Dr. Melba Ketchum Q&A: Sasquatch Origin, Neanderthal DNA

Posted by: Bigfoot Evidence on March 8th, 2012

Dr. Melba Ketchum has a paper currently in peer-review that will help prove the existence of Bigfoot. She has a public Facebook page where she takes time from her busy schedule to answer some questions unrelated to the paper.

Here’s the latest Q&A:

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16 Responses to “Dr. Melba Ketchum Q&A: Sasquatch Origin, Neanderthal DNA”

  1. Hapa responds:

    There are three things I want to see before I die:

    1. A New Manned Mission to the Moon
    2. A Manned Mission to Mars
    3. Sasquatch proven to exist.

    I know the first two will not be for a while (and if the US keeps whining about budgets and tax payer money, we’ll never see America leading the way to these places of discovery, and perhaps happily so. How dare we call ourselves the land of opportunity if we are the richest nation in the world and yet cannot go back to the Moon, or reach Mars first. If Americans whine if Russia reaches Mars first, they should shut up and look in the mirror at whose to blame). But I do not want the 3rd to take anywhere near as long. Hopefully this study leads the way to do that, THIS YEAR, and soon.

  2. Insanity responds:

    If China starts making serious efforts to get to the Moon or Mars, the USA will be there in two years.

  3. AreWeThereYeti responds:

    @ Hapa:

    Don’t hold your breath…

  4. ModernShanahan responds:

    Hmmm for some reason, she seems reliable. But I also have to be prepared if she’s not by not giving up hope~

    She seems really optimistic about this and seems to know what’s she’s doing. Someone is bound to show reliable proof. I do hope she’s not dumb enough to pull a hoax like those men and Tom Biscardi down in Georgia was it? The Bigfoot in the refrigerator? Man, did i make a fool out of myself for telling people “BIGFOOT” has been caught and he’s dead and stored in a refrigerator. My credibility went low because of it :O I remember being so excited about it too… Hope she doesn’t follow in their footsteps. Only time will tell… That’s all we have is time…. @_@

  5. Professor Dhoom responds:

    Re: Hapa
    I suggest you take Arewethereyeti’s advice. unless ‘bigfoot’ has evolved the most sophisticated camouflage of any known animal then a viable genepool of 50-500 individuals would have presented some provable evidence of existence. Scientists recently discovered amphibians the size of penny in the dense forests of Borneo, looking for a giant hairy manlike creature in the fairly frequented woodlands of North America etc should be a doddle.

  6. PoeticsOfBigfoot responds:

    Funny how when she’s working in the lab she’s looking like she just went to Glamor Shots by Deb. This must be her serious scientist look.

  7. paul_r responds:


    At my job we like women who dress nice. Women who wear sackcloth to work tend to feel that way, act miserable and make everyone’s lives hell.

    Take it from a divorced guy!

  8. Hapa responds:


    “If China starts making series efforts to get to the Moon or Mars, the USA will be there in 2 years.”

    That is a possibility. The footdraggers at NASA usually point towards a 2030’s something date for a Mars mission, but if China or Russia were ready to go…possibly. We only have to overcome our economy, our reluctance to put more money to explore more of God’s creation, and our apathy to space exploration. A tall order.



    Don’t hold your breath…”

    LOL, yeah it feels like we have about as much chance of sending something into space more important than a stint on the ISS (International Space Station) as we have of bagging a Sasquatch! However, unlike Sasquatch, which has involved large numbers of researchers but comparatively few scientists and still negligable results, we have an army of scientists at NASA,successful Moon landing missions, and a lot of wasted money spent elsewhere in our budget that could be relocated to the Space Program to bring a Moon or Mars mission sooner.
    The major 800 lbs Sasquatch in the room stopping us? A Willingness to be lazy, stupid, and happily so.

    Professor Dhoom:

    “looking for a giant hairy manlike creature in the fairly frequented woodlands of North America etc should be a doddle.”

    A case could be made to look for Sasquatch-esque creatures in the tropics and subtropics instead of a more northerly habitat like North America: that the vast majority of recently discovered animals have been found in tropical and sub tropical regions of Earth. However, Canada and Alaska are still comparatively sparse-inhabited, and should be considered before we throw the idea out.
    Josh Gates in his recent book did, however state that the one hominoid with the most going for it is the Orang Pendek, and no wonder: among other facts, its in the south Pacific. He also said the Yeti has more going for it than Bigfoot, due to remoteness.

  9. DWA responds:

    Professor Dhoom:

    Given science’s practice, one would expect the penny-size amphibians.

    Given science’s a priori biases, one wouldn’t expect sasquatch and yeti.

    People think this is about big vs. little. It’s not. It’s about what one believes is real vs. what one doesn’t.

    Bigfoot and yeti couldn’t have sophisticated camouflage. People, lots, are seeing them, right out in the open. Every kind of evidence has been found in compelling connection with sightings – from hair and footprints to feces and blood. But no one believes the sighters or trusts the evidence. Scientists claim to have seen them. (Two Westerners with scientific cred claim to have seen orang pendek.) Are we at proof yet? No.

