What Did You Think Of Finding Bigfoot: “Fishing for Bigfoot in Oregon”?

Posted by: Loren Coleman on June 19th, 2011

So what did you think of tonight’s episode?

Jun 19, 10:00 pm and 11:00 pm Eastern
(60 minutes)
Finding Bigfoot
Fishing for Bigfoot in Oregon

Bigfoot expert Matt Moneymaker takes his team of specialists to Oregon to examine a video taken on a rafting expedition. While investigating, the BFRO team hears a sound in the middle of the night that they believe could prove the creature’s existence.Animal Planet

Share your comments below. Cryptomundians have hardly held back in the past. Why would you tonight?

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75 Responses to “What Did You Think Of Finding Bigfoot: “Fishing for Bigfoot in Oregon”?”

  1. bobzilla responds:

    As far as calls go, I don’t think I would do them. If Sasquatch are out there and you are trying to mimic their sounds, how do you know what you are saying? You might be saying, “Get out. Stay away.” just as they might be. How is that helpful?

    When it comes to hunters or scientists using sounds, it’s usually for an animal that has been studied for a long time and patterns can be established and you can figure out what sounds are done at what time. But, as far as Sasquatches go, no one has studied them to find this out.

    Bob (from my arm chair)

  2. bigyeti responds:

    I’ve seen a few comments declaring that the howl-responses were elk bugles. Its possible that the sounds heard were some other animal, but it didn’t sound like an elk to me. I don’t have much experience with elk, so I’m not claiming to know for sure. But the quality of the recording was not very good, so I don’t think anyone can positively identify what animal made it. I will say that it sounded like some alleged sasquatch recordings I have heard. I agree that we shouldn’t go forward with an “its a bigfoot” mindset, but let’s keep an open mind. After all, its just as negligent to jump on the “its NOT a bigfoot” bandwagon.

    Regarding the use of call-blasting, I’d like to point out that it is not like the cast was trying out any new techniques. Call blasting has been around for a long time, and while no one can be sure what the effects are (whether it scares or attracts sasquatch), the use of this technique has elicited responses on numerous occasions. Calling works with turkeys, elk, deer, etc., so its not too far fetched to think that, even though we have no knowledge of their behavior, it may work with a sasquatch as well. As far as calling by voice, its hard to say if that method is as effective, but it has got responses before, so it is worth trying too.

    Understand that everyone has a different approach and opinion on what works. I’ve had similar discussions with many other hunters on what techniques are or are not best to call in turkey or other game. The point is, every hunter or “squatcher” has a particular method that they feel gets them the best result. With an animal that we know very little about, it seems silly to say that something won’t work. I say try any approach you can; the evidence obtained is all that matters.

  3. fishtales responds:

    show was ok , just cant get past MM. not a people person . not the best front man for BRFO

  4. riverguy responds:

    “If by some small chance the show gets picked up for a second season, hopefully Matt and the team will have learned from past mistakes.”

    Really? I just googled tv ratings for this show and “Finding Bigfoot” has more viewers than “American Chopper”, so give it up @kahil. Animal Planet knew they were picking this up for multiple seasons after the numbers hit from the very first show.

    Here’s another quote from you:
    “I think I can safely speak for all of us here and say that most of us were kind of excited for the show, then we saw the first episode, then we were disappointed with content, behavior and the “creative editing” practices”

    Well, I’m one of the “all of us here” and, based on your ‘woman scorned’ rants and amateur insights, I would never have you “speak for me” on anything. You continually flame this show and respond to every post about this show, but I bet you’re glued to the tv every Sunday night.

  5. flame821 responds:

    @ big yeti

    I personally think calls are useful for only two situations. Claiming territory (thereby challenging the other animal to come fight to keep it) and for finding mates (Which I am assuming will only work during mating season when said animal are in rut).

    Now, if Bigfoot is on the higher end of the intelligence scale it COULD be a form of rudimentary language, but if Bigfoot is on the lower end, it could just as easily be a way of aggravating or chasing them away. Unfortunately we have no way of knowing at this point.

