A Tale of Two Bill Gibbonses

Posted by: John Kirk on August 6th, 2014

I find it interesting that a Mokele-mbembe hunter and the lead guitarist of ZZ Top have the same name, have red hair and are really good at what they do.


Of course I am referring to the two Bill Gibbons of this world. I’d like to get them both in the same room and have them talk to each other. It would be surreal. Maybe ZZ Top Bill could write a song about the great African Cryptid. Maybe the Original Texas Bigfoot Conference could extend an invitation to ZZ Top to attend their event in October. Would be a blast.

Who would I like to talk to about cryptids you might ask? No question, Megan Fox.


She indicated this week that she would probably be able to find a sasquatch if she was invited to go on an expedition. I would put Megan in the believer category. She’d be fun to chat with AND look at.

“Bigfoot’s real,” she told PEOPLE when asked about her shared connections to the Comic-Con faithful. “And I have confidence in myself that if I were ever to be taken out on an expedition … I would be the one to find Bigfoot.”Megan Fox

I know I am supposed to be working on an article, but my demented mind keeps wandering into insane realms and thinking of odd things like the two Bill Gibbons. There apparently is no cure for this dementia.

Now back to writing about game cams and hypnosis and their use in sasquatch research.

John Kirk About John Kirk
One of the founders of the BCSCC, John Kirk has enjoyed a varied and exciting career path. Both a print and broadcast journalist, John Kirk has in recent years been at the forefront of much of the BCSCC’s expeditions, investigations and publishing. John has been particularly interested in the phenomenon of unknown aquatic cryptids around the world and is the author of In the Domain of the Lake Monsters (Key Porter Books, 1998). In addition to his interest in freshwater cryptids, John has been keenly interested in investigating the possible existence of sasquatch and other bipedal hominids of the world, and in particular, the Yeren of China. John is also chairman of the Crypto Safari organization, which specializes in sending teams of investigators to remote parts of the world to search for animals as yet unidentified by science. John travelled with a Crypto Safari team to Cameroon and northern Republic of Congo to interview witnesses among the Baka pygmies and Bantu bushmen who have sighted a large unknown animal that bears more than a superficial resemblance to a dinosaur. Since 1996, John Kirk has been editor and publisher of the BCSCC Quarterly which is the flagship publication of the BCSCC. In demand at conferences, seminars, lectures and on television and radio programs, John has spoken all over North America and has appeared in programs on NBC, ABC, CBS, PBS, TLC, Discovery, CBC, CTV and the BBC. In his personal life John spends much time studying the histories of Scottish Clans and is himself the president of the Clan Kirk Society. John is also an avid soccer enthusiast and player.

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