to be put into place when Bigfoot is proved real. I have personally seen several pages of it, and it was a standard protocol for study, data requirements, and different protection measures and actions if the species is listed.

    California Department of Fish and Game issued a similar memo, addressing call blasting. They stated that if bigfoot was real, call blasting (in response to John Freitas’ well known research method) could be considered wildlife harassment. I called and confirmed the memo.Kathy Strain

  15. springheeledjack responds:

    ah, conspiracy theories…what would we do without you….

    I do believe the government is capable of quite a bit…and yes, some things I do think the general populace does not need to know. My favorite line from the Men-In-Black Movie refers to what the American public should know, with Will Smith arguing for telling them about aliens. Tommy says, “Sure, a person is smart, but people are dumb, panicky and stupid.”

    HOWEVER, I do not believe the government gives two shakes of a stick about bigfoot and I do not believe there’s a conspiracy going on. That silliness surfaced when the joker who supposedly has connections with the Erickson Project started talking about a BF cover up with the government and the loggers, and it set off red flags.

    I don’t buy it here either. It’s just too much of a stretch.

    No, again I’m drawn back to my age old response: perhaps BF’s are just that good and adapted to their environment and able to evade us…it’s not the government, not aliens, not some grandiose conspiracy…

    BF’s are just superior to us when it comes to maintaining their anonymity…

  16. loyalfromlondon responds:

    It’s hard enough getting people to believe in Bigfoot. Adding wacky government conspiracies doesn’t help.

    I was listening to the Robert Lindsay interview and cut it off once the talk of conspiracies started. It’s just too much.

  17. Red Earth White Lies responds:

    Believe the Government?

    Just ask the Indians

    I’d reckon the Fishy aspect concerning the many years old various eyewitness reports of NAPE bodies being recovered in the aftermath of the 1980 Mt. Saint Helens eruption, is not even due to The American Indian tribes going into detail about their co-existence with them there, or the “Ape Canyon” incident having taken place there, or the skier-mountaineer having been abducted for ostensibly “Lunch” there, other missing hikers etc.. etc.

    It is if ANY evidence can be verified that elements of the Federal Government, Army National Guard, Army Corp of Engineers etc. undertook ANY INSANE!!! million dollar taxpayer costly marches of herculean effort into untold square miles of pointless “Tunguska” devastation by land & helo to drag out corpses of known black bears, grizzly bears, elk, deer, moose whatever & pile them up & inventory them.

    Who does that? EVERYTHING from stepping out of one’s house to the deepest forest poops, dies, rots in the entire biosphere. If anthing superheated boiling flows & volcanic ash is an anti-septic agent leading to preservation & potential fossilization. No biohazard here or someone wanting to build a daycare nursery in the middle of it for toddlers to craw thru. I’m sure the rodents made good fertilizer eventually.

    Not of course, unless SOMEONE wanted to get in there first.

  18. Redrose999 responds:

    Why do people feel the need to keep repeating such silliness?

    Well, in general I think over the years, the government has lied to us and manipulated us with lies. Folks above have mentioned many examples, I’m thinking how the government encouraged UFO reports and such in the Midweast in order to hide the work they were doing with air plane development: ie, the stealthbomber and other technological wonders. Why not lie to us about bigfoot?

    Folks believe in these conspiracies because they don’t trust what the Government says, with good reason.

    Logging, pipelines, housing, real estate and many other industries would lose a great deal of money if we declared Sasquatch’s existed.(as shown in Craig’s above post) And it would CHANGE so many things. If bigfoot is a hominid, rather than a “Nape” humans wouldn’t be the only intelligent self aware animal alive (one more self aware than dolphins and whales). We would have to change how we define intelligence (we still have a hard time accepting the intelligence of dolphins and killer whales!). Imagine the legal ramifications? I mean would Bigfoots be seen as animals, or people? Would they have rights in our society? Obviously they’re smart, what if they have a culture, a language, a society? How would human society cope with that? The entire thing would be ugly, and if they do exist, I would have no trouble believing the government hiding the fact, for our own protection of course.