    If BRFO or another organization was so inclined, an additional data base of research techniques and outcomes by geographic location could be started (bad thing being outcomes are EXTREMELY subjective) to see if there is any correlation between call blasting and responses (as a control I would insist the call session be recorded so the animal response could be evaluated by an expert so an elk or bear is not counted as a BF) same thing for knocking, rock throwing, etc.

    @ riverguy
    It is obvious by your post that you have become aggravated with Kahil, however you are verging on sexist with terms like ‘woman scorned’ especially as Kahil is not a woman (at least not judging from his professional website). And what exactly IS typical behavior of a scorned woman how does it differ from a man’s? I understand not wanting anyone to ‘speak for you’ but please, please, choose your terminology a bit more carefully.

    I understand Kahil’s responses due to being here from the beginning and seeing how things unfolded. I have chosen to put a killfile on MM posts so I no longer have to see and be aggravated by him, but that is how ‘I’ deal with things. Others prefer the more direct approach, some prefer no approach at all, a few commentors seem to have fallen silent all together.

    Whatever, its all good.

    We are all individuals and are entitled to our own opinions and we do have the right to express those opinions within the guidelines of this site and the Mod’s graces. Please continue your dialogue with Kahil as your viewpoint and opinions are every bit as valid as his, but as a personal favor I ask that you weight your terminology before hitting post.

  6. Redrose999 responds:

    Just started watching the episode. Someone mentioned the BF calls sounding like Elk calls. No, it’s lacks the whinny tone Elks give when they call. It’s more deep, gut like like tone that almost sounds human. Honestly the closest I’ve come to hearing anything that sounds like that ungodly tone is a human voice, monkeys or moose (but even moose lack the almost humanness of the call). I heard that sound years ago. Makes the hairs raise on your back, especially when you hear it crashing though the woods at you.
    Never forget it, scared the pants of me. Glad I didn’t stick around to see what was causing it.

    Moose or hellishly big humanoid ape, that’s what is sounds like to me.

  7. Redrose999 responds:

    Gotta update, saw the entire ep. The howl response at the end of the ep, I’m on the fence. They could easily be elk. Though I stand by my moose or humanoid ape for the howls the kids recorded.

    All in all despite all the flaws and annoying bits we’ve beaten to death (ie the fact they talk about BF as if it does exist, etc), it wasn’t a bad ep for what the show is. I really enjoyed the call blasting, and I found the team working together more this time. It seemed less about Matt and more about the group of them. Other issues I had, were discussed above. The lack of urine sample collecting got to me. I do hope they collected it later and tested it.

    The last one, in North Carolina, was really bad, but I don’t wish to go into it, most folks on that ep thread covered everything that got to me there.

  8. Kahil Nettleton responds:

    @riverguy – You clearly don’t understand how TV works. I work in the industry. Their ratings aren’t impressive by any means. American Chopper has gone way downhill over the seasons, so it isn’t a comparison when comparing to a new show. Most new shows have high ratings for their first few episodes, then they drop off. If you want to watch mindless entertainment with zero facts for an hour, then by all means, watch the show and keep watching it….no one is stopping you. Oh, and almost no network will pickup a show right off the start for multiple seasons. Anymore it goes season to season. this kind of show simply isn’t sustainable for multiple seasons, especially if they don’t find bigfoot.

    First off, I’m not a woman, so your ‘woman scorned’ blast was a poor choice of words. Second, I’m not flaming, I’m on topic here. “What did you think of Finding Bigfoot: ‘Fishing for Bigfoot in Oregon’?” Our opinion was asked and I gave mine. So lose the tude dude.

    Were you not excited for the show? You sure seem so. Were you disappointed with the creative edits, faking of evidence and Matt’s angry and bigoted attacks here? If not, you should be.

    Amateur insights? And you base that assumption on what exactly? We are talking about cryptozoololgy here…there is no such thing as an expert in cryptozoology. You can’t be an expert on something that hasn’t been studied or proven to exist right? Thought so. One can only be dedicated to it. It’s not how long you study something, its how well you learn. No need to make personal attacks here.

