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Posted by: Nick Redfern on November 26th, 2012

From Karl Shuker:

Here’s something new for ShukerNature, which I plan to run as a regular series. Over the years, I have encountered all manner of unusual, noteworthy illustrations relevant to cryptozoology and/or animal mythology (and have even prepared a few myself) that may also be of interest to others. Consequently, I’ve decided to showcase an eclectic, annotated, ongoing selection of them here as ShukerNature Pictures of the Day.

The Curupira

And here is the first one – a very lush, colourful painting by Manoel Santiago from 1926, entitled ‘The Curupira’. It depicts a sleeping maiden attracting the inquisitive attention of this eponymous hairy forest demon from traditional Brazilian folklore, which some cryptozoologists consider may be based upon a real, undiscovered form of small red-furred man-beast.

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