    Now do I believe Bfs were flown out after Mt Saint Helen’s blew…. No clue. If they existed there, it would be hard to believe that NO bodies were found. Smart, yes, but even in the most nature oriented societies, you get those rebellious curious youngsters who will stay behind to see the trainwreck before it blows up in their faces….

    With that said, who knows, but I wouldn’t say it’s silly if you believe Bigfoots existed in the Saint Helen’s area. It would be sillier to believe there would be no bodies were found. In fact, in light of the human death count, as small as it was (and we evacuated the area, knew it was going to blow, etc), there had to be some kind of bigfoot death count if they lived in the area. Even if it is a few of them, there would be bodies and not all of them would be buried in Spirit lake with Harry R Truman.

  19. Ragnar responds:

    I don’t buy it for a minute. Why? You have to ask who benefits from any conspiracy. What does the “government” get from hiding Bigfoot? The lumber industry gets to log more forest? Really? They already have contracts for lumber that they won’t get to cutting for years. There isn’t exactly a shortage of trees to cut down.

    sschaper had it right. If the “government” really had a Bigfoot they would use it to grab as much land and force as many regulations as they could. It is the nature of governments to grow and control.

  20. loyalfromlondon responds:

    “I’d reckon the Fishy aspect concerning the many years old various eyewitness reports of NAPE bodies being recovered in the aftermath of the 1980 Mt. Saint Helens eruption”

    “or the skier-mountaineer having been abducted for ostensibly “Lunch” there, other missing hikers etc.. etc.”

    Links to credible articles for any of that? I would think hikers and skiers being kidnapped and eaten, even as a way out there government cover-up conspiracy theory would be well documented on some dark corner of the net.

    Sigh, between this and Finding Bigfoot, Cryptozoology and Bigfoot are never going to be taken seriously. Shame really.

  21. chris213 responds:

    Mr. Green has always seemed one of the sanest serious researchers. His down to earth nature is always so welcome. Thanks again Mr. Green for being a voice of reason in a sea of the assumptive and incredulous.

  22. Red Earth White Lies responds:

    Recall that leak a short time back of the UK government-UK scientific establishment secret document on “If the Loch Ness monster were to be found, how would we save face & put a positive spin on it to save face for our credibility?”…

    As the “Believers” would be shown to be right all along.

    Or maybe they’re breeding a million man Sasquatch army under Area 51 as the secret weapon for the next “Red Dawn” were Sasquatch a 100X stronger than human men will run onto the battlefield & pick up T-72 tanks tossing them around like in the TV Beef Jerky commercial… thus saving trillions in technological weapons development & training.

    Speculating that the last thing CERTAIN want to have happen is the Skeptikal Inquirer fold along with all the kindred crapology sites on the web trickling down to a few dozen devotees (if they haven’t already) & have Rex Gilroy receiving the Nobel Science Prize consecutively for life and have all courts of law from here on out require an oath sworn on a stack of Rex Gilroy books.

  23. Nominay responds:

    Loren writes: “Why do people feel the need to keep repeating such silliness?”

    Hapa – Nessie and Chupacabras don’t challenge our notions of human existence. Bigfoots, like aliens, do; but I wouldn’t expect the two to be handled in the exact same way. Sounds like you would. One size fits all, eh?

    Springheeled Jack writes: “HOWEVER, I do not believe the government gives two shakes of a stick about bigfoot and I do not believe there’s a conspiracy going on. That silliness surfaced when the joker who supposedly has connections with the Erickson Project started talking about a BF cover up with the government and the loggers, and it set off red flags.”

    Actually the “silliness” surfaced earlier than that, and the link I included predates the ‘Bigfoot shot’ story as well. The points he made about loggers and so forth were better done there at that link, and he started talking about all this before that too. As for the “joker”, he addresses a multitude of subjects with expertise, and it can be pretty refreshing if you give his blog a chance. But he has no qualms on reporting rumors of Bigfoot from credible sources. He’s more a clown than a joker who reflects the absurdity around us. All this upheaval we’ve heard about NDA’s, who has the ethical upper hand over who, Bigfoot body parts, a maniacal hunter … yeah, he gives what goes around the world of Bigfootery the carnival type tone it deserves. Meanwhile, you guys hang out here with a thick long stick up somewhere, shooing away the nonsense of freaky incidents with the world’s most bizarre cryptid. I’d expect this kind of condescending hubris from the pro-Oswald, Warren Commission buying, America can do no wrong, type crowd – not from those open to the imaginary animals of Cryptozoology. Do you guys also believe in unicorns and Santa Claus? How do you like that kind of ridicule?