  9. William responds:

    I agree that Moneymaker’s “howls” sound utterly ridiculous. If anyone was in the area and heard him (campers, high school kids out partying in the woods) they would simply mess with him immediately by howling back or knocking. Maybe even crunching brush. The other guy’s howls are a million times better. MM did a good job in obtaining the Ohio Howl and deserves great credit for that but he needs to retire from making howls himself. He’s terrible at it, but I guess his team doesn’t want to offend him by telling him so.

  10. TimmyRyan65 responds:

    I would think that after 25 years of looking for this supposed creature and the best you can come up with is a few “footprint” casts, recordings of “something” howling, recordings of “knocking” back, almost all fuzzy videos, a couple of supposed hair samples that the DNA results are never publicized, and no real concrete physical evidence like bones, pelt, body, a nice real sharp video, then either A.) Bigfoot doesn’t exist or B.) You’re doing something very wrong in your search methods. Watching the show the people on it seem to rarely stay outside beyond 1am. They talk to each other throughout the search. They wave flashlights around. They crank out sound recordings of something howling. No wonder they haven’t seen much of anything let alone a supposed very rare creature such as Bigfoot. They should be like deer hunters and use treestands, plaster the woods with those stop motion cams hunters use, spray the site with a scent that is non-human. Sit tight and shut the “F” up!

    For the record I found this episode the best of the ones aired thus far. There was actual objective alternate theories offered besides “Yup! It’s a Squatch!”. I do think they were too quick to dismiss the woman driving. They pretty much called her a liar. It could have been someone in a suit messing with her. She was probably excited to be on TV and exaggerated. Yeah she could have made it up but let’s face it there is a lot of making up in this show.

    Anyway that’s my 2 cents. Just sit in the woods and shut the “F” up! You just might get the find of the century! 😉

  11. CDC responds:

    LOL Chris213 wrote my exact feelings almost word for word, it was that close.

    Glad to see I’m not the only one Matt Moneymaker has not convinced, seems there are more than Animal Planet would imagine.

    One thing I did do though, I went out to my local San Gabriel Mountains just before sunrise today for fun, I let out a yell or howl as loud as I could to see if any coyotes or such would reply. Well from way up in one of the canyons I got a similar howl come back at me. Then I yelled HELLLLLLLOOOOOO and of course the hiker that made the howl I heard HELLLOOOOED me back, it was a laugh for us both.

    Just saying, with any howl you may hear in the woods, the last thing you should assume is that it is an animal that has never been known to exist by science in North America. Just saying Matt.

  12. j stewart responds:

    @ Kahil
    you can speak for me as one of the most people here cause we have the same low opinion of said show and its host.

    someone earlier had a comment about red eyes. wild pigs have eyes that shine red at night also bears eyes shine deep red as well as rabbits and most rodents as well as the only North American Marsupial the oposum whos eyes shine a pinkish red. the last animal with red eye shine is a human but it usually takes a super bright light such as a flash from a camera to see human eye shine like redeye in a picture. so lots of animals eyes shine red. when people say it couldnt be a rodent or an oposum because the eyes were too high off the ground just remember lots of rodents and oposums live in trees.

    as for the show I didnt watch because i said i wouldnt. i watched monster quest on netflix instead and must say it sounds like i made the right choice. remember everyone who doesnt like the show . by watching it every week your doing just what MM said you would do. (paraphrasing) no matter what you and your family will watch the show and bow to me. or some crap like that….by watching week after week you are serving his purpose and by continuing to have 60 plus posts on the show every week you are serving as advertisement for he and his show…just an observation those who dont like he or his show why boost his ratings and viewing audience by watching and keeping the show talk alive and on everyones lips….

  13. thomas8106 responds:

    @ Redrose999
    Quote: “Glad I didn’t stick around to see what was causing it.”

    Why not? You could have been ridiculously rich and forever famous if you had proven Bigfoot exist. Oh yea, the bad: You could have easily been squashed by a “Squatch”. I do know that if we’re in the woods together and hear “that sound” and you’re in front of me, you better run fast or you’ll be picking yourself up off the ground, because I’m not sticking around either.

  14. Drew responds:

    Mr. Moneymaker,

    The howl response that Bobo picked up on the parabolic, was that the actual response he heard, or did production edit in another sound. The reason I ask, is that it sounds very much like a Coyote howl. Can you verify?


