Lake and Sea Monsters

Posted by: Nick Redfern on June 14th, 2012

I haven’t seen this book – Lake Monsters and Sea Monsters: An Atlas and History, 1800 – 1977, by George Mitrovic – so can’t comment (yet!) on its contents. But it does run in at a huge 566 pages.

Anyone read it? Any thoughts?

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3 Responses to “Lake and Sea Monsters”

  1. David-Australia responds:

    566 pages may have been a typo on the Amazon page – a look inside states 366 pages.

  2. Markus responds:

    And that look inside acknowledges that personally I will not buy it. Only few pages and I read from electromagnetic energy waves over the planet linked to all those phenomena or so and more that stuff. No biology, no psychology or anything else related to cryptozoology.

  3. GEORGE MITROVIC responds:

    Hello Ptolemy who created one of the first atlases. Unfortunately he based the Earth as the centre of the Universe. Obviously these two gentlemen still think that cryptozoologically this must still be the case. If it were then we would have zoos and aquaria full of cryptids as well as museums full of stuffed ones. After all it did not take long to get stuffed gorillas shortly after their discovery and they are much rarer in locale, apparently, than Bigfoot or our other cryptids. God forbid that we might have different dimensions intersecting! What if someone mapped them? We might get a different way of cataloguing the uncatchable. That is why all of my thousands of entries in thousands of pages in different ebooks, available on Kindle, have latitudes and longitudes and are designed to be searchable not just readable. If you want to stay on Earth wanting every detail spoonfed to you, that is fine. If you want to explore new mapping techniques for anomalous phenomena, then come on board. All of the data from every source is there. I just don’t waste my time with excess data that you can google to your hearts content.

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