    I can understand the inferiority complex many of us Cryptomundians have. We want to be taken seriously – for the subject matter we take interest in to be taken seriously. Why feed a stereotype that we must believe in all kinds of things then? Well … get over it. Maybe you should question if Kennedy was killed by someone other than Oswald, maybe you shouldn’t slam the door on the US govt. having an agenda of nondisclosure on Bigfoot. “Guess what Joe Public, we know about all these powerful 8 ft tall primates living not just in secluded pockets of American wilderness, but all around us!” And to assume outright that the govt is not aware of, and takes no interest in the implications of Bigfoot, is folly. Sorry guys, but there’s a lot of circumstantial evidence, not just innuendo, that supports our govt. having a protocol on Bigfoot. Is the height of that on scale of emergency surrounding UFO’s, aliens, our involvement with that? No; nothing is. I’m sure the Bigfoot issue is handled with less intensity, but with an aim at deniability as a serious issue would be handled. It’s of no value to them for Bigfoot to be known to 3 hundred million Americans and 6 billion people. It’s more comfortable for the govt to be privy to it and whatever programs or research comes out of that in private. Perhaps its not a can of worms worth opening for them. They can have their reasons, and we can’t know what they all might be. I’m no expert on the govt. I’m more advanced on my distrust and dishonesty of it, and view its overall corruption for what it is – a pervasive environment for disinformation campaigns and secrecy, where irresponsibility and selfish interests are above the peoples interest, and kept under the radar without the hassle of accountability. Every day of the last 47 years the govt has earned its ultra suspicion from its citizens. It fits the profile of our govt to keep Bigfoot out of the public eye, however irrational that may seem to us. When was the last time we championed our government for rationality?

  24. JMonkey responds:

    Is that one picture of a Dead Lynx? Those look kind of like Lynx paws and I can sort of make out the head. Either way, I do not think the government would hide the existence of Bigfoot if they had the information. It serves no purpose that I know of.

  25. Opalman responds:

    Bravo Nominay,
    And very well said. I, for one, am incredulous at the naivety of the average American. Our citizenry deserves whatever they will end up with—let them be assured; they aren’t going to like it much. The sasquatch issue is but one of the lesser indicators of the degree of bamboozlement our society has quietly contented themselves with.
    Obvious, in many of the responses to the government cover-up thread, is the inability to even consider what I merely described as curious, i.e., the fact that helicopter recovery of wildlife carcasses was shielded from view in some cases and not other, (perhaps a canvas shortage?).

    Is there someone posting on this discussion board that wants to deny that the Mt. St. Helens area was a huge tract of wilderness containing what we now speculatively describe as perfect sasquatch habitat; as good or better than most any other? If it was perfect habitat; and in light of the numbers of reported sightings in the area over the years, it was; then why did we not find sasquatch remains within the 230 square mile area of devastation. (that’s approx. 15 x 15 miles of unpopulated, heavily wooded, mountainous terrain containing many lakes, streams and rivers) The only conclusions we can logically arrive at in addressing this quandary are:

    (1) That all sasquatch remains were completely buried by ash and never found. While this explanation is plausible for some carcasses it is doubtful that all would remain invisible. Many large mammal carcasses were readily found and removed.

    (2) That there were no sasquatches within the 230 sq. mile area. This is tantamount to serious speculation that the sasquatch does not exist at all, in any location. (If they weren’t extant in the Mt. St. Helens area they don’t exist anywhere.)

    (3) The last possibility is that there were carcasses found but these were removed secretly. This possibility would of course require collaboration between the searchers, the managing agency and the government at large. For any student of history our government is riddled by controversy and clandestine activities, usually under the guise of “what’s best for the many”. Unfortunately the origin of that ideology escapes most.