  15. riverguy responds:


    Here’s two of your quotes from the same posts in this thread in response to me:

    Your Quote 1: “You clearly don’t understand how TV works”

    Your Quote 2: “Oh, and almost no network will pickup a show right off the start for multiple seasons.”

    So, @Kahil, wanna make a bet?

    I’ll stake my lack of “understanding how TV works” against your multiple “I work in the industry” claims and make you this bet:

    I bet you that Finding Bigfoot will be signed for a 2nd season.

    If I win, you don’t post anything about the show for the rest of the year.
    If you win, I won’t post anything about the show for the rest of the year.


  16. Kahil Nettleton responds:

    So much for being adults here…

    What really makes you think that the show has what it takes to last multiple seasons? Does the show have compelling, attention grabbing new content each week? Nope. We get baseless claims, lack of facts, faked or creatively edited content. So far each show has basically been the same show, different location. OOOO! That’s definitely a bigfoot’s footprint, or grunt, or knock, or scream, etc. There is never anything new…never any facts…never anything of value.

    Check out what users of IMDB are rating the show: Here

    Most users give it a 1! The show’s ratings have plummeted. Just as it is with a lot of new shows, they get decent ratings to start as viewers tune in to see what it is all about. With this show, it certainly didn’t help that viewers found out or realized that a lot or most of what was seen was faked or “creatively edited”. This show simply doesn’t have what it takes to go multiple seasons. No new show gets committed to multiple seasons right out of the gates.

    Look, you are obviously a fan of a show that most aren’t and good for you, whatever floats your boat.

    So far you’ve come at me personally for no reason, called me a woman and made a childish bet…..what’s next?

  17. Peltboy25 responds:

    Fun to watch, but this show will yield zero results. The only way to get good evidence of BF is to do nothing. Put up a tent, build a fire, strum a guitar and wait. People who see BF are not running through the woods at night with a sound crew, cameras and zillion watt lighting gear. They are camping, walking, driving, etc. BF is a curious creature. Get into his environment, be obvious, and let him come to you. Of course, he doesn’t know you have IR cameras and night vision recording gear. Only you do. But a show about people sitting around waiting won’t get aired so it’s a non issue. Oh well.

  18. riverguy responds:


    Kahil Quote 1: “You’ve come at me personally for no reason”
    Ironic. Of course that’s how you see it. When you respond or make comments to others, in your mind it’s simply “commenting”. But, when someone does it to you, “it’s personal”.

    Kahil Quote 2: “This show simply doesn’t have what it takes to go multiple seasons. No new show gets committed to multiple seasons right out of the gates.”
    You have MULTIPLE statements to this claim. I think you’re saying this, not because it’s true, but because MM hurt your feelings.

    And, I did not “call you a woman” I used the analogy of “a woman scorned” because that’s the tone of your posts. At first you were simply a bit negative, but after MM confronted you, you now you take a flame thrower to anything about the show, the cast, and especially MM. I simply don’t think that’s fair.

    You seemingly like to shout, but don’t like it when anybody shouts back.

    I kept seeing you make these statements that they’re not going to go multiple seasons and you use your claim of “I’m in the industry”, but I think you are wrong. I think Animal Planet will sign them for Season 2.

    That’s why I proposed my bet with you.

    If I’m wrong, and you’re so right, I’m willing to put up or shut up.
    Look, if you don’t want to take it, that’s cool.

    At least we know where you stand. Keep shouting.

