Melba Ketchum on Coast to Coast AM Tonight (12-23-12)

Posted by: Loren Coleman on December 23rd, 2012


The Coast to Coast AM website has announced that Melba Ketchum, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, is their guest overnight, Dec. 23-24.

The website states:

Sun 12-23

Joining George Knapp, Dr. Melba S. Ketchum discusses her DNA analysis of possible Bigfoot hair samples.

I am not certain why she keeps talking to the media before the paper is published.

Thanks to PhotoExpert for the news tip.

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6 Responses to “Melba Ketchum on Coast to Coast AM Tonight (12-23-12)”

  1. Jeri Tonti via Facebook responds:

    will be listening to the show tonight

  2. shill responds:

    Melba has tried to appeal to the public bigfoot community and to go the conventional science route with a paper that isn’t passing muster. Has she failed on both counts? I think she has but wondering what others think.

  3. PhotoExpert responds:

    I am one of those people that forms an opinion as the facts begin to emerge. Usually, I reserve judgement until I hear it straight from the source.

    There is a lot of speculation out there. But now we all have an opportunity to listen and see what Dr. Ketchum has to say, first hand. Since it is a call in show, those of you that have questions, may have the opportunity to ask them directly.

    In any case, when I saw that she was making an appearance on Coast to Coast, I immediately contacted Loren, in an effort to share the news of her appearance and to alert Cryptomundians that have an interest in what Dr. Ketchum has to say.

    Anyway, it should make for an interesting show. I know I will be tuning in.

  4. cryptokellie responds:

    These samples that are being analyzed are saliva, hair, “a little bit of eveything from collectors all across North America”. How is anyone SURE that these samples came from a actual Bigfoot? Did they just miss one – follow it and collect samples? Is there any factual event leading to an actual connection to this evidence an an actual Bigfoot? Is there a trail of; photo/film/video footage and on site post event evidence collection? I would like Bigfoot to exist as much as the next guy but if this evidence is the usual collection of hairs and woodland flotsam and jetsam, how could this material be realistically connected to Bigfoot anyway. Bigfoot saliva? Did it spit on someone? Back off…I have plenty of deer and such around the property and I know what deer spit looks like.

    I guess my point is, that if these samples were definitely collected from an actual Bigfoot in a well documented event, than there would already be enough proof that one does actually exist and DNA analysis would be the genetic icing on the cake – so to speak.
    OK fellow Cryptos, please lets get one thing straight – I am NOT criticizing the very attractive Ms. Ketcham, her testing methodologies or her results for that matter. I’m suggesting that if the evidence cannot be difinitively linked to an actual Bigfoot than what is it…what anyone wants it to be? Mostly human but a little different?

    Sounds like my neighbor.

  5. PoeticsOfBigfoot responds:

    Man, I’m tired of this woman. I’m starting to think this is some sort of performance art piece, based on her ever-changing personas. Is she the Glamor Shot woman, the horse vet, or the fake-eyelashed woman I saw on TV talking to a guy in the Pacific Northwest? Is she a mainstream scientist, Facebook celebrity wanna-be, or radio entertainer? If it is performance art, I can respect her; if not, please, God, make her go away.

  6. tnbigfoot responds:

    Link to the Ketchum interview last night. Seemed pretty credible to me.

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