DT Producer Died Of Coke OD, Report Ugandan Police

Posted by: Loren Coleman on February 23rd, 2012

Uganda’s English-language Daily Monitor (with the motto “Truth Everyday”) reporter Andrew Bagala wrote on February 22nd: “An autopsy carried out on freelance TV producer Jeff Rice’s body that was found in a Kampala hotel room, has revealed that he took an overdose of suspected cocaine, police said Wednesday.”

The rest of Bagala’s article gives new details, such as Jeff Rice being found dead on Friday, February 17th, not Sunday, February 19th:

Mr Rice, a freelance producer for American reality TV show Amazing Race run by CBS, a US commercial TV broadcaster, was on Friday found dead, while his colleague, Ms Catherine Fuller was found unconscious in the same room.

Amazing Race is a reality television game show where a team of two competes with other groups to arrive first at a designated destination. It is also aired on NTV on weekends.

Police Spokesman Asuman Mugenyi said yesterday: “Results from the analytical laboratory test indicate that there was an overdose of cocaine, with too much concentration in the stomach.”

Police were by press time yet to identify his nationality. Scene of Crime officers reportedly picked materials they suspect to be contrabands from the room, and have sent the samples to the government analyst for examination.
Mr Mugenyi said Ms Fuller’s health is improving and they are yet to record a statement from her.

According to police, the two hired a room in the hotel on Thursday but on Friday, a hotel worker found the man hanging on a balcony, prompting him to investigate further.

“When they opened the room, they found Ms Fuller lying in coma while Mr Rice was motionless on the balcony. They called police and took Rice to hospital but he was pronounced dead,” Mr Mugenyi said. Ms Fuller was too taken to a hospital in Kololo.

Mr Mugenyi said preliminary investigation pointed at food choking but investigators wondered how it could have happened to both people: “We ordered for another post-mortem which revealed that it was caused by an overdose,” he said.

Illicit drugs are becoming a problem in the country and last year, at least 20 kilogrammes of drugs worth Shs20 billion were destroyed in Kampala.

Police yesterday also refuted allegations that the deceased died of food poisoning or an attack by suspected thugs.

Speaking editorially here at Cryptomundo, there just seems to be something very strange about the unfolding details of this story.

For our first item on this, see here.

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8 Responses to “DT Producer Died Of Coke OD, Report Ugandan Police”

  1. Jeff Stewart via Facebook responds:

    Sad that such a young promising man fell to the tragedy of drug abuse..

  2. Sharon Lee responds:

    Cocaine in his stomach? And she was unconscious/in a coma? Very very fishy

  3. choppedlow responds:

    Cocaine is a drug that comes almost exclusively from South America. Not Africa. Especially Uganda. Hard to believe. Even if he was a regular user of cocaine, you’d think he would OD in the states where it’s all over the place. If I was part of his family or a personal friend, I would be skeptical of the findings and have my own people conduct tests. This story went from sad to absurd. His poor family. Awful.

  4. fooks responds:

    Police yesterday also refuted allegations that the deceased died of food poisoning or an attack by suspected thugs.

    what does one expect them to say?


    i hope they catch the #$$%^%^’s but i won’t put money on it.

    i hope the gal pulls through.

  5. scottyboy10 responds:

    it’s either the truth or a cover up,either way get a proper autopsy done,there is something very fishy indeed about this. All i can do is offer my condolencies at this sad time

  6. Ragnar responds:

    I’m honestly not surprised at reporting that some of you consider to be strange or less than believable as the story develops. The reality is that you’re dealing with a foreign press that may not have access like our western press does. The story will often come out in drips and drabs and there will be numerous inconsistencies.

    Ironically, its much like a typical cryptid sighting. Guy sees something that looks like a panther or other big cat that shouldn’t or couldn’t live in area X. Takes a picture from a distance. Experts then opine on the picture; one thinks it an extinct panther pantheris, one says its just a bobcat, one says its Mrs. Jones black tabby cat from down the street. The truth is quite often somewhere in the middle. The problem is finding it.

    In the sad case of Mr Rice and his assistant I think it was probably an OD. But not on cocaine, given that cocaine isn’t the drug of choice in Eastern Africa. We may find that it *looked* like cocaine but was some phoney drug that Mr Rice bought off the street. Or not. Either way, a creative mind is dead. Sad.

  7. paul_r responds:

    I don’t know why but I do believe the Ugandan police aren’t world leaders at CSI. I do believe also that there is much more to this story and hopefully the young lady will recover to tell us.

    I can only think of a couple of reasons why someone would ingest cocaine and have a large amount in their stomache. Not all are voluntary. Best to give the deceased the benefit of the doubt.

  8. gridbug responds:

    Sad as this is, “father of two young children found dead of a cocaine overdose with his female assistant in Africa” sounds almost as crazy as “father of two young children and his female assistant found dead and near death in a suspected poisoning following a botched gang robbery in Africa.”

    Cryptomundo indeed.

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