  19. Kahil Nettleton responds:

    Dear riverguy,

    First, when you quote my name, the things I say and then respond with personal jabs, that isn’t “commenting”….nice try. Learn to debate bud. Debating is about attacking what someone says and not making it personal. Your “analogy” doesn’t make sense as you stated it unless you thought or were calling me a woman. Again…nice try…

    Next, Matt never hurt my feelings whatsoever. No feelings to hurt in this scenario. He came here to make personal and bigoted attacks at people just because they didn’t like his reality tv show. You seem to feel the need to single me out though. I’m not the only one saying things against the show right? No, I’m not. Everything I’ve said has been on par with others. Let’s do a little run down here… Does the show engage in creative editing to make viewers believe something is there that isn’t? Yes. Does the show routinely fake evidence? Yes. Do the cast members make outlandish and factless claims? Yes. Do some of the cast members claim to be experts on something they have never studied or seen? Yes. Do they make claims about the looks, behavior, etc of bigfoot without providing a single shred of evidence? Yes. Did a particular cast member come here to make vicious and personal attacks against several loyal cryptomundo readers? Yes. Face it, the show is fake, just like every other reality TV show and is for pure entertainment only.

    The show just isn’t going to be able to compete with the more popular series in that time slot that are now returning for their summer season. Ask anyone else in the TV industry and they will assure you that it is extremely rare for a show to be picked up for multiple seasons right off the bat. Nearly every single show that is on right now goes with a season to season contract. If the show isn’t keeping up with desired ratings, they can it and let another show have a go at it. It is just the nature of the business.

    You seem to be vehemently defending the show and especially defending Matt. Hrmmm… Makes ya think don’t it folks.

    If you like the show, then great….keep watching it and defending it.

    Finally, I’m not shouting. I’m just trying to engage in a civil debate, but it seems that you and Matt enjoy making it personal. Sorry, not gonna fall for it. I’m not doing the whole “I’m right, you’re wrong” thing. Have I and others been calling Matt and the show out to provide facts rather than just bold claims? Absolutely. In regards to my thoughts on the show and the possibilities of a followup season, I’m just going on what I know from working with the television studios here in Los Angeles….oh, and the ratings and reviews by viewers and critics all over Al Gore’s greatest invention, the internet. ;P

    Have fun with the show. Glad you enjoy it and find value in it.

  20. riverguy responds:


    Kahil Quote: “First, when you quote my name, the things I say and then respond with personal jabs, that isn’t “commenting”….nice try.”

    I address you, then specifically the thing you said, and respond to it.
    O.K. seems pretty much like a “comment” to me.

    When you directly address someone in your comments and the comment they posted, you don’t seem to consider it a “personal jab”, you seem to consider it a “civil debate” when you do it. double standard.

    I’m not surprised, that’s the behavior you’ve well established here.

  21. Kahil Nettleton responds:

    Ok…seems as though riverguy has nothing new to add to the discussion/debate. A debate is when two or more people discuss opposing views on a subject. Re-read what I have said. When I name someone by name in a response, it is always in regards to something they said, not them as a person. Huge difference bud. Unlike you who has attempted to make it personal, like with your ‘woman scorned’ and other comments that are directed at me on a personal level. Again, nice try…so let’s move on.

    Anywho… IMHO, if Matt and the rest of the group are sincere in their search and aren’t just out to get a paycheck or be on TV…and if they are truly innocent of the nefarious things that have been shown to go on with the show then I think they should do a weekly web series on youtube. This show just doesn’t have what it takes to go a multiple series run on any network. When it comes to a subject such as this, people want to see proof…not just someone making really bold claims without anything to back it up show after show. I think that a show such as this would do much better if it wasn’t done in a reality tv show format. It needs more science and less fluff and lip service.

  22. flame821 responds:

    Okay, I’ll throw myself into this just because I can actually search for some data regarding ratings.

    According to IMDB median score is a 1 out of 10

    Getglue shows almost no followers and many that do seem to be watching for the comedy value (going by the comments that are more than just episode names or ‘check’; a few are quite positive, most are pointing and laughing)

    Tv by the numbers is showing FB as the 2nd lowest rank show on that day and time slot. Reruns of Swamp people beat it out, the ONLY show lower was American Choppers; Senior. (this data is most recent available, June 14)

    Please tell me if there are any other valid sites to check.

    Do I think it will get picked up for another season; actually considering how little Animal Planet has to offer, yes I do. Will it get renewed after that? Not if they don’t fix a lot of current issues, but as a summer fill-in series its fine for what it is; ‘reality’ tv just like Real Housewives of NJ and Keeping up with the Kardashians which (heaven help us all) topped the ratings for that day and time.