    The penny-size amphibians? Slam dunk. When science goes into their habitats IT EXPECTS to find them. The search protocols have been used many times, in similar habitat. And nobody’s going to just let the frog go because nobody will believe him; frogs are easy to transport. See? Got a frog! A 400-pound primate? Not so much. A piece of one? People claim to have shot them and examined the bodies. (One verified, without being asked, Grover Krantz’s theory of what the foot would have to look like for a biped that big.) No one has claimed to bring back a piece.

    (No, Justin Smeja.)

    Does that mean they’re lying? Not by itself, it doesn’t.

    The evidence points to the existence of the animals. But until science is confident enough in that evidence to follow it to conclusion?

    They’ll find a frog that can perch on your smallest eyelash first. Bet on it.

  10. DWA responds:


    My post above says that remoteness is no more an issue than big vs. little. The animals live in Illinois, Ohio and PA, according to the evidence, among other places. The issue is that no one believes that, not that the habitats are too remote.

    If no one is looking, ten could be in my back yard each day at 10, and science wouldn’t know.

  11. Hapa responds:


    Interesting you mention Pennsylvania and Illinois. Often sightings in those areas are listed under the Hairy Biped phenomena (paranormal bigfoot, i.e. a phantom creature). Some of the sightings seem to defy the laws of physics (a creature unseen making tracks as if out of nowhere, immune to bullets (which could be explained), living in areas they are not expected to (i.e. in areas where a species of giant ape would find it almost to absolutely impossible to hide in).
    Having said that, Dr Meldrum, the foremost scientist on the Bigfoot phenomena, did state once in a doc that it was possible a giant undiscovered bidepal primate could exist in the Eastern US, i.e. in places like the Appalachians. Its hard for me to consider this, given the human population and roads/cars/traffic in the region. It would be interesting if Meldrum has some tracks in his collection from the eastern and Southeastern US that were considered legit by him. That would get me thinking.

  12. DWA responds:


    Meldrum indeed has Eastern tracks that he considers potentially legitimate. John Bindernagel, another of the very few serious scientific proponents, was converted to an eastern-bigfoot proponent when he visited PA and Ohio, attracted by the volume of sighting reports. A wildlife biologist, he considers the East better potential habitat than the PNW. He’s right.

    Once again, it’s not the population that’s the issue. Lots of Easterners are seeing these, and their reports (I’ve read many) stack up with anything from anywhere else. It’s just that no one believes them, and that many scientists are stuck on the remoteness issue.

    Which isn’t one. An easterner, I can tell you there is plenty of available habitat. Because there are plenty of bears in the East, and the black bear is probably the closest ecological analogue to the sasquatch. Only the latter are probably smarter; they have hands; and they appear from reports much more capable to take advantage of a variety of game.

  13. CDC responds:

    Wait, when did she complete her paper and submit it for peer review?

    I read it on “Bigfoot Evidence” site but I can’t find anywhere where Dr. Melba Ketchum has stated she has completed her paper and submitted it for Peer Review.

    I have looked everywhere, even here on Cryptomundo as it would seem the completion and submission of her paper would have been big news…but only found that update post

    If someone has a site where Dr Ketchum clearly states she has completed work on her paper and submitted it for peer review I would love to see that.

    There had been soooooo many delays on her paper I am suprised that it’s completion didn’t make front page news on this and other similar sites

  14. Hapa responds:

    Very interesting about the eastern bigfoot prints…

    Oh, BTW; here is more evidence that America’s space program is a laughing stock.

  15. UncleSac68 responds:

    @ CDC:

    Dr. Melba Ketchum has created a public facebook page about the current status of the project. If you wade through the questions and answers, you will find information about the current status of the paper. She and her spokesperson are understandably vague about the specific content of the paper, but she does come right out and say that the creatures are real (though I think she is referencing her personal sighting).

    So either she and the many others involved are destroy-your-DNA-lab-business-crazy and are involved in one of the largest hoaxes ever, or bigfoot lives.

    Each Thursday at 2PM comes another chance for the paper to be made public, according to the information at their site.

    Anyway, here is the link.

  16. mungofoot responds:

    here is a nifty piece of info that was posted by someone going by the handle BF SLEUTH, who looked into why the Ketchum paper might seem secretive to some but is actually following procedure :Rather than run around in circles arguing about how the embargo policies are interpreted by a journal such as Nature I decided to check for myself. I sent an e-mail:

    “I read through the policy statement and it didn’t seem to preclude confirming that a paper has been submitted or under peer review. If I submit a paper is it permissible to confirm with media that I have a paper in submission and if it does get into peer review is it allowed to confirm that fact as long as I don’t discuss the contents of the paper?”

    The reply I received:

    “We ask that you not discuss your papers submitted for consideration as the review process is confidential. Though you are encouraged to discuss your work with fellow scientists and at conferences, our policy is that you not discuss any work submitted to Nature with journalists. As such, confirming that a paper has been submitted or is under review would mean discussing the work, which is counter to our policy.”

    Hopefully this can lay to rest the issue of, “OH MY GOSH, WHY WON’T SHE AT LEAST CONFIRM!????”

    Take a breath.

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