    In my opinion any of the above seem unlikely, but of these only the last one is plausible. Anyone dismissing the last explanation, out of hand, as “silliness” or “nonsense” needs to rethink their position. If some “sasquatch expert” wants to insult the poster for merely considering the only possibilities, I for one, would very much be interested in hearing their explanation.

  26. Opalman responds:

    I neglected to include the aforementioned possibility that sasquatch may have sensed early signs of an impending eruption and vacated the area. The trouble with that hypotheses is that, I would imagine, that many sightings would have accompanied such an exodus; as the area is traversed and surrounded by roads.

  27. Red Earth White Lies responds:

    Perhaps not only the U.S. Government


    “…Facts and rumours, as well as a story dispensed by a wartime SAS officer, may shed some light on the many mysteries of the Antarctic arena—a front that has been kept secret for 60 years—and on a hostile encounter that will NEVER be divulged to the public…

    During the winter months, the two survivors made absurd claims over the radio about “Polar Men, ancient tunnels and Nazis”. Radio contact was finally lost in July 1945, … as we listened to the fear in the voice: “…the Polar Men have found us!” was screamed before contact was lost…

    Disconcerted is too weak a word to describe how we felt when the survivor replied to the Major’s questions about the escaped Polar Man’s intentions: “He will wait, watch and wonder just how different we taste….

    None of us was expecting what we saw, and the Polar Man had fled into the surrounding terrain so quick that only a few token shots were fired. Out of fear and awe at what we had seen, we all decided to go into the bunker. Go in we did, and two bodies were found. The soldier who had pulled the short straw was found with his throat ripped out, and, more heinous, the survivor had been stripped to the bones….

    The Polar Man was slain as he was lured to the camp. The scientist decided that the Polar Man was “human” but, it seemed, had been able to produce more hair and withstand the cold far more effectively….”

    By James Roberts

    About the Author:
    James Robert is a civil servant with an agency of the UK Ministry of Defence, as well as a World War II historian and writer. He has travelled extensively throughout North Africa and Europe to investigate mysteries of Britain’s secret wars. With a family from a military background, and with German sources giving many so-called “myths” credence, he has set a personal mission to delve deeper into the strange, suppressed, little-known and anomalous activities that were conducted before, during and after the war against Germany. “Britain’s Secret War in Antarctica” has been taken from his forthcoming book that will document some of his investigations.

  28. Nominay responds:

    Polar men! I love it!
    Keep ’em coming ..

  29. Red Earth White Lies responds:

    Even Brian Regal in his sarcastic work making light of the credibility of the players in the field: Searching for Sasquatch: Crackpots, Eggheads, and Cryptozoology (Palgrave-MacMillan Studies in the History of Science and Technology) opines on page 51 of his “work” that the reason the CIA refuses release of documents when requested on the Yeti/Abominable Snowman is in fact because they HAVE data.

  30. Sharon Lee responds:

    If I am to believe the multitude of sasquatch witnesses, then I have to believe that the government, (which department I’m not sure) knows about and handles sasquatch related incidents.

    I have spoken to people who believe they have SEEN a sasquatch with their own eyes. There are those who are questionable but then there are still more than a handful who are sober, sane, coherent and reliable.

    It may appear that the “government” seems to be too busy ruining us morally, financially and environmentally to be paying attention to the unending media parade of bigfoot related television shows, newspaper articles, internet radio shows, books etc., but I would imagine they know what is being put out there for public consumption.

    The “government” accounts for every single person being born, living and dying in the United States. Just try hiding from them! lol. They know how many bears, deer, mountain lions occupy a certain area. A close estimate at least.

    Maybe we are crazy! Are we delusional to believe that there are big, hairy men running through our forests? Why would credible, successful individuals make such outlandish claims?

    I am not 100% sure of anything, ever. I just wonder, “what if” a lot.

  31. Opalman responds:

    @ Sharonlee,

    Great Post!! To believe that the government doesn’t know about the sasquatches existence is a far bigger absurdity than believing that an unknown (unclassified) hominid inhabits our deep wilderness areas (as well as some cosmopolitan areas).