    Are there bad feelings between MM and many people on this site, yes there is no denying that his past behavior has colored our views of him and his show. But that’s on his head, he chose his own behavior nobody ‘forced’ him to act like that. Key point; Cliff regularly does behind the scenes and explains a lot of things, he has spoken to Mr. Woolheater and posted at least one article here specifically to address what he felt was wrong with the editing of the series. To my knowledge NO ONE gave him grief, in fact we appreciated his honesty and integrity to come forward like that and explain who, what, where and when in a calm and reasonable manner.

    This tit and tat between riverguy and kahil is pretty pointless. The readers here understand BOTH of your positions. Some of us agree, some disagree, some don’t care. But for the two of you to waste time bickering over something (or someone) like this is silly. Riverguy you are pro-finding bigfoot and want it to be renewed. Kahil you are anti-finding bigfoot and don’t expect it to be renewed. As for betting and silencing the other person….creepy.

    You are both adults, both well spoken and both seem intelligent. Please drop this silly back and forth and move forward. No one wins in an internet argument except the trolls.

  23. Opalman responds:

    RE: Kahil and riverguy conversation,

    These discussions and debates are certainly interesting.

    I’m amazed that the Finding Bigfoot episodes have caused such an expenditure of energy. In reading the entire discussion thread what really amazes me is that so many people find such a hokey, pseudo-scientific television series worthy of such attention at all.

    I see that some people actually believe the ridiculous debacle bill-boarded as Finding Bigfoot actually has any merit or value in solving the questionable ( probable) existence of a “Gigantopithecus americanus sandersonii” or such. [sic.]

    I have made a principled decision to not watch the series or its reruns. If the show presents anything worthy I’m sure I’ll read about it here first and investigate further at my leisure. Should the show be signed on for a second season, that fact in itself becomes a testament to the gullibly ignorant and lazy thinking, illogical condition of the average Bigfoot proponent. Thinking folks are infuriated by the presentation of crap as science, as well they should be. This spurs the debate in many cases when in fact maybe we’d all be better off to just forget the BS some “experts” and Hollywood types are trying to feed us. Lets move on to better topics for thought and discussion.

  24. Kahil Nettleton responds:

    @ flame821 – I see your point. As you and others can see, I have been trying to engage in a civil debate. Why riverguy felt the need to come at me personally and not anyone else is beyond me. Yeah, the betting is for silence was a little odd. As for the show…I tried to debunk the ratings hype and reality of the show based on what I know from working in the industry…but apparently facts mean nothing…lol… As you pointed out, nearly everywhere you look or read, the show simply isn’t doing well at all. So far, the only ones who aren’t are bigfoot websites, etc.

    You’re right…there is a very small chance that they might do one more season, but it is also highly unlikely to happen. Chances are Animal planet already has something else lined up…either a new show or reruns of other shows. I mean, come on…if reruns of other shows are doing better in ratings. Also, keep in mind that the show started during the programming offseason. As I’m sure we all have noticed, the summer season is starting and highly rated shows are returning…not to mention some promising new shows. If this show is doing so poorly during the offseason, it just doesn’t have a chance during the regular season.

    Like I said…if Matt and the rest of BFRO want to save face and have creative control…then BFRO, especially Matt, need to grow some thicker skin and improve on their professionalism….and they should do regular to semi-regular web series.

    I just wish that someone would do a bigfoot show or documentary right….as in making the show fun and compelling to watch without having to fake most or all of what is shown just for production. Otherwise it just comes off as complete fiction that is on par with sci fi B movies.

  25. Opalman responds:

    So sorry about the exclusion:

    “Should the show be signed on for a second season, that fact in itself becomes a testament to the gullibly ignorant and lazy thinking, illogical condition of the average Bigfoot proponent”.

    should read:
    Should the show be signed on for a second season, that fact in itself becomes a testament to the gullibly ignorant and lazy thinking, illogical condition of the average “Finding Bigfoot” proponent. There’s undoubtedly a big difference between bigfoot proponent and “Finding Bigfoot” proponent.

    And…by “Finding Bigfoot” proponent; I mean those that find nothing amiss with the program.
    Sorry bout that folks

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