Mothman: Monstrous, Misunderstood, Miserable?

Posted by: Loren Coleman on April 25th, 2010

The reviews are pouring in, after the first broadcast. What do you think?

“This movie is horrible from start to finish…,” said Ritualistic at Night of the Liberal Dead.

A “creature feature” that is “more horror and less sci-fi,” notes R. J. Carter. The reviewer warns, “if you’re expecting something based upon those mysterious creature sightings in West Virginia that have cryptozoologists scratching their heads, you’ll only be minimally satisfied with this Sheldon Wilson directed offering, as it shoehorns that historical event into this hodgepodge of other horror film conventions.”

“Final Analysis: Jewel Staite (my favorite cast member from FIREFLY) + my favorite cryptid + a blind man who is nevertheless a crack shot with a shotgun = a fairly decent two hours. However, take that fairly decent two hours and add an incredibly dull supporting cast, a goofy design for aforementioned favorite cryptid, and random supernatural butterflies and you get something that’s slightly less than decent,” writes Bill in the Radiation-Scarred Reviews.

“This one is worth watching, folks. Seriously,” says Sensual Lovers.

But what do you think?

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9 Responses to “Mothman: Monstrous, Misunderstood, Miserable?”

  1. Jack Lee responds:

    I stopped watching during the first five to ten minutes due to the senseless murder of that young teenaged boy in the river. From that point onward, I wrote my own script in my head. If Mothman got them, they deserved it. (IMO)

  2. nikki123nd responds:

    I saw the whole movie, and it wasn’t as good as I expected. First of all, it was too fictional. Plus, they are attempting to turn a good-spirited cryptid into a villain not-so-scary horror movie. I don’t like how they made the mothman so evil, yet in real life, I think of him as a protagonist because he warns people of upcoming tragedies, not cause them like in the movie. Still, it was a good story, but not if you really want true information about the mothman.
    By the way, the boy who dies in the beginning does tie in with the rest of the movie.

  3. BoyintheMachine responds:

    I also watched up until a little after the boy was killed then turned it off and rewatched Search for the Mothman.

    Honestly, I don’t even know why the call that channel Syfy any more. It’s crappy Z-grade horror movies every Saturday. Not much actual science fiction, save for the stargate franchise which the network will not let die.

  4. BoyintheMachine responds:

    If anyone’s interested, here is the IMDB page for the movie. I chuckled at the title of the featured review, “This mothman should stick to eating old clothes”.

  5. boxerpit responds:

    i watched the movie and was very upset that they made moth-man an evil spirit
    they even had the Indian cornstalk in it as he summoned the evil moth-man
    wow this was even worse then beyond loch ness
    at least beyond was corny
    this was worse
    even carny (syfy new jersey devi movie) was better then both of them
    but they (syfy) are making movies about cryptids and making them evil
    the only saving graces for syfy is destination truth, ghost hunters, sanctuary (which does have a Bigfoot in it as an assistant to the doctor and a merbeing in a tank) and warehouse 13.

  6. Dib responds:

    The previews were enough to make me want to stay far, far away.

  7. jethomp responds:

    If only FOX had not cancelled Firefly and forced Jewel Staite to do this movie I’d have those two hours back. SyFy has once again made a lame attempt at putting on a Saturday night movie worth the time it takes to read the opening credits.

  8. Anakin0993 responds:

    How many “original” syfy movies have been good? None that I know of….so, did anyone expect it to be? ‘Cuz I know I didn’t….especially ones involving cryptids…..because they never have anything to do with cryptozoology….

  9. coelacanth1938 responds:

    There isn’t one original SyFy movie that I can remember, yet recommend.

    Okay, here is what I grew up watching.

    ABC wasn’t trying to be a SF&F channel, yet they filmed some of the classic SF&F movies. SyFy on the other hand, can’t hit the broad side of a barn.

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