    I recently found downloadable word files of the SCI /Non Disclosure Form—one of many such forms the government uses inside the U.S. Department of the Interior—Bureau of Land Management and the US Fish and Wildlife Dept. (SCI = Sensitive Compartmentalized Information) Why are these non disclosure agreements needed by these agencies? If not to guard against the public knowing certain things regarding wildlife, environmental issues etc., then what?

    Like Sharonlee; “I just wonder a lot”.

  32. zeppelinIV responds:

    Yes — I believe the US government is keeping the sasquatch a secret. The reason being, that if it were revealed that there was an extremely rare mammal residing within the US, it would be on the endangered species list.

    Look at what happens when a minnow, or an owl with a distinct color pattern goes on the endangered species list: industry comes to a halt. Development comes to a halt. In other words, economic growth comes to a halt.

    Could anyone imagine what would happen IF all undeveloped land in the US is suddenly declared to be habitat for something as rare as a sasquatch. The entire continental United States would be stagnant. No new homes, buildings, assembly plants, farms (not that new farms are popping up). There would be no new anything built again on land that isn’t currently developed or has a structure on it.

    Yes, I believe the government is hiding the sasquatch. And I believe they (both democrat and republican) are in on it for the reasons I have stated. Just imagine no new housing developments. No new schools, warehouses…. Even for that matter, no new roads through the habitat (which is *everyplace*) of an endangered species.

  33. tbone responds:

    I have to agree with you zepplinIV, as well as earlier posters who think its a real possibility for our government to hide this from the public. I not only think it possible, but highly probable. The reasons are many but first and foremost I believe to be as follows. The US government has already studied specimens at length and they have determined them to be a relic human population. This means that not would they be an endangered species, but they would have human rights. Some of the earlier posts already mentioned that there would be an enormous impact upon wildlands usage by certain key industries, namely logging and mining, but also further developments for modern human habitation. It would tie everyone’s hands – public and private. After all, could the government ever justify further displacements or habitat destruction of the most rare and curious creatures in existence- especially if they are our older cousins?

  34. pmoss responds:

    I have direct evidence that there is involvement with the government,including DNR and forest service.

  35. prioris responds:

    When someone starts bantering about “conspiracy theories” in their posts, their credibility drops into the toilet. Either they are paid by the government to post on the internet to discredit the truth or their very dumb and brainwashed people.

    The fact that it isn’t obvious to people that the governments do cover up such things is showing they are not informed or wear blinders or just plain lying. Witnesses have even had their evidence disappear after giving it to the governments.

    The existence of bigfoot has been obvious for the last century. It’s clear that the governments would have known about it for a very long time – centuries. Too many people have allowed the government and the high priestess of sciences to become the gatekeepers of truth. These gatekeepers have shown themselves to be less truthful than the anecdotal reports of witnesses. There are no shortage of intellectual prostitutes who will lie for the government. Hoaxes are very rare and some may have even been created by the government to discredit the truth.

    The fact that big foot hasn’t been accepted as existing shows the gullibility of most of the public. They are waiting for the gatekeepers to approve the truth. There is overwhelming evidence that ghosts exist but the gatekeepers of truth have told us there is no proof.

    Believe it or not, you don’t need a scientist or government official or expert to determine whether something is a chair or not. You can do it all by yourself. And no, you do not have to cut a piece of the chair off and send it to a lab either.

    Virtually all secrecy should be abolished. Secrecy is the elephant in the room that people never talk about. Most people like secrecy because it covers up the dirty work and lies they really don’t want to know about or care about.

    At the end of the day, it comes down to evaluating the eyewitness reports. Hoaxes are very rare so they can be excluded. Miss-identification is really the category that needs to be excluded in an investigation. After that, you can reliably obtain verification with a large enough sample.

    The powers that be and their ET brethren have engaged in genetic engineering for hundreds of thousands of yours on this planet so many creatures can be assumed to exist. If mythology says they existed, there is a good chance they probably did.

    You either wake the f— up and take responsibility to determine the truth or live the rest of your life in a coma

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